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  • Where did you get those flowers? I got them at the farmer's market.

  • Did you notice how I pronounced the word 'them'? I dropped the TH entirely. 'Em, 'em. This

  • is great news for people who have a hard time with the TH. In this American English pronunciation

  • video, I'm going to go over the pronunciation of the word 'them' in conversation.

  • There are lots of words in American English that will sound different when they're part

  • of a sentence than they do on their own. 'Them' is one of these words. The word 'them' on

  • its own is pronounced with the voiced TH, th, th, tongue tip just through the teeth,

  • the-, the 'eh' as in 'bed' vowel. So the jaw will have to drop quite a bit for that: the-

  • the-. And finally, the M consonant. Them, mm, mm, mm. Lips come together to make that

  • sound. Them. But, as part of a sentence, the vowel will reduce to the schwa. Them, them.

  • All of a sudden, the word is very short, them, and very flat---them, them---compared to before:

  • them, them. But, it can reduce even further. We can drop the TH and have just 'em, 'em,

  • 'em. The schwa and the M sound. As always, when you reduce a word, you have to link it

  • to the words around, so let's look at some example sentences.

  • I'll take them with me. Take 'em, take 'em. So, the K sound is linking right up to that

  • schwa. Take 'em, take 'em. I'll take them with me. I'll get them later. Get 'em, get

  • 'em. Do you notice that the T here is not a true T? It's a flap T. Why? Because when

  • we connect the schwa-M sound, the T now comes between two vowels. Get 'em, get 'em. I'll

  • get 'em later. I gave them to you last night. Gave 'em, gave 'em, gave 'em. Again, no break

  • between the V and the schwa. Gave 'em. I gave them to you last night. You can have them.

  • Have 'em, have 'em, have 'em. You can have them. We can buy them later. Buy 'em, buy

  • 'em, buy 'em. We can buy them later.

  • Reducing a word and linking it to the words around is a great opportunity to smooth out

  • your speech and sound more American. So don't be afraid to pronounce 'them' this way. That's

  • it, and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.

  • Don't stop there. Have fun with my real-life English videos. Or get more comfortable with

  • the IPA in this play list. Learn about the online courses I offer, or check out my latest

  • video.

Where did you get those flowers? I got them at the farmer's market.


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Them 要這樣念才道地 How to Pronounce the Word THEM - American English

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