• US /saʊnd/
  • UK /saʊnd/
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  • adj. 可靠的; 熟睡(的);酣睡(的); 無損傷的;完好的; 健全的; 明智的;
  • n. 音樂特色;音樂風格; 聲音,聲響;
  • v. 聽起來,聽起來好像; (使)發聲;(使)作響; 發出聲響,發聲;
  • Tim was a sound team member who people trusted easily
  • Kevin had a sound sleep after his hard work on the project
  • The architects checked the building and found that it was sound
  • The doctor said the man was not crazy because he was sound in mind and body
  • The board of directors felt that Tim's business ideas were sound
  • The sound of the band's music reminded Tara of ancient hymns
  • The sound of whales can be heard over long distances
  • The offer of travel did sound like a good deal
  • The ship's whistle will sound when land is in sight
  • Every morning in my village you can hear the bell sound from the temple

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  1. so even if your phone takes a swim, or your tablet takes a hike, your photos, flyers, and footage are safe and sound.

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  1. your logic is sound, professor.

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  1. i) An individual who might be considered "cool", or generally very likeable. ii) As to say, "All is well"; "Very good" etc
    i) "How ye' doin'?" "Sound man, sound" "You see big Davie? He's sound."
  2. 1. A [noise]. 2. A synonym for "[cool]," "[awesome]," originating in Liverpool, if I recall correctly. Either way, it's mostly used by Scousers. Note: Please stop complaining about how we're getting the definition wrong, you yanks. Try looking it up on Wikipedia or on Google, you blithering twats.
    - "Did you hear that sound, dear?" - "The [footy] was well sound, weren't it, our Baz?" - "You self proclaimed 'grammatically correct' yanks are not sound."
  3. Something that is good.
    Yeah, that Simon, he's sound, mate.
  4. Often used by Scottish Glasgow Neds, usually followed by "mate" to let you know that something is ok
    Ned: "Got a fag mate?" Passer-by: "Nah, sorry im all out" Ned: "Sound mate"
  5. Irish slang for 'deadly' or 'cool'
    who's that? oh thats aoife she real sound.
  6. used in agreement with someone or about something, a reply to someone as a form of yes, yeah and so on.
    dude thats sound as! thats totally sound ah sound count me in! Sweet dude thats sound! Ah sound!
  7. 1)anything/anyone who is cool,good, okey doke, particularly in the sense of being trustworthy/reliable etc etc. british slang. when someone/something's really, really 'sound' you say they're 'sound as a pound.' ie they're so sound, they're as trustworthy as the wonderful british currency!!! that's one hell of a compliment. 2) moaning, losing your temper over something. ( as in 'sounding off')
    1) some people don't like that girl, but i think she's pretty sound actually. - that's my best mate over there. he's sound as a pound he is. 2) she's sounding off about some crap no one cares about again!!
  8. Sounds is the name given to stainless steel tubes, of various design that are inserted into the male [urethrea] for sexual pleasure or pain. It is a common practise amongst the [bdsm] community. Solitary use of sounds, by a male involves the inserting of a sound into his [japs eye] or [urethra] and pushing the sound (which is usually well lubricated with a non-oil based lubricant) deep into the bladder so that the head of the sound rubs directly upon the [prostate gland] of the male. Such stimulation of the prostate gland from the inside of the bladder is often described as 'ecstatic' or 'incredible'. The solitary use of sounds for sexual pleasure often becomes pathological and dangerous, with the user experimenting with different shaped and textured sounds so as to heighten his sexual pleasure. The use of sounds in the [bdsm] community is both dangerous and depraved. The victim, who is male, often has sounds thrust with little care or compassion into his urethrea or [japs eye]. Not surprisingly biological damage to the urethra and bladder is common, infection and serious injury often follow and lifetime bladder incontinence is a real risk. More serious cases involve penile cancer, bladder cancer and tumours of differing seriousness. The use of sounds is outlawed in many countries and to own a set of sounds is illegal. The internet, is often the place where sounds can be bought and they are available for sexual deviants a cost, both financially and biological.
    Horace inserted a sound into Berties urethra with loving kindness. Bertie orgasmed with such intensity when it rubbed against his prostate gland.
  9. sound is often used by townies, a describing word for summat cool and great.
    in a footy match: "did ya see that kick? that was sound!" rele cool phrases it can be used in: "he is as sound as a pound!"
  10. To be sound: Irish slang. To be sound is a state of existence. It usually refers to someone who willingly does a favour, asked or not, although usually unexpected - Like when you ask for one rollie and your given two, or the bouncer to an over 21s let's you in when your 20. Alternatively, "sound" can be used as an adjective to describe a genuine, nice person.
    -Man, can I have two of those Rowntrees? -Here, you can have the rest of the packet - AW, [sound]!