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I don't know what to do.
The past few days we spent together just...
...feel right
What you guys think?
I think you should tell him how you feel.
That's a terrible idea.
Julian, don't be so negative.
Trust me, I know this stuff.
What are you talking about? You never even had a girlfriend before.
That hurts.
I'm just saying from a guy's perspective.
He is not just going to get over..."Anna" that easily.
And even if he was sending you signals.
He's probably just rebounding.
Or...finally opening his eyes to who's really important to him.
Trust me, I'm a dude, okay?
Guys, we're tough on the outside.
But on the inside, we're really delicate, okay?
We have the feels, too.
What happened to Matt...
We just don't get over that easily.
Pull yourself still together!
You're just bitter 'cause you tried out for the team and you got cut.
I can dance!
I can dance...
Honestly, if you think it's worth the risk. Then you should tell him.
Sure, the timing could be a little better. But what's the alternative?
Wait around a few months,keeping all in, hoping he'll come around sometimes?
Forget that.
Seriously, guys can be so dense sometimes.
Girls can be, too.
Eww..why are you looking at me like that?
Seriously though, good luck.
O.k. see right there, my knees need to come out at the same time.
Sorry it's my fault, I'm a bad teacher, sorry.
Hey, Matt.
Hold on.
Hey Tammy.
What's going on? Is Anna here to practice something else?
Um..no, actually she called me last night.
And she said she thought about it,and she's actually willing to do the piece with me.
As long as I don't feel awkward about it.
But..we finish it already.
I know so..I'm teaching it to her right now. Is that okay?
So, where did that leave me?
Sorry, I know we spent a lot of time on it. But um...
This might be..you know, a sign that she's willing to give me a chance, right?
Maybe she just thought about it. And, she realized that she wants to be with me.
Awesome, right?
Nice guy finishing first!
Yeah, I guess.
Thanks, Tammy.
I know the last thing you don't want is to hear more whiny from me about her, so..
Fingers cross, wish me luck.
I'll be right back. Then we can finish up.
Hey Tammy! Good job on this piece.
So you really gonna do this piece with Matt?
Yeah...you know...
I was thinking about it, there is really no point for me to avoid him.
We're not kids, right?
If he's not gonna be awkward about it,then I shouldn't make it that way.
Yeah, but you know he's not over it, just happened like last week.
Well, I've left it up to him, he says he's cool about it, I take his word.
I bet you right now, he's in the bathroom like freaking out that he's dancing with you again.
Yeah, right.
Woo! Yeah!She wants you, baby!
You've got this!
Woo!Ha ha ha...
Alright.What's up, man?
What's up?
I'm just saying...
Don't you think you might be leading him on by doing this?
Tammy...I've been on this team. I've know Matt longer than you.
So why you still going to defend a side?
Just 'cause he has feelings for me doesn't mean I should change my life for him.
I really wanna preform in the show.
If he can't handle dancing with me...
He shouldn't have agreed.
Look, I'm not trying to be this evil girl, okay?
He wanted me back.
But if that means that much to you.
Then I think you should tell him.
So that he could choose...
Between you...or me.
No, it's not worth it.
Hey, can you meet up?
Yeah, I just need to talk to someone.
(Why can't Matt see what Tammy sees?)


【Wong Fu Productions】《值得.愛》第三集:出乎意料 - When it Counts - Ep 3

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wawa 發佈於 2013 年 3 月 30 日
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