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The Bible says that 'Jesus' is mighty to save, but not from on line hackers!
On the Internet you use passwords to look up your bank account, get mail, access Facebook or Twitter,
buy the latest best seller from Amazon, and many other tasks... each that requires a password.
We tend to use passwords that are easy to remember without considering their security strength.
By doing so, we are making the hackers job that much easier to steal money from our accounts, private information from our records, and even our identity.
Using hard to break passwords is as important as locking your car while shopping at the mall. Protect yourself from the numerous bad guys on the web by taking a few simple steps.
never send your password via email
instant message are posted on social media sites
Don't use your name or those of your spouse, kids, or pets as passwords
Change all of your passwords at least twice a year
Don't use passwords that could be cracked by looking at your Facebook page.
Never disclose your passwords in response to an email or a phone call
use some type of passport management program
of course you have to remember the password for that
Here are the most common passwords people use.
If you use ANY of them, change your password immediately.


薄弱的密碼:耶穌沒辦法保護你不被駭客入侵 (Weak Passwords: "Jesus" Can't Save You From Password Hackers)

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