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  • I love my 3DS. You saw me just moments after I obtained it, after all, having camped out


  • on Black Friday for the special, Zelda-print edition. But, as a DSiXL owner, I missed having

    在黑色星期五的特殊, 塞爾達印刷版.但是,作為一個DSiXL的擁有者,我錯過了有

  • huge screens and a larger system to accommodate my ridiculously large hands. And so I stared


  • longingly at the 3DSXL, but couldn’t bring myself to ditch that Zelda-tinged monstrosity


  • that I waited in the cold to obtain. And then, Nintendo turned the 3DSXL into a Pokemon.


  • And I couldn’t help myself. Sure, it’s just a slick, Pikachu-print paintjob, and


  • the inner workings are the same as theyve ever been. But I don’t care. IT’S PIKACHU.


  • And it’s freakinhuge, and the screens are big and beautiful. That’s the important

    而且它是畸形的巨大, 螢幕是大而美麗。這是最重要的

  • part. Also, IT’S PIKACHU.


  • Sure, I can show you this footage where I try to compare the size of the 3DS and 3DSXL’s


  • screens, but you really need to hold one to get a feeling of how stark the size difference


  • really is. The unexpected side effect of having a larger screen, though, is that the 3D effects


  • that comprise part of the system’s name now function better at longer distances from


  • your own eyes, which I’ve found significantly more comfortable while holding the system


  • for periods of time. Also, the wider body means I don’t get as many hand cramps while


  • furiously scribbling maps in Etrian Odyssey. I do have one complaint about the new form


  • factor, though: I often found myself inadvertently adjusting the volume while intense circle-pad


  • action was going on. The new rounder edges of the enclosure make this a real issue...

    動作是怎麼回事。新的外殼邊緣更加圓潤,這確實是一個問題... ...

  • even if it is pretty much a non-issue.


  • If youre considering upgrading, Nintendo makes it easy to bring your old software over


  • by using the System Transfer option in the settings menu. Sure, it takes quite a while


  • - especially if youre like me and youve got a pile of downloaded games because an

    - 特別是如果你像我一樣,你已經有了一堆下載的遊戲,因為一個

  • existence without Mighty Switch Force isn’t an existence I’m all that enthusiastic about


  • - but the result carries over everything you need, including eShop account data and clearances

    - 但結果卻延續了您所需要的一切,包括網店賬戶數據和結算。

  • for all the games on your SD card. Which is awesome, because all I had to do was pop the


  • 16Gb beast out of my old DS, drop it in the new, and BAM. My Fire Emblem, my Pictobits,


  • my Shantae: Risky’s Revenge were good to go. Sure, you don’t really need all that

    我的 "山大":"風險的復仇 "都是好的。當然,你並不真的需要所有的。

  • extra screen real estate if youre just playing Game Boy and NES games off of the

    額外的螢幕空間,如果你只是玩Game Boy和NES的遊戲,關閉的。

  • Virtual Console... but bigger screens are always better. Always. ALWAYS. Especially

    虛擬控制檯... 但更大的螢幕總是更好。始終。總是。尤其是...

  • if you get a free copy of StarFox 64 3D out of the deal by being a Club Nintendo member.

    如果你得到一個免費的副本星際狐狸64 3D的交易,是一個俱樂部任天堂成員。

  • It’s been at least a decade since I’ve played this game, but it’s good to know


  • that I can still medal Corneria first time, every time. You guess you should be thankful,

    我仍然可以獎章Corneria 第一次,每次。你想你應該感謝。

  • Falco? You KNOW you should be thankful.


I love my 3DS. You saw me just moments after I obtained it, after all, having camped out



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