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We should have destroyed Carthage!
Every man, woman, and child many years ago!
[indistinguishable yelling intensifies]
Saguntum is lost, and our western allies have failed us.
where was the last report of his whereabouts?
my spies in Iberia tell me his fleet has sailed.
We must expect an invasion at Massalia !
This is nonsense, no fleet
has sailed. Rome controls the Mediterranean.
he's not attacking, he's making allies!
At this very moment he courts the Macedonians,
the Greeks!
Illyria will rise up against us and the Adriatic will be lost
once more.
Ridiculous! Epirus won't stand for it!
Our legions have sole military access to their land.
I believe the attack will come from Africa itself.
He intends to cross the Mediterranean and invade from Sicily.
Syracuse will revolt and sweep up from the south.
[grumble grumble]
He will come not from the south, nor the east! Mercenaries in the north
report that has forged an alliance with the tribes Po valley.
He intends to circumnavigate Massalia and march his army-- Over the alps, perhaps!
He would lose half his army from attrition alone! The other half would desert!
Do you expect the Gauls to welcome him
When he arrives?
I suppose he will bring with him an army of elephants!
I dare say that would be
quite a feat,
Even for the great
Hannibal Barca!
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136 分類 收藏
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