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  • The Northern Rivers region sits at the easternmost point of Australia.

    北海岸地區座落於 澳洲的最東部

  • It’s the first part of the continent to receive the morning light,

    不僅是澳洲第一個 迎接曙光之地

  • and it’s way ahead of the curve when it comes to Mother Nature’s gifts.

    也是歌頌大自然禮讚的 最佳去處

  • The heart of the Northern Rivers, is Mt Warning.


  • Wollumbin, as the local Bundjalung People know it,


  • was created 23 million years ago when the Tweed Volcano erupted and reshaped the land.

    它是在特維德火山 2,300 萬年前爆發時所誕生 該次火山爆發也讓當地地貌為之一變

  • It was an event which blessed the entire region with incredibly fertile soils,

    同時也賜予這片土地豐厚獨特的自然景觀和資源 像是豐饒肥沃的土壤

  • deep forests,


  • and a unique geology which many believe gives the region its special energy,

    以及絕無僅有的地理景觀 這些大自然的禮物不僅為北海岸注入特殊活力

  • its magnetism.


  • This is a place where travellers,


  • families and soul seekers come, and sometimes, stay forever.

    攜家帶眷的旅客和靈修人士前來造訪 有些人甚至就此永駐

  • The Northern Rivers begins at Tweed Heads,


  • just a stone’s throw from the Gold Coast International Airport,

    就在黃金海岸國際機場的 不遠之處

  • and unrolls southwards for over one hundred miles,

    並自此向南 綿延一百英哩

  • taking in some of the purest beaches and most laid-back coastal towns in the world.

    將全球最純淨的海灘 以及最悠閒的海岸城鎮盡數展現於此

  • Hang out for a week or two,


  • and simply enjoy the salt water and sunshine of Kingscliff and Cabarita.

    輕鬆享受國王崖和卡巴厘塔的 蔚藍海岸和耀眼陽光

  • Or soak up the soulful vibes of Brunswick Heads,

    或前去探訪百年前由杉木採伐工人 所創立的海港小鎮「布朗斯維克赫茲」

  • a port town created by cedar cutters a century ago.

    並讓自己深深沉浸在 愉悅氛圍之中

  • Brunswick’s waves, sheltered coves and sparkling river

    布朗斯維克的浪濤、隱蔽的海灘 以及波光粼粼的河流

  • create a gentle magic that makes it impossible not to slow down,

    天衣無縫地自成一幅絕美景致 讓人情不自禁地放慢腳步

  • and relax.


  • Embrace your sense of wanderlust,


  • and follow the beach south from Brunswick Heads to Byron Bay,

    從布朗斯維克赫茲沿著海灘一路向南 前往拜倫灣

  • a place that’s considered one of the spiritual centers of Australia,

    這裡是澳洲頗負盛名的 靈修信仰重鎮之一

  • a place whose beauty and open-mindedness has attracted surfers and free spirits since

    以美好景致和開放思想著稱 自 1960 年代起便吸引衝浪者和崇尚自由者

  • the 1960s.


  • Byron Bay has grown up a lot since the Age of Aquarius,

    拜倫灣的規模在 1970 至 1980 年代期間 不斷成長

  • and now attracts travellers from across the globe,

    現在更已成為 全球熱門旅遊景點

  • from backpackers to the rich and famous.


  • But the ideals of the 60s are forever embedded in The Bay’s DNA.

    時至今日,1960 年代的理想情操已於此 深根蒂固

  • Abundance is a word youll often hear in Byron,


  • and it’s a word that could certainly apply to its beaches.

    儼然已成為拜倫灣的代名詞 而海灘則是最能體現當地獨特風格之處

  • There’s over a dozen waiting for you,


  • from the endless sands of Belongil and Main Beach,


  • to the famous breaks of The Pass.


  • The rolling swells of Wategos are ideal for longboarders,

    華特格斯的捲浪為長板衝浪者的 理想去處

  • while Cosy Corner is the perfect nook for when the Northerlies blow.

    在吹起寒冷北風的季節,舒適角 則成為眾人的最佳避風港

  • Then there’s Tallows Beach, which stretches all the way to Broken Head,

    另還有塔婁海灘 一路綿延至布洛肯崖頭、

  • Kings Beach, and beyond.


  • High above it all,


  • on Australia’s easternmost point,


  • stands Cape Byron Lighthouse,


  • which by night, sends out her reassuring light to passing ships,

    在晚間會亮起熠熠燈火 為周邊船舶指引方向

  • and by day, attracts over half a million lighthouse lovers and whale watchers every year.

    在白天則吸引眾多燈塔愛好者和賞鯨遊客前來一訪 每年來訪遊客逾 50 萬人次

  • Once Byron’s worked its spell on you,


  • drift even further down the coast.


  • Discover coastal towns like Lennox Head with its famous right hand break,

    前去探索眾多海濱城鎮,像是 有知名右跑浪的雷諾克斯海德

  • Ballina with its iconic Big Prawn,


  • and the classic mouth-of-the-river seaside town, Yamba.

    還有經典的河口 海濱城鎮揚巴

  • Should you ever tire of the perfect beaches,


  • the inland towns of the Northern Rivers possess a pace of life and sense of community

    北海岸的多個內陸城鎮 則能提供另一種生活步調和家的歸屬感

  • that creates a different kind of magic.


  • Mullumbimby is a place that values things made by hand,

    在穆倫賓比,手工製作的精神 極為受到珍視

  • where people have discovered that joy is found not just in the destination,

    當地人認為,手工製作旨在帶領人們親身領會 「喜悅來自過程,而非結果」

  • but in the doing.


  • And of course, there’s Nimbin,


  • which during the 1970s became the epicenter of Australian counterculture,

    這裡不僅是 1970 年代的 澳洲非主流文化集散地

  • and the front line in the battle to save the region’s forests from logging.

    同時也是捍衛當地森林 不受非法砍伐盜取的保衛最前線

  • Forty years on, Nimbin’s progressive politics,

    40 年來,主動積極的政治活動

  • environmental ideals and alternative lifestyles have made it a household name in Australia.

    環保理念和另類的生活風格 使得寧賓特成為澳洲家喻戶曉之地

  • So when you head into the region’s wild places,

    正因如此,當您造訪 睡帽國家公園等

  • like the Nightcap National Park,


  • pause, and give thanks to the rainbow warriors,


  • who stood between the bulldozers and the trees.


  • From its forests,


  • to its beaches,


  • to every rolling hill in-between,


  • this is one of the world’s special places,


  • a place where the spirit of country touches, heals, and enriches all who walk it.

    更涵養了濃厚且深觸人心的澳洲情懷 能夠療癒和豐富前來探訪的每位旅客

  • So come with us,


  • and find yourself,


  • in Australia’s Northern Rivers.


The Northern Rivers region sits at the easternmost point of Australia.

北海岸地區座落於 澳洲的最東部


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