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  • [Instrumental version of "Making Time" by The Creation]

  • it is a commonly held misconception that with the dawning of the 21st century and a

  • burgeoning new age of science, that magic has been chased out of our lives,

  • excised with surgical precision from our world as our awareness of the universe

  • expands. This is false. There are plenty of minor miracles lurking in the shadows.

  • For example, there exists in a sleepy house in Bristol an older woman who does

  • the most exquisite embroidery, many of which has the funny quality of appearing

  • to predict with great accuracy the results of many minor league football

  • matches. The other pieces are of various stray cats in the neighborhood. She is quite

  • good. This is not a story about minor miracles, though. It is a story about a

  • series of improbabilities, inconceivable shenanigans, and events that stretch the

  • limits of belief. It is a story about magic, at least, in part. This is Domovoi

  • Butler. He works for Artemis Fowl. The second. Butler hasn't been paid in months

  • currently, he has his hands full with trying to raise his boss after a

  • dubiously legal business deal resulted in the boy's father being lost at sea,

  • presumed dead by everyone with a healthy dose of common sense.

  • Artemis Fowl the second is 12. He fully believes that his father is alive,

  • partly because he doesn't want to believe he is functionally an orphan, and

  • partly because he's not used to the things he wants to believe in turning

  • out not to be true. The second reason is influenced by the fact he is a genius,

  • and the first is influenced by the fact he is, as previously stated, 12 years of

  • age. In the past few weeks, they've traveled to Egypt, Vietnam, and various

  • parts of Germany. Tonight they will make their way to an old oak tree by a river

  • bend just outside of South Dublin. It will be the culmination of all of

  • Artemis's research. Remember the earlier remarks about minor miracles? Artemis Fowl

  • the second's father is presumed dead. His mother is in the middle of an extended

  • psychic break following the sinking of the Fowl Star. He doesn't need a minor

  • miracle.

  • He needs a rather big one.

[Instrumental version of "Making Time" by The Creation]


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