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  • Rouge is the colour of Dior


  • Since the dawn of time, rouge has been the symbol for feminine empowerment, and the art of seduction.

    紅色,始終是女性魅力的象徵 演繹著魅惑的藝術

  • Inspired by timeless archetypes of beauty, Christian Dior created, in 1953, a revolutionary couture Lipstick: Rouge Dior

    迪奧先生汲取經典美學藝術 於1953 年推出革命性訂製唇膏:藍星唇膏

  • Sparking a parisian spring that takes the fashion world by storm.


  • At last women could pick and choose colours to match their clothes, their moods, and their desire for expression.

    女性終於可以隨心所欲, 依心情和穿著選擇唇膏,展露整體美感

  • Rouge is the Colour of Power


  • Historically red was worn as a sign of social statute and vitality.


  • Christian Dior revives the tradition, understanding that a single touch of colour can change your appearance.

    迪奧先生深知紅色的傳統與魅力 紅色可使造型畫龍點睛

  • Red become his fetish, splashed across cannonball pieces known as his trafalgar dresses

    他為紅色深深著迷,而在經典的特拉法嘉訂製服系列中 紅色也總是搶眼突出

  • with evocative names like rouge "scream" or rouge "satan"


  • with each daring Dior collection, the master unveils a new palette of timeless master pieces

    迪奧時尚每季大膽創新的設計 都為經典的紅推陳出新

  • the designer calls for women to "dress their smiles in rouge".


  • his cutting-edge imagery saturates the minds of magazine readers worldwide.

    劃時代的紅色印記 烙印在全球時尚雜誌讀者腦海

  • four, seven, nine, ninety nine


  • the first shades of Dior rouge were given, in lieu of name superstitiously coded numbers.

    迪奧藍星唇膏最初幾款色號 命名,對迪奧先生而言是成功的數字

  • over generations, Dior has created more than one thousand five hundred shades.

    幾個世代以來,迪奧已推出 超過 1500 款藍星唇膏色號

  • Rouge is the colour of revolution


  • I wanted to be an architect, Christian Dior says


  • breaking moulds, He imagines unprecedented designs, each object reflecting a sign of the times

    他突破框架,描摹出前所未有的設計 每一件作品都再現時代的蹤跡

  • he decides that a woman should never leave home without her rouge


  • and dreams up a secret weapon: a small twisting lipsticks for the purse.


  • Rouge is the colour of passion


  • Monsieur Dior finally believed in the woman's right to raise hell. And they did. His women were more than icons

    迪奧先生終於相信,大膽展現魅力是女性的專利 的確如此:迪奧女士不只具備經典美貌

  • Marlene Dietrich's commanding presence could stop men in their footsteps.


  • Grace Kelly crossed the Atlantic to reinvent royalty on her own terms.


  • Josephine Baker's eye-opening performances triumphantly celebrated the forbidden.

    約瑟芬貝克的演技令人耳目一新 空前絕後成功挑戰禁忌

  • Natalie Portman fearlessly embodies the couture house's pursuit for the perfect balance of beauty and spirit,

    娜塔麗波曼大膽詮釋高級訂製服的精髓 表現出美貌與勇氣的完美平衡

  • the symbol of one man's lifelong quest to allow women to inspire and create desire

    迪奧的女士是男性終其一生的追求 喚起所有女性仿效的慾望

  • rouge is the colour of life


  • rouge is the colour of Dior


Rouge is the colour of Dior



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Rouge Dior - 60年的態度 (Rouge Dior - 60 years of attitude)

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