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  • Now we're going to cover the bodice of our Barbie, of our princess doll cake. Take a

  • bit of the blue fondant that you've set aside and dust your board or your work surface with

  • a little bit of confectioners sugar. And with a smaller rolling pin, you want to roll out

  • a piece about this size, enough to go around the Barbie. And about an eighth to a quarter

  • inch thick. To avoid getting her hair messy with confectioners? sugar and other decorating

  • things, I'm just going to wrap it with some plastic, just to keep that out of the way.

  • Now put her arms straight up over her head and we'll place the fondant right on the plastic

  • body, as far up, and wrap that around. You can use a knife to cut under the arms; just

  • cut out a piece then you can smooth it out. Try not to handle it too much because you

  • get fingerprints.

  • And then you can measure and just trim off the ends like that. And then, we'll turn her

  • over and just kind of smooth it flat in the back. Okay, now she's ready to put on the

  • cake. And we'll give her some sleeves later while she is on the cake. To place her into

  • the cake, you just pierce her right through the center like this. And now, if you want,

  • we can make some extra pieces to go over her shoulders or you can make and put some strips

  • here to go over her shoulders. And, if it's not sticking, if the fondant's a bit little

  • dry and it's not sticking, just use a tiny bit of water, just a tiny, tiny amount and

  • that will act as glue. And if you want a longer sleeve, you can roll out a little more fondant,

  • or if you want a puff sleeve, you could make a little ball like this and just mold that

  • over her shoulder. And you can use the end of a knife to put some little ruffles and add that to her shoulder and just kind

  • of pinch it in with a knife. And that gives her a pretty puff sleeve. And you can continue

  • adding any kind of details you want with the fondant.

  • And just pinch together so you can, the fondant is very easy to work with. It's like modeling

  • clay

  • and just work it until you're happy with what you've got.

Now we're going to cover the bodice of our Barbie, of our princess doll cake. Take a


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裝飾公主娃娃蛋糕:製作公主蛋糕的軟糖衣服。 (Decorating a Princess Doll Cake : Making Fondant Clothes for a Princess Cake)

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