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  • we begin tonight, with several states moving to reopen and the urgent challenge now facing America.

  • How to restart the economy without putting more lives at risk.

  • New images tonight showing thousands packing beaches in Southern California as temperatures.

  • They're sore, the governor pleading for them to maintain social distancing protesters gathering at a San Diego beach today demanding it be reopened in Georgia.

  • Salons, barbershops and Jim's back open this weekend.

  • Several other states set to ease restrictions this week.

  • At the same time, Americans still lining up for food.

  • These images from Chelsea, Massachusetts.

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announcing another 367 lives lost in 24 hours.

  • So that is the lowest one day total since March 30 1st the race continues to increase testing in this country for antibodies and for new cases.

  • It is a critical moment in the Cove in 19 Fight and A B C's markets More leads our coverage from West Texas tonight.

  • The growing pressure to reopen America nearing a boiling point, thousands flocking to beaches, some defying stay at home orders a searing heat way, putting big crowds in this open beach in Orange County, California, making it nearly impossible to social distance.

  • This is America in San Diego.

  • Police arresting at least three protesters for violating stay at home orders in Georgia's some businesses starting to reopen on Friday, including barber shops, salons and gyms.

  • Mike Martino, now requiring everyone in his gym to wear masks and spray down the machines with sanitizer, he says they had to reopen their family.

  • They have bills to pay.

  • They have mortgages, they have car payments.

  • So we really wanted to start to get in so we could start getting some funds back into their pockets so they can actually get back to some type of Georgia.

  • Not alone.

  • South Carolina and Oklahoma lifting their orders already, and starting Monday, some businesses were reopened in Arkansas, Colorado, Mississippi and Montana.

  • Tennessee's orders expire on Thursday, but the state is allowing some businesses to reopen on Monday.

  • Ohio and Texas, lifting some restrictions on Thursday, The time has come to stop living in fear In Texas, Dallas salon owner Shelly Luther bound to remain open in defiance of state orders, tearing up a citation secrecy.

  • I could be used as an example or they'll go away or I don't know, I'm not gonna shut down in Colleyville, the mayor also undermining the governor's order, allowing some businesses to reopen ahead of the current plan.

  • It's time to re open our businesses and help those who have been badly hurt by the shutdown.

  • At Gloria's Latin cuisine, people are flooding into the restaurant we've actually had some people drive from surrounding communities, coming always Colleyville location, large group gathering at this cafe, waiters wearing masks and table separated by six feet.

  • Today, actually, I'm feeling very good.

  • We've got people coming in across the country, demonstrators rallying armed protesters in ST Paul and scenes like this in Providence in Las Vegas.

  • I think the economic health is extremely important, and that's why we have to do this right.

  • Some governors, also hesitant in states like Maryland, which saw its deadliest day since the outbreak, began warning It is too early.

  • I want to get our economy back, opened justice soon as soon as we can, but I want to do so in a safe way.

  • Michigan's governor, defending her extension of the state's stay at home order to May 15th.

  • We know that no one wants the second way that would be devastating for the health of our people and for our economy.

  • And so we've got to be really smart as we re engage and tonight a glimpse of what the future might look like when states do reopen deaths will be further apart.

  • We'll see, hopefully color coding on the floor as to where you walk and where you don't walk.

  • We have to provide that safe six feet for every employee.

  • This real estate company testing new layouts to make sure employees are safe in the workplace.

  • One thing I can tell you for sure is that the new normal will be anything but normal.

  • All right.

  • Marcus Moore joins us now from West Texas and Marcus.

  • We saw those images of packed restaurants and Colleyville in your report and the governor of Texas planning to make a big announcement tomorrow.

  • Tom, you see, those images from college really clearly suggest a lot of people there are eager to get their lives back to normal.

  • But still, a lot of residents there say it is here responsible to try to reopen so soon.

  • Tomorrow, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is expected to announce the plans to begin reopening the State Tom Markets more leading a soft tonight, Marcus.

  • Thank you for that.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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we begin tonight, with several states moving to reopen and the urgent challenge now facing America.


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