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  • [Behind the Design, Starbucks Logo]


  • The design of this logo began in Seattle in 1971.

    這個商標的設計開始於 1971 年的西雅圖。

  • With three university friends who really liked coffee.


  • They also really liked the Herman Melville novel Moby Dick.

    他們也非常喜歡 Herman Melville 的小說《白鯨記》。

  • So much so, they decided to name their company after Captain Ahab's ship.


  • But branding exec Terry Heckler decided Pequod coffee didn't sound quite right.

    但是品牌經理 Terry Heckler 認為 Pequod 咖啡聽起來不太合適。

  • So they went with the name of the first-mate: Starbuck.


  • Heckler then trawled through maritime books and found a 15th century woodcut of a two-tailed siren.

    接著 Heckler 翻閱了許多海事書籍,並找到了一個 15 世紀的雙尾海妖木版畫。

  • Instead of luring sailors onto the rocks, this mythical mermaid would call people to come and grab a cup of coffee.


  • Initially her chest was bare, but after some complaints Heckler redrew the design with long hair that covered her body.

    起初她的胸部是赤裸的,但是在收到一些抱怨後 Heckler 重新繪製這個設計,用長髮蓋住她的身體。

  • The logo also went from brown to green, a symbol of freshness and growth.


  • In 2011, the Starbucks siren was redesigned with rounder details, a longer shadow was also introduced on the right side of her nose.

    2011 年,星巴克美人魚經過重新設計,線條變得更加圓潤,她鼻子的右側也被加入一條更長的陰影。

  • A small element of asymmetry which made her feel more human.


  • She can be spotted in 76 countries and markets, helping Starbucks to reach a brand value of more than 8.7 billion USD.

    你可以在 76 個國家和市場裡看見她,幫助星巴克達到超過 87 億美金的品牌價值。

  • Bold and alluring, this is the design that started with a myth and became a coffee legend.


[Behind the Design, Starbucks Logo]


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咖啡界傳奇!帶你了解星巴克的商標故事 (The Story Behind the Starbucks Mermaid)

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