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  • Hello, this is Crown


  • Today I'll be introducing 'We Don't Talk Anymore' by Charlie Puth

    今天要來介紹 Charlie Puth 的 We Don’t Talk Anymore!

  • Welcome to Crown's Music Spotlight


  • Previously we introduced 'Blank Space' by Taylor Swift

    上一集我們介紹了 Taylor Swift 的 Blank Space

  • and today I'll be doing my favorite one


  • We Don't Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez

    Charlie Puth 跟 Selena Gomez 合唱的 We Don’t Talk Anymore!

  • Our impression of Charlie Puth is probably

    大家對於 Charlie Puth 的印象大概就是

  • the song See You Again that made him famous, but actually

    讓他聲名大噪的 See You Again 這首歌,那其實

  • Sing it! Sing it!


  • Sing it? Okay


  • And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again~

    And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again~

  • Woot!


  • Hahahaha I'm embarrassed


  • But actually my favorite is the song we're introducing today


  • I even set it as my ringtone


  • When I first heard the song, I was attracted by its playful and lively melody


  • Although the tropical tone of music sounds happy


  • the lyrics are totally opposite


  • It's about a painful period of time a couple goes through after breakup


  • The song seems relatively easy


  • but I'll still pick some lyrics to do the explanation and analysis


  • So let's enjoy the charm of the song together!


  • The translation here is: we're not as intimate as before

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 我們不再像以前一樣交心

  • 'used to' means 'something happened habitually or what one did before'

    used to 就是曾經的習慣或是曾經做過的事情

  • 'like we used to do' refers to 'what we've done together before'

    那 like we used to do 就是「我們以前一起做過的事」

  • or 'the happiness we've shared before'


  • The translation here is: 'what was everything for?'

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 之前的一切都是為了什麼

  • 'it' refers to the 'talk' and 'love' mentioned previously

    這邊的 it 是指前面歌詞提到的 talk 跟 love

  • and so 'all of it' stands for 'the time we once poured our hearts out and the love we shared'

    那 all of it 就是指,我們曾經的互相傾訴、曾經的相愛

  • 'What was those for? Because after all we find out nothing"


  • It means that 'after so long I can't help but think why I can't let go'

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 但是經過了這麼久我不禁想,為什麼我無法釋懷

  • The 'cause' here is the informal way of 'because'

    那這邊的 cause 是 because 的非正式縮短版

  • which also can be 'cuz' (or cos)

    可以拼成 cause 也可以拼成 cuz (OR cos)

  • 'All this time' means 'the long time everything has been'

    All this time 就是這些所有的時間,也就是「經過了很久的意思」

  • 'move on' means 'to let go and go forward'

    那 move on 就是「可以釋懷,並且往前邁進」

  • The transition here is: 'just like you leaving me is so easy'

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 就像是你毫無迷戀地離開了我一樣

  • 'Just the way' may remind you guys

    這邊的 just the way 可能會讓大家聯想到

  • of 'Just the Way You Are' by Bruno Mars

    Bruno Mars 的 Just the Way You Are 這首歌

  • Hey, sing it, sing it!


  • Again?


  • Yeah sing it


  • Cause you're amazing, just the way you are~

    Cause you’re amazing, just the way you are~

  • The meaning's the same, which is 'just like...'


  • 'You did so easily' is 'it's very easy for you to do this'

    那 you did so easily 就是「你如此輕鬆又輕易的做到」

  • The translation of this is: 'whether he is holding you tight or not'

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 他是否把你緊緊的擁在懷裡

  • 'holding you' means 'to embrace you in arms'

    holding you 是抱著你/摟著你

  • and 'holding onto you' is more like 'clasping tightly'

    而 holding onto you 比較有「緊緊抓住你的感覺」

  • an idea of 'being stick to each other and won't let go'


  • The sentence means that 'from time to time I would think'

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 時不時我會想

  • If you translate 'every now and then' directly, it would be like 'every that time; every present time'

    Every now and then 如果直譯的話會有點像是「每個那時,每個現在」

  • So it refers to 'From time to time'


  • The translation of this part is: 'I'm soaked in love, but I should have seen it clearly that your love is just a game'

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 我沉醉在愛中,但我早該看清,你的愛只是場遊戲

  • The song is actually pretty easy


  • The hardest word is probably 'overdose' right here

    最難的單字大概就是這邊的 overdose

  • 'Over' refers to 'excessively,' and 'dose' is the amount of medicine

    Over 就是「過度、過量」,而 dose 就是「藥劑的劑量」

  • This word is often used to describe the situation when having too much amount of medicine or drugs


  • In the lyrics, love is symbolized as drugs


  • Because you're so deep in love and happiness


  • that you don't know it's all just a game


  • The lyrics here mean: "I can't wipe your picture out from my brain"

    這句歌詞的翻譯是: 現在我沒有辦法把你的身影從腦海中抹去

  • Because it's hard to forget the ex


  • the picture of him/her keeps popping up


  • The tempo of the song is pretty fast, so some words have to be shorter


  • Like 'out of' becomes 'outta'

    像是這裡的 out of 會唱成 outta

  • In the lyrics, there's also words like kinda, wanna, shoulda...

    那歌詞裡面也有 kinda, wanna, shoulda 等等

  • Above are the song-sharing for today!


  • If you want to listen to the original song, click the card right here


  • So what do you want to listen to next time?


  • Comment below, and I may share your favorite song!


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  • And that is a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always

    And that is a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always

  • and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya~~~

    and I’ll catch you guys next time! See ya~~~

Hello, this is Crown



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