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  • what do you think about the recent trend of  japanese youtubers reacting to your videos  


  • reaction videos what reaction video oh my god what  the what is going on make it stop make it stop  


  • wow so you might notice recently if you  watch videos about japan that everyone  


  • and their mum has been churning out reaction  videos particularly to a video i made a few  

    人和他們的媽媽一直在製作反應視頻,特別是幾年 前

  • years ago called what not to do in japan with this  terrible thumbnail i i'm sick to death of seeing  

    我製作的一個視頻 ,它用這個糟糕的縮略圖在日本不做什麼, 我實在 討厭死了,

  • now i've never really got the whole reaction  video thing i don't think i've made a single  

    現在我真的 看不到 整個反應視頻我認為我在製作

  • reaction video ever in the 200 videos that  i've made and i guess that's because when it  

    的200部影片中都沒有製作過任何 一部 反應影片,我想那是因為當

  • comes to reaction videos i've always thought who  really wants to watch them and at the end of it  


  • is that three million views just to watch a person  watch another person this guy's a genius george  

    是一個人觀看另一個人的觀看次數就達到了300萬,這傢伙是 日本 的天才喬治。

  • george japan i hope that's his real name george  japan maybe i should rebrand to chris england  


  • but look at this perplexed expression combined  with the word interesting it's genius how could  


  • i not click on that it must be it must be bloody  spectacular let's have a look then before we watch  

    我 怎麼 不能點擊它,一定是它必須是血腥壯觀 的影片,讓

  • it let's put it into 1080p i can't watch a video  in 480p is is that it 480p only 3.3 million views  

    我們看一看,然後再觀看 它, 然後 放到1080p上,我不能以480p觀看視頻是因為它 在一個

  • on a 480p video are you having a laugh and heream like an idiot trying to make videos in 4k super  

    480p上只有330萬次觀看 480p視頻讓您發笑,在這裡,我就像一個白痴,試圖用4k超級

  • wonder definition so you can practically reach  out and touch joey the anime man's face in a bar  

    清晰度定義 視頻, 因此您幾乎可以在酒吧中伸出手並觸摸joey動漫人的臉,

  • and for what nothing i should have just filmed  it all on my broken iphone in 480 piss right  


  • okay we're going to stop the video there formoment okay some people might find this sort of  

    沒關係,我們要停止視頻了一會兒好嗎有些人可能會覺得 好笑

  • thing funny but i certainly don't quite franklyfeel he's disrespectful to the people of japan if  

    這樣的 事情,但我肯定不會很坦白說,我覺得他不尊重,如果 你 在日本的人

  • you don't like japan go home to your own country  if you can't stand the heat get out of the uh  


  • go somewhere else quite frankly clearly he's run  out of ideas and i don't want to watch anymore  


  • but we're going to watch some more so whenfirst started seeing these reaction videos pop  


  • up i was pretty surprised and i really sat up and  took notice when the japan times did an article  

    ,我很蘇rprised,當日本時報發表一篇 討論日本反應渠道新興趨勢

  • discussing the emerging trend of japanese reaction  channels and by now you probably hate this  

    的文章時,我真的坐了下來,並註意到了這個 問題。到現在,您可能會

  • damn thumbnail as much as i do as more and more  creators utilize it in increasingly provocative  

    像我一樣 討厭這個 該死的縮略圖,因為越來越多的創作者以越來越挑釁的

  • ways what started out as oh interesting has  gone on to become that's [ __ ] lies rubbish  

    方式 利用它。 從哦開始變得有趣起來成為垃圾[__]

  • in fact i predict by the year 2025 most people  actually watch abroad in japan through someone  


  • else's youtube channel in fact you're probably not  watching this video on abroad in japan right now  


  • probably on george japan isn't it george is up  there somewhere reacting away aren't you george  


  • reacting in a room yeah to be honest chris  your face looks better in 480p anyway now  

    在房間裡 反應了嗎? 是的,老實的克里斯,無論如何,您的臉在480p中看起來更好,現在

  • perhaps understandably i get a lot of questions  about this how do i feel do i benefit from having  

    也許可以理解,我對此有很多疑問我能從 人們對視頻的反應中

  • people react to the video does the original video  do better what are the ethics around just taking  

    受益 嗎?原始視頻做得更好嗎?僅拍攝

  • someone's entire video and just reacting to it  at your desk and am i angry about it to which i  

    某人的整個視頻並在您的辦公桌上對它做出反應,這有 什麼道德 依據? ngry關於它,我

  • say yes i am angry off with their heads a lot of  them oh oh god if you're gonna make a toy sword  


  • like have a volume control on it that's really  it's really unnecessarily loud i don't know why  


  • i've got this put that there but i'll get to my  brutal honest opinions in a minute because i feel  


  • like before we reach any conclusions we should  probably watch some of these reaction videos first  


  • god forbid so buckle up and get ready for the next  level of inception style reaction videos where you  


  • can watch a british guy reacting to a japanese  guy reacting to a british guy reacting to japan  


  • oh [ __ ] my life this is it isn't it the  future of youtube the future we deserve


  • uh this one looks pretty pretty damn  intimidating i'm telling you not to do  


  • what not to do in japan by yuya with a very very  ominous looking expression let's see what happens  


  • welcome back to my channel today let me try  to react to this video again 12 things not  


  • to do in japan in the last video that was my  fourth reaction video so it wasn't good enough  

    在我最後的錄像帶中,我 不可以 在日本做我們的反應視頻,所以它不夠好

  • and i got some comment doing it again because the  first attempt wasn't good enough that is that's  


  • pretty impressive i think my favorite thing about  watching these reaction videos is seeing where  


  • all the different people are reacting from uh yuya  looks like he's at work in an office or something  

    所有不同的人 在哪裡 來自yuya的反應看起來他在辦公室里工作,或者

  • he's very smart it's like he's just snuck off to  a side room quickly because he simply had to react  

    他很聰明,就像他很快就偷偷溜到了一個側面房間,因為他只 需要對此視頻

  • to this to this video hello guys i'm jordan so  today i'm gonna react a video called 12 things  

    做出反應 你好,我是約旦,所以今天我會反應一個名為“ 12件事”的視頻,

  • i just love how humble george is right he's  barely in the frame of his own video like the  


  • doors on the right hand side of the frame take  up more space than george does what a humble guy  

    框架右側 的 門比喬治佔用更多的空間一樣,

  • japanese lady reacts to 12 things not  to do in japan mrs eats straight up  


  • eats you getting it yet there's a lot  of eating going on there let's dive in  


  • hi everyone this is mrs eats today we're gonna  be watching 12 things not to do in japan seems  

    我們深入一下大家好,今天是夫人,我們要 去看 12個在日本不要做的事看起來

  • very nice i like to think when she's not filming  uh reaction videos or eating things she adorns the  

    非常好我喜歡思考什麼時候噓e不在拍攝反應視頻或吃東西, 而是

  • impressive red samurai helmet behind her on  the shelf and becomes japan's most ruthless  

    在架子上 裝飾著 令人印象深刻的紅色武士頭盔,成為

  • masked vigilante bit like batman japanese batman  but with the samurai helmet that's mrs eats

    像蝙蝠俠,日本蝙蝠俠一樣 日本最殘酷的 蒙面守夜人,但是

  • well if you want to exchange your name card with  your client this is your client and you you have  

    如果您想交換名片 ,那位武士頭盔會 很好 吃 與您的客戶一起,這是您的客戶,您必須

  • to be below than him because this is showing you  some respect that's awkward i didn't know that  


  • that uh you're supposed to hold your business  card below the client i'm usually like up here  


  • and they're down here so i think that might  explain quite a lot of situations i've got  

    ,他們在這裡,所以我認為這可能可以解釋 多年來我陷入

  • myself into over the years good commentary it's  interesting point tokyo foodie sarah literally  

    的很多情況。 很好的評論,有趣的是,東京美食家莎拉確實 把她的頭髮

  • tearing her hair out what the [ __ ] it says let's  have a look hey guys welcome to my channel tokyo  

    扯掉 了,它說的[__]大家好,歡迎 收看 我的頻道Tokyo

  • foodie sarah if you're new here my name is sarah  and i make videos on japanese foods and culture

    Foodie Sarah,如果我是新來的,我叫Sarah,我製作有關日本食品和文化的視頻

  • omelette yeah good cakes oh no natto fermented  soybeans bad move there took a sharp turn  


  • today i want to be reacting to abroad  in japan channel's most watched video  


  • 12 things not to do in japan first thoughts  how many dalmatians died for that top sarah  


  • second thought so i have to say that's one of the  most impressive british accents i've ever heard  


  • from a japanese person you've put ryotaro's  accent to shame well done as a question if we  

    一位日本人 聽說過 ,您是否將ryotaro的口音做得不好,作為一個問題,我們

  • meet today right now and exchanged our business  card what would you think if i act like this oh  

    今天 是否 今天見面並交換了我們的名片,如果我這樣行,

  • your name is yuya wannabe the cool cool business  card huh like it all right see you next time bye


  • why do i get the impression he does that look  at this eleven thousand people have liked it  

    為什麼我會給他留下深刻的印象,因為看到這一萬一千人都喜歡它 , 這真是

  • that's how screwed we are people actually like  ryotaros japan here we go welcome to ryotaro  


  • japan and i need to confess that i never  watch a board in japan apart from the ones  

    日本,我要承認我從沒看過日本的董事會,除了 我正在

  • i am reading yeah laugh at your crap  jokes looking through the channel i  

    看的董事會,是的, 我笑著通過頻道 觀看

  • found out that the most watched video ever  was called 12 things not to do in japan  

    你的廢話,我 發現有史以來觀看次數最多的視頻在日本被稱為12件事,在日本

  • and without me in it yes notice whenever ryotaro  is not in a video people actually want to watch it


  • so walking down the street whilst  eating and drinking isn't illegal  


  • you're not gonna get shouted at  no you're not gonna get arrested


  • but what you will get is the stare of  disapproval kind of but not that strict  

    但是得到的卻是 視線 不贊成,但不嚴格, 如果您在Google Tabayaruki上行走,這意味著在步行時喝酒

  • if you google tabayaruki which means eating drink  while walking you can find many good places for  

    ,例如在大阪, 您可以找到很多 Tabayaruki的

  • tabayaruki for instance in osaka i see a lot of  people eating takoyaki while walking so it doesn't  

    好地方 ,例如,我看到很多人在行走時在吃章魚燒,所以這樣做沒有

  • make sense right so please don't take it seriously  there are a lot of people including me to drink  


  • starbucks coffee while walking even in tokyo or  everywhere so it's okay eating while walking is  

    甚至在東京或其他地方走路時也 喝 星巴克咖啡,所以走路時吃飯沒什麼

  • not seen as such a good thing my hometown is not  a big city so one day i was waiting for my train  

    大不了。我的家鄉不是大城市,所以有一天我 在站台等 火車

  • at the platform and i was eating a small cracker  like this there was nobody's behind me and then  


  • suddenly older guy was approaching me and then  suddenly he looked at me was it colonel sanders


  • this is not true if you've got a runny nose  i don't agree with him on this part because  

    嗎,如果你已經有一個ru nny鼻子我在這部分上與他不同意,因為

  • sneezing and blowing notes are completely  normal body function it cannot be healthy  


  • what do you have to do it very simple you have to  show your effort try to make this sound smaller  

    您必須要做的很簡單,您必須盡力而為,使聲音變小 以顯示一些 聲音。

  • to show some effort what does that mean when  blowing one's nose how do you make an effort  


  • like what is the scale of blowing your nose but  in the uk we just blow our nose there and then  

    像鼻涕的規模 如何? 但是在英國,我們只是在那兒blow鼻涕,然後

  • right we don't really have some sort of special  new year scale i want to see a dedicated video  


  • you if you're watching this make the video we  deserve how to blow your nose i'm 11 minutes in i  


  • haven't seen yuya smile and i want to see a smile  come on this is getting very serious oh is that  


  • is that a smile it's kind of not like is it  weird that i'm getting anxiety from watching  

    是一個微笑,這有點像是奇怪,我 因為看到莎拉的下巴離那個反應視頻的剃刀鋒利的邊緣有多近而

  • this because of how close sarah's chin is to  the razor sharp edge of that reaction video like  

    感到焦慮, 因為如果莎拉的下巴與

  • if her arms slip she's going to smash her  face onto that corner like if you're going  


  • to make a reaction video please make sure  to do it a safe distance health and safety  


  • first real frenchman responds to abroad  in japan all right let's check this out


  • this is without a doubt a real  frenchman oh here uh anyway

    這無疑是一個真正的法國人。哦,在這裡,無論如何 ,這點 很好

  • that point all right i love the way he's  trying to one-up me with his massive plan  


  • on the desk there i remember when i used to  film my this window actually i thought the  


  • backdrop looked really crap so i used to rather  awkwardly stick a fake plant in the background  


  • to try and make things nice but i've come  a long way since then got rid of the plant


  • so intimidating that um noise you think that  


  • something bad's gonna happen any  hand gonna get [ __ ] up by george


  • he looks a little red here is he drunk how dare  you i brought japan videos always shot sober  


  • and in a clear state of mind unless i'm drunk like  i probably was here i'm probably cheap which don't  


  • pause the video there look at that it's horrible  i think this is my main issue with reaction videos  


  • they always pause at the worst possible momentmean look at that that's the last thing you see  

    他們總是停在最​​壞的可能我的意思是說,那是 你死前我

  • before you die time one of my colleagues whenwas teaching i asked him do you have any pets and  

    看到的最後一件事 ,當時我正在教我的一位同事問我你有寵物嗎,

  • he said to me maybe my cat is dead laughing at  a dead cat george it's a disgrace on oh oh yes  


  • yes he [ __ ] smiled thank god for that big smile  he's a what a nice young man i like this year  


  • he's a good lad so is this christmas  there have been new dances it's quality  


  • content watching a japanese guy react to  another japanese guy butchering john lennon

    的 內容看日本的傢伙反應另一位日本帥哥屠宰約翰·列儂

  • where is he oh no george oh natsuki's not  gonna like that when you come to japan  


  • please please don't be nervous we are all kind  and also when i go to your country please be  


  • kind to me no sorry george  that's not how the uk works

    善待 我沒有對不起喬治那不是英國的運作方式,

  • so what do i think about all these reaction  videos and is it actually beneficial to me  

    那麼我如何看待所有這些反應視頻,這對我 個人

  • personally uh i think like a lot of peopleassumed that oh surely the original video will  

    實際上是有好處的嗎?我認為 像很多人一樣,我認為哦,當然,原始視頻將

  • be getting more views as a result of all these  reaction videos but if you look at the statistics  


  • since the first episode went up in september  views have been pretty consistent in fact they may  

    因為第一集九月意見上漲已經在事實上相當一致,他們 甚至 有

  • even be lower uh than before some people assume  that i'm angry to watch these other youtubers  

    可能 降低恩比以前有些人認為我很生氣觀看這些其他YouTube

  • take the entire video and just react to it forfew minutes and i didn't feel angry when it first  

    佔據整個視頻和剛反應過來它幾分鐘當它第一次 發生

  • happened but i felt a bit weird about it i mean  from my perspective right i spent maybe seven days  

    時我並沒有感到生氣, 但我對此感到有點奇怪,我的意思是我花了七天的時間

  • producing the original video it took a few days  to research and script and plan then i had to go  


  • out and film it in public and make a complete [  __ ] idiot of myself before sitting down to edit  


  • it all together into a dynamic and fun way which  meant basically or just use some brazilian music

    動態有趣的方式一起 編輯 它們,這意味著基本上或只是使用一些巴西音樂,

  • i never thought the video would do as well as it  did but i was really glad but it sort of took off  


  • because it felt like that sort of production  process was completely worthwhile now compare  


  • that lengthy three-stage production process to  producing a reaction video you can literally sit  


  • down watch something for 10 or 15 minutes edit it  in about an hour because they're not that complex  


  • and that's it and you can get millions of  views and so yeah it could be a little bit  


  • of a bitter pill to swallow but youtube doesn't  reward production value it rewards human nature  

    痛苦,但youtube並沒有獎勵生產價值 不論人們點擊什麼,

  • right whatever people click on that's what wins  and from a creator's perspective that can be both  

    它都會獎勵人類本性。 從創作者的角度來看,它既

  • depressing but also quite exciting and empowering  for a few reasons i remember when i released a  

    令人沮喪,又令人振奮並賦予 力量, 出於幾個原因,我記得 幾年前 我發布

  • documentary about the fukushima nuclear disaster  a few years ago it's a really tough documentary to  

    有關福島核災難的紀錄片 時, 這是一個真的很難製作的紀錄片

  • produce and i was incredibly proud of it it's one  of the best things i've probably ever made and yet  


  • upon release it was one of the worst performing  videos that i've ever made i'll be blunt at  

    發行後卻是我做過的表現最差的視頻之一 ,那時候 我會變得直率

  • the time i was pretty [ __ ] disappointed and  disheartened it's sad to think i could have just  


  • sat here and made a video called what not to do  in japan again part two definitely don't do this  


  • but then this is youtube it's not tv and i won't  lie i'd probably be tempted to click on the video  


  • that's more provocative and controversial again  it's just human nature so that's the depressing  

    更具挑釁性和爭議性 的視頻 ,這只是人性,這是令人沮喪的

  • aspect of it but on the other hand it's also quite  empowering to know that you only need an idea that