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  • - My family's much like anybody else's.

  • - Mmhmm.

  • There's half of them that you love and respect, and then, there's the other half.

  • Which half am I meeting?

  • (upbeat music)

  • (punching)

  • (screams)

  • [Henry] Well, there's my cousin, Alistair, based in Taiwan, works in movies.

  • (punching and screaming)

  • [Director] Cut!

  • (alarm goes off)

  • [Henry] He's dating Kitty Pong, an actress.

  • (claps)

  • (upbeat tango music)

  • [Kitty] Ah, you like it?

  • I was feeling very, very...

  • The emotions...

  • Can you feel it?

  • Oh, I can feel all of you, and all of me.

  • [Speaking Mandarin] She's terrible, can't we get someone else?

  • [Speaking Mandarin] He's financing the whole movie. You tell him his girlfriend sucks.

  • Okay, and what about your cousin, Eddie, you don't ever talk about him.

  • Well, Eddie's a big finance guy in Hong Kong.

  • A real family man.

  • (upbeat music)

  • (camera shoots)

  • [Russell] You know if you move, it would look more natural.

  • No, this way you get our optimal angles.

  • Ah, then we're done.

  • Russell, thank you so much.

  • It's an honor to be photographed by you.

  • My pleasure, people will love it in the next Hong Kong Vogue.

  • Thank you, Russell.

  • Hong Kong Vogue?

  • I knew it, your dress is a disaster.

  • If you wore a Bottega gown, like I told you to, we'd be in the American Vogue.

  • You can wear that gown to hell, Eddie.

  • (children's cars hoot)

  • [Henry] And there's Astrid.

  • Oh, I remember Astrid.

  • She's like who I wanna be when I grow up.

  • Astrid is awesome, and she's probably the only one I'm actually close with, and she's really grounded, and down-to-earth once you get to know her.

  • (big band music)

  • Not only did she graduate top of her class at Oxford, start multiple charities and is a fashion icon, Astrid has the biggest heart of any of my cousins.

  • [Little Girl] Mummy, see what I made for bunny...

  • No, not now.

  • Hi, I'm Astrid.

  • What's your name?

  • [Little Girl] Ira.

  • [Astrid] And who is this?

  • Bunbun.

  • Well, I think Bunbun looks very dashing with his bow.

  • You have a good eye.

  • Thank you.

  • [Man] Miss Leong, right this way.

  • Very nice to meet you both.

  • (door slams)

  • [Jeweler] These are all brand new from Antwerp.

  • You're the first person I've shown them to.

  • What are those?

  • Those?

  • Those are very special.

  • Burmese pearl drop earrings, set with emeralds and rare pigeon blood red rubies.

  • They were worn by Queen Supayalat at her self-anointed coronation in 1878.

  • How much?

  • Having you wear one of my pieces is better publicity than I can buy.

  • I'll let them go at cost.

  • 1.2 million.

  • (plane flies over)

- My family's much like anybody else's.


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