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  • This painting from 1524 could be considered the first selfie in historyit sure looks like one.

    這幅來自 1524 年的畫作可被視為史上首張自拍照,它看起來的確也是自拍。

  • Parmigianino, a 21-year-old Italian artist, painted himself using a barber's mirror.

    一位 21 歲的義大利藝術家 Parmigianino 借助理髮廳的鏡子描繪了自己。

  • He gave it to the Pope as a gift, so even at the beginning, it was established:


  • Selfies are for sharing.


  • In terms of drawing, Rembrandt put together this pretty great duckface self-portrait in 1630.

    就繪畫而言,1630 年 Rembrandt 畫了這幅不錯的嘟嘴自畫像。

  • The first photo self-portrait was taken by Robert Cornelius, a chemist from Philadelphia.

    首張自拍照片出自費城一位化學家 Robert Cornelius 之手。

  • He had to take off the lens cap, run into frame, sit for one minute, then run back and cover up the lens.


  • Selfies used to take that kind of commitment.


  • The modern selfie began with the first true camera phone, which was made by Sharp and released in Japan in November of 2000.

    現代的自拍始於第一部真實的相機手機,由夏普公司製作,並於 2000 年 11 月在日本推出。

  • It had a mirror next to the lens, so was basically designed for selfies, even though that term wouldn't be coined until 2002 in Australia,

    它在鏡頭旁邊有一個鏡子,基本上是為自拍而設計,即便「自拍」這個詞一直到 2002 年才在澳洲被創造出來。

  • where they have a habit of adding the suffix "-ie" to things, like "barbie" for barbecue and "Aussie" for Australian.

    澳洲人習慣在字的後面加上 "-ie" 這個字尾,例如 "barbie" 是指燒烤、"Aussie" 是指澳洲人。

  • In 2011, Jennifer Lee became the first person to use the hashtag "#selfie" on instagram.

    在 2011 年,Jennifer Lee 成為第一位在 Instagram 使用 #selfie 這個標籤的人。

  • Since then, it's been used more than 80 million times, but there aren't just many selfies posted as you might think.

    從那時候開始,這個標籤已被使用超過 8 千萬次,但上傳的自拍照可能比你想的還要少。

  • Only about 5 percent of Instagram pics are selfies.

    只有大約 5% 上傳到 Instagram 的照片是自拍。

  • The city with the most Instagram selfies per capita is Manilla in the Philippines.

    以每人平均而言,菲律賓的馬尼拉擁有最多 Instagram 自拍照。

  • Number two is New York City, three is Miami, and at number four, Anaheim, California.


  • Thanks to Disneyland, the fourth most magical place on earth [to] take a picture yourself.


  • Across the world, women take way more selfies than men.


  • They also tilt their heads more, at 12.3-degree tilt for women versus only 8.2 percent for men.

    女人們歪頭幅度也較大,大約傾斜約 12.3 度,而男人只有 8.2%。

  • The average selfie photographer is 23.7 years old.

    自拍攝影者的平均年齡是 23.7 歲。

  • But in the over-40 selfie crowd, photographers are more likely to be male than female.

    但在超過 40 歲的攝影者中,男生比女生多。

  • As you probably know, selfie was the Oxford English Dictionary's Word of The Year in 2013,

    你大概已經應該知道,selfie 這個字是牛津英語詞典 2013 年的年度單字,

  • a year that included the first-ever Pope selfie and President Obama's selfie at Mandela's memorial service.


  • But it wouldn't be until 2014 that Ellen's Oscar selfie blew up Twitter and became the most re-tweeted tweet ever.

    但直到 2014 年艾倫的奧斯卡自拍照出現,才風靡推特,讓那則自拍成了史上最多轉推數的貼文。

  • In the grand scheme of things, selfie history is still in its infancy.


  • Will [it] continue to evolve, or is it already in decline?


  • What do you think?


This painting from 1524 could be considered the first selfie in historyit sure looks like one.

這幅來自 1524 年的畫作可被視為史上首張自拍照,它看起來的確也是自拍。

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