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  • Hey everyone! My name is is Benny Lewis,

  • and I make loads of videos about language learning,

  • and share my own struggles, progress and and cultural discoveries as I learn new languages.

  • Two years ago, as I started my project to learn Mandarin

  • I wore a t-shirt that said Cunning Linguist for the first time,

  • and have had it in lots of videos since then.

  • Many comments from people asked how they could get one themselves,

  • but rather than just give them a means to get an exact replica,

  • I decided to set up a huge project to create the world's most useful language learning t-shirt.

  • Seriously!

  • So what gave me the idea for this was the fact that when I was in Ireland,

  • I wore this t-shirt that said "Speak Irish to me" in Gaeilge, the national Irish language.

  • Now the thing is, by looking at me

  • there's no way to know that I speak other languages.

  • And it's such a pity that I could be in a party, and talk to someone

  • and never know that we shared a common language other than English.

  • But because I had that t-shirt on, when I was in Dublin,

  • seven different people approached me and spoke Irish to me!

  • So this got me thinking,

  • that wouldn't it be great if other people could do this for any language?

  • Since we can't be walking around with a big sign saying I speak whatever,

  • it makes sense to put it on your t-shirt.

  • The problem is that it's quite expensive to create your own t-shirt,

  • they usually look quite dull, and when I tested certain sites

  • they couldn't handle other scripts like Chinese, Arabic or Hebrew.

  • So I got in touch with my friends at Campus Customs,

  • and they did a little programming magic to create an input field,

  • so that you could write whatever you want in whatever language you want.

  • This could be like this t-shirt that says,

  • "Speak to me, please" in Spanish, French, German. Chinese, Irish and Esperanto.

  • Or it could be a clever message, like this t-shirt I'm wearing

  • where I took my favourite unique and strange to translate phrases in each language

  • as an interesting conversation starter.

  • For instance, the first phrase "Un poquito de por favor"

  • is from a Spanish TV series "Aqu? no hay quien viva"

  • and is like the Spanish equivalent of Puh-lease,

  • and using this phrase has instantly broke the ice when I meet Spaniards.

  • Each other phrase is some unique part of the culture or language I like.

  • And just to show you one other example, since you can write anything,

  • I was travelling in the States this summer,

  • and wanted people to know that they could use American Sign Language with me.

  • You don't really write ASL, so I tried to be clever

  • and used the Wingdings font to represent ASL with me.

  • See that?

  • This actually worked, and someone stopped me in a Starbucks to have a sign language chat!

  • So, on the back you can write whatever you want,

  • as long as it's up to 140 characters.

  • It can be one or several languages. You can come up with it yourself,

  • but see a link under this video for a list of good examples and translations

  • of "Speak X language to me".

  • Now the front doesn't have to say "Cunning Linguist"

  • It can also say "Language Lover" or "Polyglot",

  • since I know this choice is a little cheeky for everyone.

  • Having said that, I've had many strangers stop me in the street

  • and comment on how much they love this clever and funny phrase.

  • A few other language learners have already got their hands on one,

  • like Richard, Judith, Moses, and Anthony.

  • Click their image to see their great Youtube channels.

  • Another thing about these t-shirts is that I made sure they were as affordable as possible.

  • It's way cheaper than the one that I made for myself 2 years ago,

  • and yet it's much better quality.

  • We can have it delivered to you anywhere in the world,

  • although postage is a little bit cheaper if it's to the US.

  • I am very confident that if you wear this t-shirt next time you are out,

  • and you pass by someone who speaks your target language

  • whether they be a native speaker or another learner like yourself,

  • then an amazing opportunity could come up where you get to practice that language in person.

  • So go on, get a t-shirt to tell the world what language you're learning!

  • And when you have it, maybe send me a photo of you with it on,

  • especially if you're also with sombody that you met

  • to practise your target language, thanks to the t-shirt,

  • and I'll make sure to feature as many as possible on my blog and social media channels!

  • Just click the link under this video for all details on how to get it.

  • Happy language learning!

Hey everyone! My name is is Benny Lewis,


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