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- What up everybody, this is Jason Lee
from Hollywood Unlocked, uncensored
and Apryl Jones is out here lighting up Instagram
with photos at the B2K concert.
- And I'm backstage eating.
Waiting for the show to start.
- Wonder what Omarion's gonna say
because I know Moniece, when she sees it
is gonna be pissed.
(hip hop music)
- Yo, the Millennium tour rocked LA this weekend.
The crazy thing was having Apryl in the building.
- You seen that right?
- I'm not gon' lie.
It was nice, it wasn't the greatest.
- The tension backstage was thick enough to cut with a knife
and I kept thinking that something was gonna pop off
at any time.
Fizz is playin' the Apryl situation
like he's playing the eight ball.
He tryin' to hit it in the side pocket.
- Know y'all boys can't shoot no pool, man.
- What's up my jiggies?
Are you good?
- What's good with cha?
- The LA show was crazy, got to have my son there.
He was right there front and center
and got to see me pop off the stage.
Apryl was there.
Seeing everybody's faces light up as we got on that stage
it meant a lot.
- Y'all was on 1,000 on the LA show.
'Cause it sold out back to back.
- Fam, I had a minute and a half.
I performed you know?
I rocked it.
(uplifting music)
It was so mother(beep) epic.
I had a good time.
- I love that man.
- I saw you with your new wifey.
- What you talking about?
- Apryl?
I saw you pull up.
- Don't even put that out there like that.
- [Friend] I saw you pull up.
- Me and Apryl's friends.
- Oh yeah? Okay.
- I ain't gon' lie, Fizz.
Y'all did look a little.
- You know what I mean?
- That's my friend, bro.
Why is that such a thing though?
It's like everywhere I'm going now
this is a conversation
when I've already said it a million times.
That's my friend.
- I'm just seeing you now
so I was just, you know?
Wish you (beep)
I'm just shootin' the (beep) you know?
Why, everybody been on your bumper about it?
- Yeah, it's just like come on man.
Even if I did do it.
What does it matter to you?
- It ain't nobody business
but I seen it effect the O.
- That's interesting to hear
because nobody says nothing to me.
- I wanted to holler at you, too
about the LA situation
because after the whole Apryl thing
the next day I'm getting calls
like yo, is this for real for real?
Y'all (beep) gon' break up?
What y'all doing?
- It's just funny to me
'cause everybody brought friends and family to the show.
Why would you not expect to see that?
- I don't care what the relationship is
but there should be clarity there.
It's not clear.
- Just to put it on the table.
- That's why I feel like it's clear.
If I put it out there like, yo
that's my friend
and I said that
and she said that then that's it.
Why everybody keep trying to make it something?
- [Man] You need to keep Apryl away from the tour.
- Y'all gon' (beep) our money up, you know what I'm saying?
And everybody wanna make it something
'cause it's something to talk about.
- [Friend] Straight up.
- For the bag, for the future
for respect to the brand
let's just minimize it
and we can move forward
and get the max potential outta the joint.
We got something good going on right now.
- Word.
- [Spectacular] Know what I'm saying?
- [Friend] Bringing that (beep) is sold out.
- Hey, you don't mess up my money.
It's game time right now.
- [Ray J] That's how you gon' mess up your money.


Ray J Wants The Tea On Fizz & Apryl | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

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