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  • We found two dead squirrels, Mom.

  • - That's what this fuss was all about ? - Don't touch them.

  • Must be some sort of squirrel epidemic.

  • Oh, God.

  • They're dropping like that all over the mountain.

  • Come on. Let's go.

  • Phew. It stinks. l don't know if l wanna go in.

  • lt smells like your room. You go in there.

  • Hey, Grandma. Somebody left their clothes here.

  • Sometimes couples sneak up here for a hot dip.

  • - And some hot nooky. - Ruth, for God's sake.

  • Lauren, move. Lauren, get out of the way.

  • Watch me, Mom.

  • Graham, no, no ! No, no, no ! No. Stop. Stop.

  • [ Screaming ]

  • Don't look, pal.

  • Paul, l think we should monitor the entire area.

  • Get the whole shooting match in here.

  • l don't know, but the acidity in the lake is high enough to bother me.

  • There's enough carbon dioxide coming out of the soil to start killing trees and wildlife--

  • Paul. Paul, you sent me up here to check. l'm doing that.

  • l think attention should be paid.

  • All right. l'll call you.

We found two dead squirrels, Mom.


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但丁峰 (2/10) 電影剪輯 - 溫泉 (1997) HD (Dante's Peak (2/10) Movie CLIP - The Hot Springs (1997) HD)

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