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This painting from 1524 could be considered the first selfie in history.
It sure looks like one. Parmigianino, a 21-year-old Italian artist painted himself using a barber's mirror.
He gave it to the Pope as a gift, so even at the beginning it was established: Selfies are for sharing.
In terms of drawing, Rembrandt put together this pretty great duckface self-portrait in 1630.
The first photo self portrait was taken by Robert Cornelius, a chemist from Philadelphia.
He had to take off the lens cap, run into frame, sit for one minute then run back and cover up the lens.
Selfie used to take that kind of commitment.
The modern selfie began when the first true camera phone, which was made by Sharp and released in Japan in November of 2000.
It had a mirror next to the lens, so it was basically designed for selfies, even though that term wouldn't be coined until 2002 in Australia
where they have a habit of adding the suffix "ie" to things, like barbie for barbecue and Aussie for Australian.
In 2011, Jennifer Lee became the first person to use the "hashtag" selfie on Instagram.
Since then it's been used more than eighty million times, but there aren't just many selfies posted as you might think.
Only about five percent of Instagram pics are selfies.
The city with the most Instagram selfies per capita is Manilla in the Philippines.
Number two is New York City, three is Miami, and at number four Anaheim California.
Thanks to Disneyland, the fourth most magical place on earth to take a picture of yourself.
Across the world, women take way more selfies than men.
They also tilt their heads more, at 12.3 degree tilt for women versus only 8.2 percent for men.
The average selfie photographer is 23.7 years old, but in the over-40 selfie crowd, photographers are more likely to be male than female.
As you probably know, Selfie was the Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year in 2013,
a year that included the first ever Pope selfie and President Obama selfie at Mandela's memorial service.
But it wouldn't be until 2014 that Ellen's Oscar selfie blew up Twitter and became the most retweeted tweet ever.
In the grand scheme of things, selfie history is still in its infancy.
Will it continue to evolve, or is it already in decline? What do you think?


超酷的「自拍」進化史! (Everything You Need to Know about Selfies)

44536 分類 收藏
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