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  • Yeah, glamorous life.


  • The venomous wife said I might give him my number by the end of the night.


  • Baby One double take camera flashing The light is the nails Type the crowd hype We on site with my girls in the roped off section Flex and toast up Successes of blessing This morning Woke up from duty resting to remain there Unless there's no question high fashion stepped on Repeat I hear my name left the right My team deep on my way to catch the fly is Don't sleep, Rhonda And do it all again next week Ain't no shame of style on them Ain't no Ain't no Ain't no shame in style No Ain't no shame in style on him Shine on it Shine A sophisticated queen Just a little bit of rash in my whole order was flying from classic china In a room filled with plastic Every level of super Mario past it I work hard for this so many late nights that living large Is it still the late nights?

    寶貝一個雙攝相機閃光燈是釘子類型的人群炒作我們在現場與我的女孩在索道部分靈活和乾杯了成功的祝福今天早上醒來從值班休息留在那裡除非有毫無疑問的高時尚踩重複我聽到我的名字左邊的權利我的團隊深在我的方式趕上飛是不要睡覺。朗達 下週再來一次 他們身上的風格不丟人 不丟人 不丟人 他身上的風格不丟人 閃耀吧 閃耀吧 一個精緻的女王 只是在我的整個訂單中有點輕率 從古典瓷器飛來 在一個充滿塑膠的房間裡 每一級的超級馬里奧過去了 我為此努力工作 這麼多的深夜,生活大 它仍然是深夜?

  • But now is date nights and rip the stage.


  • Mike Yeah, I'm gonna have my cake.

    邁克 是啊,我要去有我的蛋糕。

  • Right.


  • Uh, like a And if the weekend said that negativity We did it because look at what we had it Lavish dude Indoor pools games at best.


  • This is how we do.


  • Or was it my Jordans too?


  • And I think was slick Ricks to common thread with all these dudes Shameless Heidi style on you Ain't no shame of style on them Ain't no Ain't no Ain't no shame in style Ain't no shame Style on them You know that I'm gonna shine on it Shine on Enter my estate from cross sees Louis luggage in my double All keys So I'm a reflection Smile on cheese Pause Because I have one question please Mirror mirror on the wall Thinking no The product calling all the mirrors down the hall Who's the flying over all Ain't no shame Style on the ain't no ain't no Ain't no shame In style on him Ain't no Ain't no shame in style on him Do you know that?

    因為我有一個問題,請問: 牆上的鏡子 牆上的鏡子 想著不,產品叫所有的鏡子 在大廳裡,誰是飛過所有的 不是沒有羞恥的風格上的 不是沒有不是沒有不是沒有 不是沒有羞恥的風格上的他 不是沒有不是沒有羞恥的風格上的他 你知道嗎?

  • I'm sure Tony Shine no shame Style on him No, no, no.

    我相信託尼-希恩不會對他感到羞恥 不,不,不。

Yeah, glamorous life.


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