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  • Today, I give you 3 things that you should be doing every day to improve your English speaking skills. Let's get started.

  • What's up guys? My name is shane and today we are talking about improving your English speaking skills.

  • Do you understand English but find it hard to speak like a native speaker?

  • This is a very common problem that many students

  • have and it's normally caused by students not speaking enough and not trying to making themselves better.

  • They just keep saying the same thing again and again.

  • So ask yourself, how often do you try and improve your speaking skills?

  • How often do you try and sound like a native speaker? If you keep saying the same thing again and again and it's wrong.

  • This will not help you improve your English speaking skills.

  • But don't worry because today I have 3 things for you that you should be doing every day to help improve your English speaking skills.

  • My first tip is to listen to native speakers every day so you know how to say things correctly.

  • Because if you just read it off paper you might not be saying it correctly with the right tones,

  • the right speed, the right intonation. Have a look at these two sentences.

  • Have do you pronounce the first one? It's you. Is that right? No. we say

  • it's you? It's you? Because this is a question, we have a rising intonation at the end.

  • It's you? But the second one we say, it's you. It's you. It's you.

  • The intonation at the end is going down.

  • So if you just speak how it should be spoken, you might be saying it incorrectly,

  • and if you keep saying it incorrectly, you will get into a bad habit

  • of saying it incorrectly and you don't want that.

  • You want to be speaking English correctly from the start.

  • You can listen to native speakers in movies, on the tv, on the radio, on youtube and much much more.

  • Just make sure you are listening to native speakers every day.

  • The second thing you should be doing every day is repeat, repeat, repeat.

  • When you hear a new phrase or a new word you want to practice, repeat it many many many times.

  • And try to sound like the native speaker. Listen to the accent, the intonation, the tone and try and copy it.

  • Because when you speak English, you want to speak automatically without thinking.

  • When you speak your mother tongue, do you think about it? Probably not.

  • So that's what your goal should be with Englishto speak automatically without having to think about,

  • what do I say? What tone should it be? What verb do I use?

  • For example, many non-native speakers have problems with using past participles but I promise

  • you if you say I have eaten, I have eaten, I have eaten, 100 times, 1000 times.

  • Then the next time you say this sentence, you won't have to think is it I have eat, I have ate, I have eaten.

  • It will just come out of your mouth automatically so make sure you repeat,

  • repeat, repeat all of the phrases and words that you are learning.

  • Now we have repeated, repeated, repeated.

  • But how do we know we are saying it correctly? My third thing that you should be doing every day is recording yourself.

  • You can use anything you want

  • – a smartphone or just a microphone but it's very important that you're recording yourself

  • and listening to yourself because sometimes when you say something,

  • you might think you sound a little bit different than you actually sound.

  • Maybe you think you are saying it correctly but maybe you are saying it incorrectly.

  • Sit down, take your smartphone or your microphone and speak.

  • Speak to the camera, speak to the microphone. You can say anything you want.

  • You can talk about your day, you can read a book, you can copy something you've heard of the tv or off a movie.

  • The important thing is that you listen to yourself and then compare it to native speakers and see how do you sound.

  • Do you sound like the native speaker or do you not sound like the native speaker?

  • This tip is really powerful and it can really help you improve your accent,

  • your pronunciation, your intonation, your tones.

  • Even if you get one percent better every day, this is enough because over a year, you will improve so much!

  • You can speak like a native speaker but you have to practice correctly.

  • In English we have an idiom which says perfect practice makes perfect.

  • So if you say something perfectly, many many many times, then you will start to speak perfectly.

  • You can do it, it just takes time.

  • Just make sure you are doing this every single day and you will see you are slowly getting better and better.

  • That is it for today. Thank you so much for watching.

  • Comment down below and tell me your best tips for improving your English speaking skills.

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Today, I give you 3 things that you should be doing every day to improve your English speaking skills. Let's get started.


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How To Improve English Speaking Skills (Do These 3 Things Every Day!)

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