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  • The complaint I

  • hear all too often about the Kinect is that, with nothing to touch or directly interact

  • with, control is a right pain in the bum. Which is totally true. It’s the same issue

  • that plagued the Sony Eyetoy before it, and the Sega Activator before that, and.. this

  • thing. The Broderbund U-Force. Yes, Broderbund, obviously wasting time and resources that

  • couldve given us Where on the Periodic Table is Carmen Sandiego, produced this...

  • thing... that revolutionized gaming by taking the controller out of the player’s hands

  • and leaving them to flail inside a “power fieldof despair. Honestly, you could get

  • more responsive reaction by putting the controller cord in your mouth and trying to chew your

  • way through a game. It’s like trying to play Through the Fire and Flames on a freakin

  • theremin. But, for the sake of scientific evaluation, I tested the U-Force on five different

  • games. Behold.

  • Super Mario Bros. actually went somewhat smoothly, as the manual for the U-Force indicated an

  • optimal control scheme specifically for this title. A number of such games were detailed

  • in the back of said manual, but the list was hardly comprehensive unless you were desperate

  • to play Deadly Towers or Sqoon. With the U-Force laid flat, the right hand controlled jumping

  • while the left handled lateral movement. I actually succeeded in finishing level 1-1

  • by some miracle, thus proving the justice of our culture or something. 1-2 kicked my

  • ass, though.

  • This more laid-back puzzler gave me a chance to deal with the control foibles and get my

  • bearings. It started out great... until I had to simultaneously crouch and destroy a

  • block. Apparently youre not allowed to do both of those things at the same time.

  • It’s against the RULES.

  • Similar to my Solomon’s Key issue, there was a significant problem with the concept

  • ofdown.” As this thing seems optimized for racing games and whatnot, where the only

  • controls you need are left and right, such 4-directional movement is completely outside

  • its capability. Further, the game kept pausing itself as if trying to engage some kind of

  • slow-mo mode.

  • I was completely unable to turn to the left. And in Paperboy, that’s kinda important.

  • There was some awesome rapid-fire of newspapers, though, and I think I delivered one accurately.

  • I’ll take what I can get with this thing.

  • Simply having the device plugged in caused the game to continuously loop resets until

  • I flipped more toggle switches in a random fashion. Since the manual doesn’t actually

  • tell you which buttons or switches scan to what, this game was unplayable. Kirby’s

  • one of the more technical platformers out there, and this... ugh. Thanks, Bryan S. of

  • Pennsylvania. I cared for your R.O.Bs and gave them tacos, and THIS is the thanks I

  • get. I’ve got a gesture for you, right here.

The complaint I


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CGRundertow U-FORCE for NES電子遊戲硬件評測 (CGRundertow U-FORCE for NES Video Game Hardware Review)

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