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  • grocery stores are designed with one purpose in mind to get you to spend as

  • much money as possible from the parking lot to the register grocery shopping is

  • a rat maze designed to keep you in the store for as long as possible and spend

  • as much as possible this video will give you a few tips on how to be a successful

  • healthy grocery shopper tip 1 do not shop when you are hungry make sure to

  • eat something before you enter the store hunger is one of the strongest driving

  • forces in life hunger is such a powerful urge that it

  • can shape the way we see reality a 2015 study showed that hungry shoppers spend

  • 70% more than shoppers who just ate so if you don't want to return home with

  • three bags of Hot Cheetos make sure your stomach isn't grumbling when you enter

  • the store tip 2 avoid the aisles grocery stores are designed to keep you

  • shopping for as long as possible the produce is usually the first thing you

  • encounter your essential items like eggs and milk are always farthest from the

  • front and your meat and bread is usually on the other side just about every

  • supermarket in America has this layout the items you throw in your cart will

  • get less and less healthy the longer you remain inside the aisles are where the

  • unhealthiest processed foods are sugary cereals frozen pizza soda chips beer

  • snacks candy and ice cream the registers are also packed with sweet impulse

  • temptations but unless you're a kleptomaniac you can't avoid the

  • register so in general if you just do a lap around the perimeter of the store

  • you will avoid the pitfalls of junk food tip 3

  • make a list shopping lists are great for helping you save time remember what you

  • need and stay focused if you enter the store with no plan other than you want

  • food you'll be subjected to the rat maze if you don't set goals for yourself

  • other people will tip for buy in bulk part of being a successful shopper is

  • being a smart shopper buying things in bulk saves money if there are items that

  • you know you buy repeatedly that don't spoil there are financial benefits to

  • buying a year supply at once this can save you hundreds if not thousands over

  • the course of a year tip 5 check the ingredients the less ingredients of food

  • item has the less processed it is a banana has one ingredient banana a hot

  • pocket has over 50 most of which are long complicated words that are

  • intentionally crafted to be misunderstood so as a general healthy

  • rule tried to stick to foods that have less than five ingredients hopefully

  • this video helps you save time and money at the grocery store and moves you

  • closer to a happy healthy life

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grocery stores are designed with one purpose in mind to get you to spend as


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聰明的健康雜貨店購物的5個小貼士--避開老鼠的迷宮 (5 Tips for Smart Healthy Grocery Shopping - Avoid the Rat Maze)

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