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Hello , I am Mira !
Today I'm here at Jiufen !
Jiufen is a place I've always wanted to visit but haven't got any chance to
I'm finally here today ! and I'm even with my Taiwan friends !
But the weather is quite gloomy today.... it's actually raining...
Hope the rain wont get heavier after this
I heard that Jiufen was quite popular because of gold mining
What if I accidentally mine one ? (Then I don't have to work anymore)
I think the police station looks like a post office lol
Its very pretty It doesn't give me the feeling of a police station
Anson is our guide for today~ He's going to lead us for some nice food !
'The map of Jiufen , please take one for free'
What is it ? Is it honey ?
( I love honey ! )
( tasty ! )
This is so good ! I'm a person who love honey a lot !
Lychee ? There's also Lychee honey !
The lychee taste is quite heavy !
The shop looks like this
This is the owner of the shop
They sell honey in a lot of flavours
( I was shocked ! )
There are bees here !
I actually did some research before coming here
and it turns out that.... I forgot if it is because of a Japanese drama, Korean drama or a movie
this place attracts a lot of Korean and Japanese tourists
That's why we can see a lot of Japanese and Korean language here
If you want to exercise , come to Jiufen... its a good choice
because we are going up to the mountain and we have to keep climbing stairs
( you can burn your fats here )
There are really tons of Japanese here ! These people infront of us are all Japanese~
This is the most old cinema here
Before coming , I've told my Taiwan friend that I'm going to Jiufen
and she tells me to try and act like a Korean here
because she says there are a lot of Korean tourists here
so the workers here know how to speak Korean language
She wants me to test the workers , if they can really speak Korean lol
It think it will be fun , let me try it later
This was the most popular movie in Jiufen
( Oh it's true ! )
I found some nice places for photos !
for example here~ its..... I don't know the name of this place
( A-mei tea house )
The stairs is really pretty Dont forget to take some photos here if you guys visit !
there's a lot of...grimace
Is this KimJungUn ?
but it doesnt look alike lol
but this looks like Lee Ang (which one?)
This one~ ( I think the Lee Ang one really looks alike)
Yes ! It looks quite alike
How long in the world do we have to climb these stairs ?
Where is the Taro ball place we are going ?
Actually we didn't order anything at 'A-mei tea house' because they don't have food'
that's why we are here again
oh steamed pork buns i want to eat them !
there's also red bean buns here
here it is ! We are here
'A-gam aunt's Taro ball'
(Then we will all order the all-in-one ones)
yes yes yes ! all-in-one x3 ( I'm too hungry )
They seems to be quite shy lol.... I'm sorry
( down there x2 )
(down where ?) oh here
we are going down
This is the all-in-one Taro boll we've ordered~
It feels cold and bit hot , its because of the Taro ball
( Fire and ice ? lol )
I don't care anymore I'm starving
this is my first meal (shaved ice for the first meal?)
I think its very tasty ! The sweetness is just on point
because I've tried Taro ball before as well but it was quite tasteless, maybe its just that shop
it didn't give me a good expression
but this is so on point for the sweetness
but its not right to eat shaved ice for my first meal right
I personally love this kind of chewy food
so I think this Taro ball is so super tasty , because it is very chewy
and the taste of sweet potato is so good
Beside cheese , I love sweet potaotes, red beans these kind of food
( The taste of sweet potato is so heavy )
now I finally understand why people would climb up here just to have this
the cats are on the motorbike~
its tounge >3
It's sleeping ?
so cute !
Why is the toungue out when it sleeps ? lol
so adorable
We feel like eating something salty after the Taro ball
this is the all-in-one fish ball thing
it is so big so we ordered two
it taste a bit like cuttlefish
(its cuttlefish)
this is cuttlefish? (are you an indiot lol)
the cuttlefish ball is not bad
but the people around me say its normal
(This is the meat ball)
I think I know why she says its not that good
its quite dry
but the soup is not bad
okay now I'm going to see if the workers know how to speak Korean lol
Please give me one of this (one?)
(fifty ringgit)
(Purple okay ?)
yes , only one
(okay , got it. Thank you)
Thank you
how was it?
His Korean is ver good ! (Its so sweet~ They take care of Koreans who don't know how to speak in other languages)
I've bought this guava juice
I'm going to try this , becuase I've never tried fresh guava juice
We were all surprised when we drank this
it's so sweet
Yes ! (its freshening)
yes ! Because I've only tried the convenient stores one, it was too sour and sweet
I always thought it taste like that , but actually its this taste?
this is the true taste
Did you smell the fragrance when you walk by just now? (yes !)
that is the real guava
the red guava juice is actually very rare
oh really?
normally its green
oh so this is very special ? (yes this is more rare)
oh i see
Thanks for watching !
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(Thanks to Mvppin Eleven for the translation ^^ by Mira)


【台灣VLOG】在九份裝韓國人講話?結果店員的反應是...| Mira ([Taiwan VLOG] Speaking in a nine-pack Korean? As a result, the response of the clerk is... | Mira)

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