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  • Hi, um, can I get the BTS meal, please?

  • [BTS fans rate the BTS McDonald's Meal.]

  • What's up you guys, I'm Joelle, and I am so excited to try The BTS meal at McDonald's.

  • I'm super excited that they're doing this McDonald's collaboration because they're just so powerful.

  • I admire their work ethic.

  • -I love their fashion so much, and I'm actually with my sisters. -Woohoo!

  • They're just so talented.

  • I am a recent "army."

  • We have another housemate who, he showed us a bunch of BTS videos, and I actually stayed up till 2:00 a.m. last night watching BTS videos.

  • Ever since, I have been obsessed with these boys.

  • Not only do they make music, but also, they're like so fun as human beings.

  • I'm obsessed.

  • Unfortunately, I don't think there are going to be photo cards.

  • It's okay.

  • It's okay, because we've got the meal.

  • We got it!

  • Look at this bag!

  • We got the goods.

  • The fries, 10-piece chicken McNugget, sweet chili and a Cajun sauce.

  • So, people were really excited about these because they're limited edition.

  • They have the humble writing of the sauce names, which is super cute.

  • Our medium coke.

  • -Okay, we're going to try the Cajun first. -Okay, let's go.

  • It's so pretty.

  • This is what the Cajun sauce looks like.

  • -Cheers. -Cheers.

  • Why does yours have a growth?

  • I taste mustard.

  • You get the sweetness of the Cajun, and then, like, as you keep eating, it's like, oh, there's a kick.

  • It's going, it's going up.

  • Tastes like bad "queso."

  • Okay, girl.

  • Its got a slow burn.

  • It's really creamy, really sweet with like a light spicy aftertaste.

  • But it's so good.

  • What would you rate it out of five?

  • Cajun sauce gets 8 out of 5.

  • Four.

  • Three.

  • 3.5.

  • 4.5.

  • I'd say 4.

  • Our second sauce we're trying, the sweet chili, baby.

  • Oh, that could have been in my mouth.

  • Okay, so what I'm getting is that the boys like spice.

  • They do say, you know I got that heat.

  • But what kind of heat are they're talking about?

  • Oh, that's good.

  • -It's what the sweet and sour wishes it was. -Yes.

  • There is definitely a vinegar flavor to it.

  • This tastes like it would be in an Asian restaurant.

  • She's sweet and savory, but she's also a little spicy.

  • We could just get this from the Chinese grocery store and dip our McDonald's in it - when they discontinue it.

  • Yeah, honestly, it reminds me of sweet chili sauce that I would eat with my "lumpia."

  • -Hell yeah. -Hell yeah, brother.

  • I'm gonna go ahead and give it a 4.9 only because I liked the other one better.

  • I think I want to give this a five.

  • -I think I like the sweet chili sauce more. -I was gonna, I was just gonna give it a five too. -Yeah.

  • Unanimous fives all around.

  • Did BTS crush it with this meal?

  • Yes, it's cute.

  • This meal gets a five out of five for me.

  • And I'm not just saying it because I love BTS, but like, it's just a great meal.

  • Definitely worth it.

  • Especially for these sauces.

  • McDonald's keep, keep these sauces.

  • I wish came with a photo card though.

  • I wish there was some sort of physical memento from the meal, but if you go on the McDonald's app, which I'm on right now, for the BTS meal, it says go backstage.

  • Oh, oh my gosh, that's so funny.

  • It's like a 360 VR view of BTS.

  • And you can, like, literally move around to see them hanging out at this really decked out McDonald's I guess.

  • We get the meal and check back next week for an inside look with our exclusive BTS flip book.

  • -Like week after week, they're giving us, they're giving us more of the boys. -I guess We're gonna come back to McDonald's every single week.

  • Now that I'm thinking about it, I can't give this meal a five out of five.

  • I have to give it a seven out of seven.

  • One for each of the boys.

  • You know what I'm saying?

Hi, um, can I get the BTS meal, please?


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BTS Superfans Rate The BTS McDonald's Meal In The US(BTS Superfans Rate The BTS McDonald's Meal In The US)

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