• US /ˈhændl/
  • UK /'hændl/
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  • v. 有能力解決; 操縱; 控制; 處理; 買賣(商品); (用手)觸碰; 觸摸;
  • n. 把手; 手柄;
  • Can you handle this job by yourself?
  • If you can handle this car, you can control any vehicle
  • Sports cars handle well on smooth roads
  • I don't think I can handle the pressure right now
  • I handle tons of material every day, selling it to the customer willing to pay the most
  • Please don’t handle the food in the shop
  • The blind woman has to handle each coin carefully to identify it
  • He turned the handle and opened the door easily
  • You take one handle and I will take the other, the bag is too heavy for one person to carry

比薩方程 (The Pizza Equation)

比薩方程 (The Pizza Equation) Image 02:01
  1. it out, if your taste buds can handle it!

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  1. A half gallon of liquor. It gets its name from the little handle that's always on half gallons.
    Grab the handle and let's get crunk!
  2. A 1.75 litre bottle of alcohol, which is approximately half a gallon. Usually bottles this size have a handle for easy carrying, hence the name.
    Get two handles of whiskey, a handle of vodka, and some mixers and we should be good to go.
  3. 1. A 1.75 liter (half-gallon) bottle of liquor or other alcohol. Often has a handle or grip on the side for easy access. 2. One's online alias or nickname. Note that people who use definition 1 do not use definition 2, and vice versa.
    "SnYpeR2233? What kind of handle is that? Some kind of new Polish vodka?" "Bacardi O? These [n00b]s are getting more and more uncreative with their handles."
  4. One's online name. Often, a hacker will use a handle, and will be referred to by this handle by all his associates, to help lessen the chances of his getting caught. Also, often a privacy measure.
    My handles are shinji, Cryo-man, and saihenjin. But you can call me [bob].
  5. word in streetball meaning dribbling ability...how well you can dribble the basketball and perform tricks determines youre handles.
    "that player just shoke'em wit his crazy handles!"
  6. Usually said in Basketball, it applys to someone who has god dribbling skills.
    You see Iverson last night? He has mad handles
  7. Also known as hitting it, or asking for acquisition of someone elses property. Could be known as fornicating with a member of the opposite sex, or just doing a task that requires a bit of bravery.
    -Handle that shit dude! -Handles (Give me some) -He's just in it for the handles.
  8. ability to roll a joint like a cigarette. or lock a blunt so flawlessly that the cigarillo returns to its pre-gutted form. also called dells or bars
    guy1) who wants to twist this? guy2) give it to kip... he's got the best handles. guy1) you got them bars kip? kip) you already know. guy1) sounds good to me. lock this isshhh
  9. To take care of something; to get something done
    Person 1: I need to go buy groceries Person 2: Handle that shit!
  10. financial (and increasingly general language) slang suffix used to imply an approximation, similar to -ish.
    I can't believe Citi stock is trading at a 3-handle (~$3/share). I need to stop eating those Burger King rib sticks ...I jumped on the scale last night and it showed a 2-hundred-handle for my weight. (relevant for someone who is typically less than 200 lbs).