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  • What do you see?


  • Uh, I see bread and pork on the table


  • That's not pork. Y'know what that is?


  • Yup

  • It's frog leg.


  • Frog leg?


  • yum yum yum


  • yum yum yum


  • In this meal you're gonna put the hot chocolate in the cereal.


  • Oh My God no no no no no


  • Instead of milk, they pour hot chocolate in their cereal.


  • They're living it up.

  • Oh

  • This is just weird.

  • All of it?

  • Oh man. I don't like this much sugar

  • this is so so super super awful

  • What is that is that? Is that plastic?

  • Oh no!

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  • Did your parents starve you today for this video?


  • Mm-hmm

  • mm-hmm

  • I feel bad for those kids. This is horrible.

  • Mommy do you do this in China?

  • I hope you don't

  • What country do you think this is from?

  • Ummmmmm

  • Let's say a crazy country. A very crazy country where kids think that chocolate milk is regular milk and they dump it in cereal

  • This is a French breakfast

  • It is?

  • You would have this in French all the time

  • Oh no

  • I hope I never live in French or move

  • Close your eyes

  • Pizza pizza pizza pizza

  • Oysters?

  • nope

  • Is this a yolk?

  • Beef.


  • Beef, what is it?

  • Raw beef

  • ooh

  • Looks like bread with some bouncy yolk and salmon and cucumber

  • What if I tell you that's not salmon?

  • He's don't. [tell] me that's cow make law

  • Raw?

  • It's raw

  • cow meat

  • Yah

  • It's is horrible?

  • Uh, you do it

  • My whole day's ruined.


  • beef or pork? Oh?

  • Cow

  • Oh no.


  • No, I ate my sister's favorite animal

  • Before you eat it, you wanna know what it is?

  • Yes

  • It's raw beef.


  • I don't want to be sick. I don't want to eat this.


  • No, no, oh, why are you giving me this ah?

  • It's called a mussel.


  • those

  • Using it. I mean my mom goes to Chinese buffets she eats this

  • Mostly more than anything, so I'll leave this to my mom and this will be mine

  • Yup that's the mussel. No not that part, you don't eat that.


  • oh

  • Try a little bite of it.


  • Oh my gosh.


  • Nope, these muscles got no muscles

  • These mussel's got no mussels.


  • Hmm

  • Still in your mouth?


  • Mmm

  • Do you need to spit it out?


  • Mmm

  • You can do it.


  • Why do you always [do] [Kazakh] Candy buffet you're crazy?

  • You can turn

  • Your try it not be nice to you Carolina. Thanks. No hardest good job

  • It's yours.


  • Good job.


  • Does it taste good?

  • Okay, and Daisy's good actually should I have yours? [I] won't let go ahead

  • Go ahead.


  • So this is what people would eat for lunch in France.


  • Even that a whole thing

  • Open your eyes.


  • Should we go again?

  • no, I think I need a bowl to spit this in.

  • It's good. It's like fish, but

  • Looks like chicken.

  • So what do you think it is?

  • chicken fish?

  • - You just had frog. -Oh no.

    -你剛吃了青蛙 -噢,不

  • You know what that is right?


  • Mmm hmm

  • - What is that? -Frog leg.

    -那是什麼? -青蛙腿

  • I think I know where it's from.


  • - Where? - China.

    -哪裡? -中國

  • This is actually French.


  • It's everything. I'm gonna eat French

  • You ready for next thing?


  • No, my mashed potatoes in yours. [oh], my mashed potatoes

  • Mm-Hmm use some time to eat

  • You don't like duck liver?


  • That's like a half day [done] quiver [penton] wait

  • -Wait. What? -That is duck liver pâté.

    -等等,什麼? -那是鴨肝醬

  • I'm never going to Paris

  • That is duck liver pâté.


  • [French] people are so not Fancy I

  • Thought there's gonna be like a bowl of ice cream. [let's] play. Let's walk to the fish

  • This smells like raw tuna fish.


  • No

  • No, I already taste it. I can visit from we don't have diesel and

  • How come no everything is goes in French? What do you see on that cheese? Uh?

  • I dont know garlic

  • It's mold.


  • or the French out of their mind [I]

  • Hope that's not wine

  • Kid's in France, drink a little bit of wine.


  • A little bit of wine, I want less fine. It's [ok]

  • Is it [ok]?

  • You know my mom she said I could never have wine until I'm 21, so I

  • Look at the [walk]. Don't get kid drunk

  • and I'm ready to go because I'm crazy ah

  • Wine is actually good

  • What do you think of kids drinking wine in France?


  • It's fine promise me. You'll never tell mommy

  • Do you feel a lil drunk?


  • no, but I'm going to

  • this is cool

  • umm, Could You put the cam out so they cant see the alcohol

What do you see?



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