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  • Welcome to CNN 10.

    歡迎來到 CNN10。

  • My name is Carl Azus, hope you're doing well.

    我叫 Carl Azus,祝順心。

  • This Tuesday, we're taking you back to the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar, also known as Burma.


  • The unrest there has not calmed down since a military coup took place last month.


  • Over the weekend, dozens of people were killed, certain factories were set on fire, and China got involved in calling for the government to stop the violence.


  • When the military took over last month, it said there was widespread fraud in an election that was held in November.

    當軍方上個月接管該國時,它說在 11 月舉行的選舉中存在廣泛的欺詐行為。

  • That election gave an overwhelming victory to Myanmar's civilian leader, and an opposition party that the military supported didn't do as well as it had hoped.


  • On February 1, the military removed and replaced the civilian government.

    2 月 1 日,軍方撤換了文官政府。

  • Since then, protesters have been demanding that civilian rule is brought back, and several other countries have accused the military of violently cracking down on protesters.


  • Activist groups and media organizations say Burmese security forces killed at least 38 people on Sunday.

    抗議團體和媒體稱,緬甸安全部隊至少殺害了 38 人。

  • Burmese media report that a policeman was killed in a confrontation with protesters.


  • It was one of the deadliest days since the coup took place.


  • China shares a border with Myanmar, and the Chinese embassy says several factories that China pays for in Myanmar were set on fire during Sunday's protests and that Chinese citizens were injured.


  • It's not known exactly who did that, but Burmese protesters who opposed the military coup have accused China of supporting it.


  • That nation has previously spoken out against violence directed at Myanmar's protesters.


  • On Sunday, China called for the Burmese military to stop all acts of violence and punish those responsible for targeting Chinese factories and civilians.


  • Neither the military nor the protesters in Myanmar are indicating they'll stand down.


  • I'm Melissa Bell in Rome.

    我是 Melissa Bell,目前位在羅馬。

  • Just over a year after Italy became the world's first Western democracy to go into lockdown, and, more than 100,000 deaths later, more than half the country's regions and the vast majority of its population enterfrom this Monday morning—a strict lockdown, with people only allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons.

    就在意大利成為世界上第一個封城的西方民主國家且死亡人數超過 10 萬人之後的一年多,從本週一上午開始,意大利一半以上的地區和絕大多數人口進行嚴格的封城,人們只有在必要的情況下才可以離開家中。

  • Seven of at least 8.3 million schoolchildren will also be back at home with schools shut, and the restriction's due to last until at least April 6.

    至少 830 萬名學童也將因學校停課回到家中,封城將至少持續到 4 月 6 日。

  • I'm Cyril Vanier in London.

    我是 Cyril Vanier,目前位在倫敦。

  • Ireland and the Netherlands are the latest European member states to pause their rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine following reports of blood clots post-inoculation, including two deaths last week in Denmark and Austria.


  • More than a third of EU countries have now fully or partially paused AstraZeneca while acknowledging there is no proof of a connection to the vaccine.


  • The pharmaceutical giant says its data from more than 17 million vaccine recipients shows no increased risk of blood coagulation, and the European Medicines Agency is maintaining its green light for AstraZeneca as it reviews the incidents.

    但這家制藥龍頭表示,它從 1700 多萬疫苗接種者那裡獲得的數據顯示,血液凝固的風險沒有增加,而歐洲藥品管理局在審查此事件的同時仍維持開放阿斯利康疫苗。

  • I'm Will Ripley in Hong Kong.

    我是 Will Ripley,目前位在香港。

  • Fears of a possible fifth wave of COVID-19 have the city taking drastic new steps in upscale neighborhoods to stop the spread of the virus, locking down thousands of residents in several apartment buildings here in the heart of Hong Kong Island, a neighborhood where mostly foreign expats live.


  • This latest outbreak traced to a popular fitness center with more than 100 cases tied to that gym so far, and hundreds of close contacts in mandatory isolationincluding young childrensparking concern about the mental health of youngsters forced to sit in quarantine for 14 days.

    這次最新的疫情可追溯到一個受歡迎的運動中心,到目前為止,該健身房已有 100 多個案例,且數百個包括幼兒的近距離接觸者被強制隔離,引起人們擔憂對被迫隔離檢疫 14 天的青少年的心理健康。

  • Ten-Second Trivia

    10 秒問答。

  • Which of these rivers has the shortest length?


  • Yukon, Rio Grande, Volga, or Niger.


  • At about 1,900 miles, the Rio Grande is the shortest river on this list.

    格蘭河是以上中最短的河流,長度約 1900 英里。

  • The Rio Grande forms a natural border between Mexico and the United States, and it's at that border where there's been a dramatic increase this year in the number of people trying to cross into the US.


  • American critics called the situation a crisis.


  • The Biden administration has called it a challenge.


  • One of the reasons behind the increase is a change in US law.


  • Under the Trump administration last year, US border officials were allowed to turn away people who illegally entered America out of concerns they could bring new cases of coronavirus.


  • Under the Biden administration this year, children who are caught illegally crossing the border are allowed to stay in the US while their cases for immigration are reviewed.


  • There are many reasons why people try to enter America: Violence and poverty in their home countries, problems made worse in Central America by the coronavirus pandemic, new opportunities in the United States.


  • And while the Biden administration says it's trying to develop more helpful programs for immigrants, critics say the government's taking too long to get control of the situation at the border.


  • Meanwhile, US border control agents are struggling to process those who are crossing legally and to stop those who are crossing illegally.


  • At the beginning of the week, there were about 4,200 unaccompanied children in the custody of US border control.

    在本週初,約有 4200 名無人陪同的兒童被美國邊境管制部門拘留。

  • That's 1,600 more children than there were during a border crisis in 2019.

    這比 2019 年的邊境危機時多了 1600 名兒童。

  • As the sun sets on the Rio Grande, our boat winds its way through the deep bends of the river that separates Texas from Mexico near the town of Hidalgo.


  • That's when we stumble across a group of migrants loading into a raft.


  • [Spanish]


  • No, no, we're good.


  • Our group eases the tension.


  • A few men appear to lead the raft full of parents and young children to the US side.


  • The Rio Grande Valley has been ground zero of the latest surge of migration.


  • And here you see the operation unfolding right in front of us.


  • [Spanish]


  • After the first raft crosses the river, the magnitude of this moment reveals itself.


  • Dozens of migrants emerge and walk down to the river's edge.


  • You can see that this is a serious operation; there are dozens of migrants.


  • There are still some above the hills there, and it is quickly moving.


  • A handful of guys move people back and forth on these rafts.


  • They have life vests for the migrants.


  • It's a highly organized system.


  • We'll watch the raft make about six trips back and forth.


  • Scenes like this are escalating in the Rio Grande Valley.


  • There's the growing perception among migrants in Central America that the Biden administration is more welcoming, even though many are still being turned away.


  • And these are really, really high numbers; I have—I've never seen it this busy in 19 years.

    這些數字真的很高,我已經 19 年來沒看過這麼忙過。

  • Chris Cabrera is with the National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents border patrol agents.

    Chris Cabrera 是全國邊境巡邏委員會的成員,該委員會是代表邊境巡邏人員的工會。

  • He warns the agency's frontline field stations, like this massive tent facility, are being pushed to the limit with migrants in custody.


  • We're crowded, we... we're overcrowded.


  • We don't have anywhere to put people, but we have them in our custody, and the system has bogged down, and there's no place for us to send them because the next level is not open yet.


  • This is a rare view of the field station set up about a month ago by the Border Patrol.


  • The tents are used to handle the initial field processing for the tens of thousands of migrants apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley.


  • There are bathrooms, first-aid care, and migrants are removed from the area by a steady stream of buses.


  • [This smart glass technology could replace window coverings and reduce energy consumption.]


  • [View, the company that makes these windows, says they help optimize indoor temperature and light levels.]

    [製造這些窗戶的公司 View 表示,它們有助於優化室內溫度和光線水平。]

  • [The window consists of glass with multiple thin layers of electrochromic "nanocoatings".]


  • [The windows tint when the coatings react with a low-voltage signal which can be controlled via an app.]


  • [The same processelectrochromismis also used to automatically tint most car rear-view mirrors.]


  • [SageGlass, another smart glass maker, offers tinted zones so you can tint the sky but not the landscape below.]

    [另一家智慧玻璃製造商 SageGlass 提供了變色區域,因此你可以將天空變色的同時讓下面的景觀不會變色。]

  • [Facebook, Netflix, and the Mall of America have installed smart glass in their buildings.]

    [Facebook,Netflix 和美國購物中心已在其建築物中安裝了智慧玻璃。]

  • I'm not so sure that rescuing a cat from a tree would be the easiest assignment for a firefighter.


  • It would depend on the size and the scarediness of the cat.


  • This one, though, recently did its part to help out.


  • After it reportedly spent 48 hours in the branches, rescuers in London were called.

    據報道,它在樹枝上呆了 48 小時後,倫敦的救援人員被叫來。

  • They raised a ladder, and they were about to climb up to fetch the kitty, that's when Kitty rescued itself, calmly making its way down the ladder.


  • 10 out of 10.

    滿分 10 分。

  • The cat might have been on its last rung before the rescue, but it didn't have to be roped in or pullied down once firefighters came.


  • Taking it step by step, the courageous kitty "extensioned" itself a bit, "catcheously" "meow-ving" down to a landing on its four feet without ever going off the rails.


  • Great falls is the location of today's shoutout.


  • I'm glad that has nothing to do with the cat story.


  • Great Falls High School is in Great Falls, South Carolina.


  • The only place we look for shoutout schools is on our YouTube channel.

    我們唯一尋找致敬學校的地方是在我們的 YouTube 頻道。

  • I'm Carl Azus for CNN.

    我是 CNN 的 Carl Azus。

Welcome to CNN 10.

歡迎來到 CNN10。

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