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  • This is the Rachel’s English 30-Day Challenge!

  • Learn 30 phrasal verbs in 30 days!

  • Jumpstart your vocabulary in 2017.

  • Today is Day 18 and we're studying phrasal verbs withshow”.

  • Let me show you around the phrasal verb SHOW.

  • When you show someone around, you introduce them to a place.

  • For example, the first time you visit my house, I might say, let me show you around.

  • If I show you in, then I lead you into my house.

  • If you have a job interview at a big company, someone might say,

  • call John when you arrive and hell show you in so you know where to go.

  • If I show you out, then it’s just the opposite, I lead you out of my house.

  • Rather than having you just get up and leave yourself, it’s more polite.

  • I’ll show you out.

  • What about to show off?

  • When you show off, youre trying to impress somebody, trying to display your abilities, to attract attention.

  • She showed off by doing a bunch of flips in gym class.

  • We use it a lot as a noun. He’s such a showoff.

  • You can also show something off.

  • She’s showing off her huge diamond ring by talking with her hand.

  • To show through means able to be seen through something else,

  • for example, through fabric. Your underwear shows through that dress.

  • Show up has a couple of meanings. First, to arrive.

  • She showed up 10 minutes late.

  • Just show up on time.

  • It also means to be easy to see.

  • The purple letters show up well on the white background.

  • To show someone up is to look better than them, or try to look better than them.

  • I brought some cookies, but Laura showed me up when she brought a homemade apple pie.

  • Showdown. Now, this isn’t a verb, but it’s a noun.

  • A showdown is a confrontation or dispute.

  • The Super Bowl is a showdown between the two best teams in the NFL.

  • Show. We have the SH consonant, sh.

  • Teeth are together, lips flare, and the tongue tip is pulled up a bit.

  • Shhhhh. Show.

  • Then the OH as in NO diphthong.

  • Jaw, oh, then the lips round.

  • Don’t skip that step. They don’t have to round tightly,

  • They don’t have to round tightly, but they do need to come in some. OH. Oh- oh- oh-

  • OH. Show. Shooooww. Show.

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This is the Rachel’s English 30-Day Challenge!


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