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You're not in Kansas anymore.
You are on Pandora, ladies and gentlemen.
This is your avatar now, Jake.
This is Jake Sully.
Yeah,yeah, I know who you are.
You report to me.
I want you to learn these savages from the inside. I want you to gain their trust.
I need to know how to force their cooperation, or hammer them hard if they won't.
Thank you.
My daughter will teach you our ways, Jake Sully.
That is Tsaheylu , the bond.
Feel her.
Now you choose your Ikran, this you must feel inside.
Think, fly!
It is Toruk, last shadow.
You may choose a woman. - I've already chosen.
Get me a pilot.
The enemy is out there and they are very powerful.
You crossed the line.
You need to wake up Parker. No, you need to wake up.
The wealth of this world isn't in the ground, it's all around us.
The Na'vi know that and they are fighting to defend it.
Since a deal can't be made i guess, things get real simple
They sent me here, to learn your ways.
What are you saying Jake? You knew this would happen?
I fell in love. With you.
I trusted you!
Run to the forest! - They're coming!
If you are one of us, help us.
Get away!
Get away from here!
I will fly with you.
The Sky People have sent us a message....
...that they can take whatever they want.
But we will send them a message.
We tell the other clans to come.
This is our land!
There is aboriginal horde out there massing for an attack.
We will fight terror with terror.
Eywa has heard you!
Nothing's is over while I'm breathin.
You think you're one of them?
Time to wake up.


阿凡達 (James Cameron´s Avatar -Super Epic Story-driven trailer - Battle for Pandora (with subs))

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