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16 common English collocations with the word time from EspressoEnglish. net
number one: spend time
This means to pass your time doing some activity
For example, I spend a lot of time studying in English
Number two: Waste time
To do something that is not a good use of time
For example, stop wasting time playing computer games and get to work!
Number three: make time for
To create time in a busy schedule
I need to make time for exercise. Maybe I can go to the gym before work.
Number four: Save time
When something that helps you get extra time because it's efficient.
Shopping online saves me time because I don't have to wait in line at the store.
Number five: free time or spare time
When you have no obligation, you can do what you want.
In my free time, I enjoy reading, painting, and cooking.
Number six: have time
Be available to do something I'd like to take violin lesson, but I don't have enough time.
Number seven: kill time or pass the time
Do something to make the time pass faster while waiting.
Let's bring some magazines to help pass the time on the flight.
Number 8: take your time
This phrase means you can use as much time as you want; you don't have to go fast
I like all these computers.
I'm not sure which one to buy.
- That's OK. Take your time
Number 9: on time
On schedule; at the right time
It's important to arrive on time for a job interview.
Number 10: just in time
At the perfect time; soon before something else happens
Hi Henry! Have a seat.
You got just in time for dinner.
Number 11: have a hard time or have a rough time
This means something difficult, or a difficult period in life.
I'm having a hard time solving this math problem.
Could you help me?
Number 12: it's about time
This is the expression that means " finally"
It's about time they fixed the air conditioner! It's been broken for three years.
Number 13: pressed for time
In a rush, in a hurry
Sorry, I can't talk at the moment; I'm pressed for time. Can I call you back later?
Number 14: run out of time
This means have no more time before the limit
I ran out of time to finish the test, so I didn't answer the last five questions.
Number 15: stall for time
My son didn't want to go to bed, so he tried to stall for time by asking me to read him another bedtime story.
Number 16: take time off
Not go to work
I'm taking some time off in July to go camping with my family.
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【超實用】16 個有關「Time」英文搭配詞 (16 English Collocations with the Word TIME)

8308 分類 收藏
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