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  • Hi! Welcome back to dumb SourceFed I'm Lee Newton.

    嗨!歡迎回到笨蛋 Sourcefed 我是 Lee Newton

  • A new parody store of Starbucks, called DUMB Starbucks is making crazy news, as they set up shop over the weekend in Los


  • Angeles and gave away free cups of joe.


  • Now the store is very similar to Starbucks. In fact, it's almost exactly the same,


  • except for the fact the word DUMB is in front of it, but like everywhere!

    它的名字前有個 DUMB 字這件事,而且是在每個地方!

  • It says Dumb coffee on the Starbucks cups, the menu has Dumb iced coffee and Iced tea, Dumb espresso,


  • Dumb iced espresso, Dumb brewed coffee, Dumb tea, they even have DUMB Nora Jones duet CDs for sale!!

    笨蛋冰義式咖啡、笨蛋本日咖啡、笨蛋茶,它們甚至還賣笨蛋諾拉瓊斯經典對唱 CD!

  • Now I know what you're thinking, what kind of a dumb viral stunt is this?


  • And it does make it look even more suspicious when Community creator Dan Harmon and Rain Wilson are some


  • of the first people to tweet about the dumb storeso help me God, if there's a Dumb Starbucks new TV show coming out, please cast me as the lovable high barista, cause there's always one in every store and I believe in me.


  • Currently, a spokesman for Starbucks told the Wall Street Journal that Dumb Starbucksobviously


  • has no affiliation with Starbucks, and as of right now it's unclear who's behind the coffee shop,


  • but they are able to get away with it due to it being considered “a work of parody art”.


  • Under the law, Dumb Starbucks is not a coffee shop but an art gallery


  • And the Dumb coffee you are buying is considered art.


  • And clearly the art is working, plenty of people have tweeted out about the 1-hour wait outside of the Dumb Starbucks,


  • and they did the super smart tactic of giving away free coffee over the weekend.


  • Not to mention, creating a product you can't get anywhere else.


  • I like coffee, but I've never had overpriced dumb coffee! I NEED IT NOW!!


  • Question: So guys what other parody stores are you looking forward to?


Hi! Welcome back to dumb SourceFed I'm Lee Newton.

嗨!歡迎回到笨蛋 Sourcefed 我是 Lee Newton

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