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  • Today, we're going on a road trip. In this video we're going to look a little bit at the

  • American landscape, and of course we will study some English pronunciation. So, 'road

  • So, 'road trip' begins with the R consonant sound. And one of the benefits to seeing it in profile,

  • when I must look forward because I'm driving, is you get to see -- road -- how much the

  • lips come away from the face when they round to make that initial R. Road trip. So the

  • R opens into the 'oh' as in 'no' diphthong, ro-, which means they must come together again

  • for the second half of that diphthong. Ro-, ro-. Now, the D here is a stop consonant.

  • It's not released before going into the TR consonant cluster. Road trip, trip. So the

  • TR consonant cluster. You may think, that sounds like a CHR to me. Trip, trip. And of

  • course there is a technical reason for that, and I have made a video on that, based on

  • the position of the lips and tongue. Road trip. So the next sound is the 'ih' as in

  • 'sit' vowel, and finally, the P consonant sound. Road trip. On this trip, we passed

  • through several states. Including West Virginia, Maryland, "Maryland welcomes you," and Pennsylvania.

  • We passed lost of beautiful countryside, including many farms.

  • However, we did run into one small problem.

  • -- So Rachel, why is the traffic zooming by and we're stuck here on the highway?

  • -- Yeah. -- Because we ran out of gas. -- And why did, wait, what happened? -- Because I

  • didn't pay attention. I've never run out of gas before in my life. -- How does that make

  • you feel? -- Like an idiot. -- But we're going to get out of this one. -- He's a Triple-A

  • member. -- Kevin's saving the day for us. -- What?

  • Luckily some friends were able to stop and give us some gas.

  • This allowed us to get back on the road and enjoy one of the best things about road trips:

  • going to a drive through to get some good, old-fashioned American junk food.

  • -- So I'm enjoying some Arby's fries. And I also ate a delicious Arby's roast beef.

  • With our stomachs full, we hit the road again. Idiom: to hit the road. To leave, to get going.

  • Here we are at the gas station.

  • There's no need to make two separate

  • sounds with any kind of lift in between. Gas station, gas station. You can see there's

  • just one S sound. So, it starts with the G consonant sound, gg, it goes into the 'aa'

  • as in 'bat' sound: ga-, gas. There's the S sound, just once. It then goes into the T

  • sound: gas st-, gas sta-, the 'ay' as in 'say' diphthong. Gas station. Followed by the sh

  • consonant sound, the schwa, and the N sound. Gas station, gas station.

  • -- Rachel, what are you doing right now? -- I'm filling up.

  • -- Filling up, what does that mean? -- I'm putting gas in the car.

  • Fill 'er up. And the reason why I'm doing that is so I don't run out of gas when I'm on the highway.

  • -- We don't want that to happen. -- We don't.

  • Fill 'er up [x4]

  • -- Alright, I need money for the toll. -- Almost home.

  • -- Hi. -- How ya doing? -- Good, how are you? -- Fine. $1.60. -- $1.60. Thanks, have a good day.

  • I wonder how he's going to feel about being on Rachel's English.

  • Hey, there's a beautiful shot of the Empire State building.

Today, we're going on a road trip. In this video we're going to look a little bit at the


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美國公路之旅。 英語發音 (American Road Trip: English Pronunciation)

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