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SCOTTY: "Aye Captain, I'm looking forward to taking leave on Nova Atar.
The museum there is supposed to be quite excellent.
Lots of antique and one of a kind machinery!"
SULU: "Commander...
Are you certain it's not the Kazakstanian Cognac you're looking forward to?
SCOTTY: "Do they make that there laddy, I don't know..."
KIRK: "Why Mr. Scott I'm surprised at you, not knowing the location of a famous distillery!"
CHEKOV: "We invented that Brandy you know!" SULU: "Right!"
UHURA: (Chuckles) "Of course you did..."
CHEKOV: "No, really, we did!" KIRK: "How long until we reach Nova Atar Ensign?
CHEKOV: "About twenty three hours Captain." SPOCK: "22 hours 53 minutes 17 seconds to be precise."
KIRK: "Spock there's no need to be precise, we're going on shore leave. Rest, relaxation....
no calls from star fleet.." MCCOY: "Wanna bet?"
(Incoming message Hail) UHURA: "Captain, we have a message coming in, ... from Starfleet."
KIRK: "Umm, on-screen Lieutenant. Why do I have the feeling that i'm about to have a bad day?"
ADMIRAL: "Hello Jim, I know your going on shore leave but..."
KIRK: "What is it Chris?"
ADMIRAL: "The U.S.S. Regulus has been forced to cancel it's survey mission to the Antares rift.
We've decided to re-direct the Enterprise to that mission."
KIRK: "The Antares Rift has a rather dangerous reputation."
ADMIRAL: "Nothing the Enterprise can't handle. But be careful
check your data file for details...
KIRK: "Order acknowledged, Kirk out. Set course Mr. Sulu warp factor six."
SULU: "Aye Sir." (CLICK!)
KIRK: "Now I was saying..." (Electronic Computer Beeps)
SPOCK: "The Antares Rift, it should be a most interesting assignment."
McCOY: "I thought you were a Science Officer not a Tour Guide..."
SPOCK: "Are you attempting to annoy me Doctor?"
McCoy: "You're not a lot of fun Spock."
SPOCK: "I did not realize that was part of my job requirements Doctor, is it part of yours?
McCoy: "At times like this, YES!" KIRK: "How so Spock?"
SPOCK: "There have been several attempts to chart it. All expeditions into 'the Rift' vanished without a trace."
KIRK: "Those expeditions were years ago, our starships are far more capable than they were during the time of those attempts."
SPOCK: "Captain, a ten year old child is far more capable than a three year old child, but there are many problems that neither child can solve.
McCoy: When I retire from Starfleet, I'm going to write one heck of an autobiography.
that way I can finally get someone to listen to me."
SPOCK: "Captain... I have consulted the log entries on the Rift in our computer" (Computer Register Noises)
COMPUTER: "ANTARES RIFT: An area of unstable space near the star Antares.
characterized by time-space distortions
caused by huge black holes
in a parallel universe
There have been numerous disappearances in this area.
Cross-reference entry: 'ANTARES MAELSTROM."
CHEKOV: "Captain, visual dead ahead."
SPOCK: "Fascinating."
KIRK: (Over Intercom) This is the Captain, condition yellow alert. "Deflector shields up, we're going in."
Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Star Ship Enterprise. It's mission: To explore strange new worlds,
to discover new life and new civilizations.
to boldly go where no man..."
SPOCK: "A split infinitive Captain." KIRK: "What?"
SPOCK: "A split infinitive, the proper grammatical expression is 'to go boldly'
"where no man has gone before."
KIRK: "Ahhh, Yes of course..."
"To go Boldly, To Go BOLDLY..."
I think it loses a little in the translation."
"Very few people have the ability to fire up our imaginations and make us think
about the human condition
Gene Roddenberry
the creator of Star Trek was one of those people
He took us where no man has gone before and beyond.
he created a starship, it's crew,
an entire Universe
and brought them to life for millions of people.
without Gene there would have been no Star Trek television series or a
Star Trek Computer (animated) series,
Gene Roddenberry. Born 1921 died 1991
We honor your memory.
KIRK: "Captain's log, stardate 6257 point 6.
We have entered the Antares Rift.
Repairs are almost complete on the minor damage we suffered upon entry into the rift.
In the Rift,
spatial disruptions,
make using warp engines extremely dangerous.
We are continuing our survey, using impulse engines."
SCOTTY: "My Poooor Babies!
Warp engines were meant to be used Captain!"
SULU: "Deflectors at ninety three percent power
and increasing."
UHURA: "Communications are back online Captain."
SPOCK: "Captain, undoubtedly that phenomenon would explain many of the strange
disappearances in this sector. Still,
with our warp engines de-activated our computers indicate we will be safe."
UHURA: "Communications are out again Captain."
is anyone hurt?" KIRK: "If he was Human, Mister Spock's pride might be..."
SULU: "Helm is not responding Captain.
The controls are completely dead!"
KIRK: "Status Mr. Chekov."
CHEKOV: "Captain, navigation is not responding.
The circuits are as lifeless as a Stalinist."
SPOCK: "Sensors failed to indicate anything unusual prior to the explosion.
I would speculate that it was caused by an extremely unusual 'Rift'
where radically different physical laws apply."
SULU: "...and since it was different space-time,
our sensors weren't programmed to detect it."
CHEKOV: "...and it could happen again at anytime without warning."
KIRK: "Scotty what's our status?" SCOTTY: "Very bad Captain.
Whatever hit the Enterprise hit us right in our own neighborhood...
The hull is breached six meters from the bridge. Beyond that the instruments are useless.
I can't read or send anything through these controls.
We'll need a Starbase to make this bridge functional again. "
Kirk: "Scotty how about auxiliary control?"
Scotty: "Captain. I cannot determine the status of anything beyond the place where the rupture occurred.
The rest of the ship could be dead as far as we know."
KIRK: "We need to make communicating with the rest of the ship our first priority.
any ideas Lieutenant?"
UHURA: "Communications are completely useless now.
We may be able to enter codes into the library computer and instruct others
to send messages to us!"
SPOCK: "Captain the library computer is online,
Apparently is circuits were shielded from the explosion. (Computer Beeps!)
I have managed to program a message into the library computer. The first time a person accesses the computer
they will read our distress signal. Hopefully, they can code a reply into the computer which we can access."
KIRK: "Mister spock you're a genius."
SPPCK: "I believe I may be able to adjust the sensors to detect these spatial rifts
and pilot the Enterprise to avoid them. However, the sensors are too heavily damaged here.
I will need to get to auxiliary control as soon as possible if I am to re-route the necessary systems."
SCOTTY: "Mr. Spock, the bulkheads were breached just outside of the bridge.
No one is going to be able to leave the bridge for at least an hour unless their transported out!"
KIRK: "Spock, check out the transporters."
SPOCK: "Captain the transporters are operational,
surprisingly the controls have escaped damage.
However, the transporter will only be able to transport a single person.
I request permission to be transported
so I can begin the adjustments to sensors as soon as possible."
KIRK: "No Spock I'll go first."
SPOCK: "That is not logical.
You are too valuable to risk and the situation calls for my intervention as soon as possible."
SCOTTY: "Spock's right Captain."
KIRK: "Go ahead and adjust the settings Spock."
(Computer Buttons) (Transporter Hum)
(Transporter Hum Starts to arc and zap loudly!)
UHURA: (Screams) "MISTER SPOCK!" KIRK: "Spock!"
(ZZP-BOING!!!) "My God..."
CHEKOV: "Captain, what was that thing?" KIRK: "I don't know Mr. Chekov, but I intend to find out."
SCOTTY: "Captain! For our own sake as well as Spock's, we have to find a way to get out of here, this Bridge is useless" KIRK: "Agreed."
UHURA: "Captain, I recommend we keep monitoring the science station and see if anyone answers our messages."
SULU: "I can take care of that Captain. I'm patching your log into the computer. You should have voice messages."
KYLE: "Captain, we've managed to jury rig an evacuation tube through the bridge turbolift. We should be able to keep it stable long enough for you to be evacuated."
we should be able to keep the stable long enough for you to be evacuated
KIRK: "This is it, we know what we have to do."
(Door Manual Open Sound) KIRK: "There that should hold the door open."
KIRK: "Captain's log,...
after equipping ourselves with tricorders and phasers,
we are now searching for a way to find Spock and return him to us.
I've determined that the best place to start is Auxiliary..." (EXPLOSION!!!)
...Control" (Intercom Whistle) Scotty: "Captain it's a very good thing we took the warp engines offline."
SCOTTY: "That explosion was 42% stronger than the one that struck near the bridge. Our left warp nacelle is crippled Captain." KIRK: "I hope it's not a trend.
SCOTTY: "I got bad news for ya this Rift is affecting the hull of the ship, our hull integrity is dropping fast." KIRK: "How bad is it Scotty?"
SCOTTY: "It's at 92% and dropping rapidly. According to our system specs, if it drops below 63%..." KIRK: "Divert as much power
as you can to the sensors, let's find out what's causing this." SCOTTY: "There's no guarantee we'll find anything Captain."
KIRK: "That's a risk I'm prepared to take. Keep me posted Mr. Scott, Kirk out. I could use advice , suggestions anyone? Spo....
Losing Spock is like losing my right arm."
SULU: "I know Captain,
we miss him too."
Don't worry Captain, if we can't get Spock back, I wouldn't be surprised if he got himself out of this mess.
KIRK: "I'd like to think so but I fear there are limits even to Spock's abilities."
SULU: "Well they say the price of freedom is eternal vigilance." CHEKOV: "What does that mean Sulu?
That we should have been more vigilant? How could we if the sensors said nothing?"
SULU: "Well, maybe if Starfleet sensor designers
would be quicker to modify their sensors to react to new phenomena."
KIRK: "Let's get moving."
(Communicator Open Sound) "Kirk to sickbay, Bones, where are you?"
MCCOY: "Jim what the devil are you doing to this ship?"
KIRK: " I'm not the one doing it, Spock is gone Bones! Someone took him from the ship, some aliens that I've never seen before..
MCCOY: "An alien kidnapped Spock! Why?"
KIRK: "I don't know. He was transporting off the bridge and then he vanished and then this alien appeared..."
McCoy: "I've got an emergency down here. They're backed up into the corridors. If you can find these aliens get me a medical scan"
I might be able to find some way to combat them. Make that a priority.
McCoy out. (Click!) and to think, I gave up a thriving practice in Georgia for this!"
SULU: "You know it just wouldn't be the Enterprise without a crisis."
CHEKOV: "Sometimes I wish space were a little more predictable than it is."
KIRK: "We're still two rooms away from our problem, let's get closer and see what we can find out."
CHEKOV: "Captain,..."
surely you must have a plan?"
KIRK: "Of course I do. I just need to find out what it is that's all."
CHEKOV: "Ooh, that's very reassuring Captain."
KIRK: "I wonder if anything will be working in Auxiliary Control. (Door sound)
KIRK: "Our highest priority is control of the sensors, we must find Spock."
SULU: "I'll handle it Captain. Remember I was a physicist when I first joined the Enterprise."
CHEKOV: "Ahhh! Captain! Look!"
CHEKOV: "Captain, what happened?"
SULU: "It appears our alien friend likes it's privacy."
CHEKOV: "You know I wouldn't want that alien upset with me."
SULU: "In my opinion Captain, it's the only way to save Spock and this ship!."
KIRK: "Go ahead Sulu."


星艦迷航記 star trek (STAR TREK TOS: 'BEYOND ANTARES' Lost (CGI) Animated Episode! (Part 1 of 3) HD)

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