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Hi! Welcome back to dumb SourceFed I'm Lee Newton.
A new parody store of Starbucks, called DUMB Starbucks is making crazy news, as they set up shop over the weekend in Los
Angeles and gave away free cups of joe.
Now the store is very similar to Starbucks. In fact, it's almost exactly the same,
except for the fact the word DUMB is in front of it, but like everywhere!
It says Dumb coffee on the Starbucks cups, the menu has Dumb iced coffee and Iced tea, Dumb espresso,
Dumb iced espresso, Dumb brewed coffee, Dumb tea, they even have DUMB Nora Jones duet CDs for sale!!
Now I know what you're thinking, what kind of a dumb viral stunt is this?
And it does make it look even more suspicious when Community creator Dan Harmon and Rain Wilson are some
of the first people to tweet about the dumb store — so help me God, if there's a Dumb Starbucks new TV show coming out, please cast me as the lovable high barista, cause there's always one in every store and I believe in me.
Currently, a spokesman for Starbucks told the Wall Street Journal that Dumb Starbucks “obviously”
has no affiliation with Starbucks, and as of right now it's unclear who's behind the coffee shop,
but they are able to get away with it due to it being considered “a work of parody art”.
Under the law, Dumb Starbucks is not a coffee shop but an art gallery
And the Dumb coffee you are buying is considered art.
And clearly the art is working, plenty of people have tweeted out about the 1-hour wait outside of the Dumb Starbucks,
and they did the super smart tactic of giving away free coffee over the weekend.
Not to mention, creating a product you can't get anywhere else.
I like coffee, but I've never had overpriced dumb coffee! I NEED IT NOW!!
Question: So guys what other parody stores are you looking forward to?


山寨星巴克?笨蛋星巴克報你知 ("Dumb Starbucks" America's Newest Coffee Shop!)

30324 分類 收藏
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