• US /ˈplæstɪk/
  • UK /'plæstɪk/
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  • n. 塑膠;
  • adj. 可塑的;
  • The girl's toy was made of cheap plastic and easily broke
  • The plastic cup was perfect for the baby to drink from

台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan)

台灣美味的街頭小吃 (Tasty Street Food in Taiwan) Image 07:55
  1. if you're eating on a plastic stool, chances are you're going to eat well.

    如果你在塑料凳子上吃東西, 你很有可能吃得好。
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【TED】被塑膠充斥的海洋-查理斯.摩爾 Captain Charles Moore on the seas of plastic

【TED】被塑膠充斥的海洋-查理斯.摩爾 Captain Charles Moore on the seas of plastic Image 07:21
  1. plastic is not purified by the re-melting process like glass and metal.

  2. half of each year's 100 billion points of thermal plastic pellets

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  1. A materialistic, fake man or woman. In particular, someone who is attractive yet lacks any sort of depth whatsoever.
    Everyone in this club is plastic.
  2. someone who is fake or has a false type of character.
    She acts so plastic when she's around us.
  3. A credit card.
    I borrowed my dad's plastic and bought an aircraft carrier on eBay.
  4. A stupid bitchy diabolic preppy gurl who thinks she is better than the whole world. They also think that the world revolves around them. They also care alot about how they look and appear. They tend to be cheerleaders and to be very popular. The also tend to be very stupid and naive. The also tend to be very skinny. Some are even lesbians.
    gurl1: Like OMG!!! My hair is like so totally messed up! I'm like so gonna die! gurl2: OMG!! Your'e like sooo thin!!! gurl1: like thanx!!!
  5. The term was introduced from the movie "Mean Girls". Usualy mistaken for the term "material girl" because they dress well - but not for themselves but more so to impress and make a statement! It's usually an insult refered to girls who are way over there heads, put themselves first, plain heartless and just plain fake! They put on make up everyday and look ugly without it. They put on lipgloss every few seconds. They'll be the ones starting drama in school and minipulating all the boys. It's not hard to spot one, just don't be fooled by their charm. They're called plastic for a reason, that's because they don't feel anything and any insults you run by them will slip off just like cold shiny plastic!
    Jock 1: Sweet Lord!! Who is that fine new lady? Jock 2: Careful man, she's cold plastic... Don't date her, you don't want no drama! Girl 1: Wow she's goregous!! I wanna be like her!! Girl 2: She may be gorgous... But minus the make-up, hair, and her trampy clothes... She's a souless plastic! Girl 1: Eckkkk... That's too shallow for me!
  6. A girl or boy who is obsesed with there looks and has absolutely no personality.
    Omg i broke a nail. Now i need to plaster myself in so much shit that my face gets bigger by 2 centimeters
  7. 1: A term to defined the pritiest girls in a school. 2: A term used to define the largest bitches ever created.
    "Every Guy loves them and every girl wants to be them"
  8. the plastics the term become very popular after the movie mean girls with lindsay lohan.the plastics is a group of young girls aged for 12 up to 20 with a common love to fashion and beauty.their style is prep.they usually wear expensive brands such as gucci burberry pucci ysl etc.the main topic of discusion is beauty tips and how to be "perfect".it is very common that these girs becaume mean with the others especially with kids that are more dark..they go around in a clique of 3 to 5 persons and they tent to keep secrets and codes that nobody else knows.being a plastic also means that you have money to go around wearing fancy clothes and of cource having a sports car.trying to be good at anything can be your obsession.
    nerd 1 :oh the plastics are over there what they are doing?! nerd 2 :they show off their perfectly matched outfits and gossiping...what a waste of time!
  9. A bunch of high school girls who think they are awesome and everybody likes them. They think people call them plastic because they are beautiful and people love them but oftentimes it is just because they are wellknown fakes. Usually made up of fake blondes but may have one or two less popular exceptions. This term was coined globally with the release of the movie "Mean Girls", which has become almost guidelines for how the "popular people" or "totally cool" groups act.
    Girl: Man, I wish I could be one of the Plastics. Otherone: Why, they are just losers who think they're better than everybody else. Plastic: But I thought everybody likes us, we're just so awesome! Girl: Oh ok, you're right.
  10. 1. girls who think they are all that and that every guy wants them--but really; guys just want to use them, because they're EASY!! 2. a girl that had undergone plastic surgery
    1. boy: "i had already hit them plastics over there!" 2. girl: "she's a plastic!!--fake ass BOOBS!!"