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  • (Image source: The Weather Channel / Weather Underground)


  • A massive tropical cyclone half the size of India is zeroing in on the country home to

  • more than one billion people.

  • As of Friday, meteorologists say winds from Cyclone Phailin are clocking in at about 170

  • miles per hour. Those wind speeds would easily make it comparable to a category five hurricane.

  • (Via The Weather Channel)

  • Not only is the storm strongit's been developing quickly. The Washington Post reports

  • the storm's winds shot up more than 80 miles per hour in an 18-hour period between Wednesday

  • and Thursday. That type of extreme intensity is very rare.

  • Meteorologists say Phailin's large size and intensity are similar to the strength of Hurricane

  • Katrina back in 2005 and could have similar devastating effects in northeast India. (Via

  • WEWS)

  • One of the reasons Phailin is so intense is the Bay of Bengal's high water temperature.

  • It's possible the storm could strengthen more because of it. (Via Al Jazeera)

  • NDTV points out India also has some of the strongest tropical systems in the world.

  • Back in 1999, a similar storm struck India, killing more than 15,000 people. Indian government

  • officials say the country is more prepared this time around.

  • One of the states in India expected to be hit the hardest is home to more than 40 million

  • people overall, and 700 people per square mile.

  • USA Today notes the Bay of Bengal is the same place where almost three-fourths of the world's

  • 35 deadliest tropical systems have formed. Forty years ago, a strong cyclone hit Bangladesh

  • killing more than 300,000 people.

  • The death toll in India shouldn't be that high as residents expected to be hardest hit

  • have been evacuated from the coastline. Cyclone Phailin is expected to make landfall in India

  • sometime Saturday.

(Image source: The Weather Channel / Weather Underground)


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規模相當於印度一半的大氣旋將登陸印度 (Massive Cyclone Half the Size of India to Make Landfall)

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