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  • Weather said 70.

  • I should probably wear a sweater

  • and bring a jacket for later.

  • I feel really good about this.

  • Just the right amount of cats.

  • Fruit intake for the day, one clementine.

  • I should eat some protein before three.

  • Mmmm. I think I just made a new flavor.

  • - What's wrong? - Nothing.

  • Okay. You wanna get dinner? Maybe like dimsum?

  • - Hey, you okay? - Oh, yeah. I'm fine.

  • You don't seem fine.

  • Actually, I'm having a really weird day.

  • - No. - Yeah, I don't know ...

  • 20% of 17.45 divide by ten.

  • 17.45. I'm just going to give her ten.

  • She was great. Follow your dreams, Donna.

  • I just think it's kind of weird that I've never

  • Oh! Do know where we parked the car?

  • Yeah. We're on the second floor, row B.

  • It's quite near the elevators, but...

  • I know we parked by a red car.

  • I think it might have had lightning bolts on it.

  • - Which floor? - Um, I don't know.

  • Yeah, I mean, I think I'm going to see him again,

  • cause, he's, you know,

  • he's from the Northeast, his family's healthy,

  • they don't have any history of heart disease,

  • and he wants to have kids.

  • So if that's not compatibility,

  • eventually followed by love, I don't know what is.

  • Yeah, I don't know, it's just

  • my heart feels really light, I guess, when I'm around him.

  • Does that make sense?

  • This movie is full of plot holes.

  • Yeah, but it looks incredible.

  • Sure, but how can he be her sister?

  • Just let it go. Just let it go. Just focus on the colors.

  • I can't.

  • Are you an alien? You have to tell me if you're an alien.

Weather said 70.


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