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  • There is a river in Southern France, which bends like the crescent of the moon.

    南法有一條河 如新月般蜿蜒

  • And on this bend is a city and a region with a spirit that, once tasted,

    在這條河之上 有一座盎然之城,任何人一旦去過

  • lingers in the heart forever.


  • Bordeaux rises proudly from the Aquitaine region of southwest France,

    波爾多位在 法國西南部的亞奎丹

  • 300 miles from Paris and a one-hour drive from the Atlantic coast.

    距離巴黎 483 公里 自大西洋沿岸出發僅 1 小時車程

  • Since the Romans first crushed grapes along the banks of the Garonne River,

    在羅馬人初次在加龍河畔 使用葡萄製酒後

  • wine has been the lifeblood of this place.


  • The city of Bordeaux possesses an elegance and easy charm

    波爾多的優雅 以及誘人的輕鬆氛圍

  • that makes even Paris look on with envy.


  • Yet despite its deep body of 18th century grandeur,

    波爾多悠遠的歷史,自 18 世紀流淌至今

  • Bordeaux overflows with youthful top notes


  • that breathes life into her streets and shared spaces.


  • Take in the city from the Pont de Pierre Bridge,


  • where beneath you, waters from the far-off Pyrenees glide to the Bay of Biscay.

    腳下的流水來自遙遠的庇里牛斯山 正朝坎塔布連海流去

  • Once in the city, grand arches and gatehouses from past ages

    這座城市 曾有許多弓箭手和門房駐守

  • welcome you to a place which became one of the Enlightenment's brightest stars.

    而後,此處成了 啟蒙時代的璀璨之星

  • Bordeaux is a city whose skyline is graced with the turrets and spires of faith,

    波爾多的砲塔和尖塔 共同交織出了美麗的天際線

  • such as the Bell Tower of Saint Michaels Basilica


  • and the twin spires of Cathedrale St Andre.


  • Bordeaux's monuments and civic architecture reach for the heavens too.

    波爾多的紀念碑和建築 高聳參天,直達天聽

  • Cool off by the Girondins Monument,


  • whose soaring column lifts the Spirit of Liberty skyward for all to see.

    高聳的紀念碑,讓自由的靈魂在空中飛揚 人人皆能見證

  • In Victory Place, gaze up at the monument to viniculture,

    到勝利廣場 仰望紀念葡萄栽培的紀念碑

  • which twists like a vine reaching for the sun.


  • While from the rooftop of the Bordeaux's opera house,


  • playful muses inspire all those who pass below.


  • You'll find plenty of inspiration at the Aquitaine Museum,

    您一定能在「阿基坦博物館」 找到許多靈感

  • from the cave paintings of prehistory,


  • to the city's rise as one of the world's great trading ports.

    見證世上 最偉大貿易港的崛起

  • Pause by the cenotaph of Michel de Montaigne, who advised his fellow citizens,

    在米歇爾·德·蒙田的衣冠塚前駐足 憶起他曾向市民道

  • the value of life lies not in the length of days, but in the way we use them”.

    「生命之價值 貴在如何度日,而非多少時日」

  • And the people of Bordeaux use their days very well,


  • so to get the most from your visit, simply do as they do.

    因此不妨在旅途中 學習效仿他們的生活方式

  • When it's time to relax, take a stroll beneath the avenues of plane trees

    放慢腳步 在林蔭大道上漫步

  • work up a thirst on the riverfrontor in the warmer months,

    在河岸邊玩耍至精疲力盡 或是在夏季

  • splash in the mists at Place de la Bourse.


  • When it's time to shop, follow the local fashionistas down Rue Sainte-Catherine,

    想要購物時,追隨當地時尚達人 前往歐洲最長的商店街

  • Europe's longest shopping street….


  • or join the treasure hunters amid the city's vintage shops and market stalls.

    加入尋寶行列 在城市骨董店與市集攤位之間尋寶

  • When it's time to eat,


  • choose from menus filled with centuries of Aquitaine tradition

    不妨品味阿基坦傳承了 數百年的傳統好味道

  • or fill your basket with the fruits of Bordeaux's fields,


  • forests and waters, at Capucins Market.


  • The people here love their beer,


  • thanks in no small part to the British who ruled Aquitaine for 300 years.

    這也要歸功於英國 在阿基坦長達 300 年的統治

  • But of course, when it comes to drinking in Bordeaux, wine is everything.

    在波爾多提到喝的 絕對少不了葡萄酒

  • Step into the vaults of the Wine and Trade Museum


  • and learn how the French passion for viniculture and Britain's

    了解法國人對葡萄種植的熱情 以及英國人對乾紅酒無止盡的索求

  • insatiable thirst for Claret made Bordeaux a global wine superstar in the 1800s.

    是如何讓波爾多 成為 1800 年代的世界級葡萄酒之星

  • Head downriver, past the incredible Jacques Chaban Delmas Bridge,

    前往下游地區 穿越吸睛的「雅克·沙邦-戴爾馬大橋」

  • to another architectural marvel, Cité du Vin.


  • More than a museum, Cite du Vin is a multi-sensory temple to the

    紅酒城不只是博物館 還是一座傳授歷史、文化

  • history, culture and science of wine.


  • Take a helicopter tour across 20 of the planet's most important growing regions.

    觀看直升機所拍攝的影片 「飛越」20 座世上最重要的種植區

  • Explore the unique profiles of popular varieties.


  • Then on the top floor, enjoy a complimentary glass,


  • while drinking in the views of a city


  • that has long been hailed as the wine capital of the world.

    享有「世界紅酒之都」 不衰盛名之城的美景

  • Bordeaux ships over 600 million bottles of wine to the world each year,

    波爾多每年外銷 逾 6 百萬瓶葡萄酒至世界各地

  • but some of the most exciting bottles never leave the city.

    但是最好的葡萄酒 在波爾多才能嚐得到

  • Visit the city's wine shops, where the flavours of Bordeaux's wine regions

    造訪這座城市的酒鋪 挑一天的午後

  • can be explored in a single afternoon.


  • But to truly understand the character of Bordeaux,


  • you must walk among the vines.


  • Just 15 minutes west from the city center is Chateau Pape Clement,

    克萊蒙教皇堡 距離市中心 15 分鐘路程

  • one of the oldest vineyards in Bordeaux.


  • Here, in the gravelly soils of the Graves region,


  • a wine-loving pope tended vines that produced liquid miracles.

    有一位熱愛葡萄酒的教皇 將顆顆葡萄釀成玉液瓊漿

  • Head deeper into the Graves appellation, a landscape filled with

    深入格拉夫產區 觀賞此地美景

  • castles, chateaus and vineyards which stretch away through space and time.

    一瞥林立的城堡和葡萄園 如何打破空間和時間的隔閡

  • Call into Sauternes, whose sweet wines were so loved by George Washington,

    造訪蘇玳,親眼看看喬治·華盛頓 鍾愛的甜白酒

  • he ordered thirty cases at a time.

    其瘋狂程度 一次要購買 30 箱才夠

  • Then, stretch your legs in Bazas, a two-and-a-half thousand-year-old town

    再到有 2500 年歷史的 巴扎斯走走

  • renowned for its fine beef steaks and Gothic cathedral.

    品嚐這裡有名的高級牛排 以及仰望哥德式教堂

  • To the east of Bordeaux, the soil changes to limestone and clay,

    前往波爾多東部 踏上石灰岩黏土道路

  • and so the flavours change again.


  • Be sure to visit Saint-Emilion,


  • a hilltop town where medieval walls rise from solid rock,


  • and vines grow amid the ruins of a vast Dominican Monastery.

    葡萄也從明尼加修道院的 廢墟中盎然茁壯

  • The Merlots and Cabernet Francs produced here have been touched by the divine,

    這裡釀造的梅洛和卡本內弗朗紅酒 有天堂般的滋味

  • so set aside a weekend to immerse your palate in the

    不妨安排一個週末 造訪這個世界遺產景點

  • flavours and crafts of this World Heritage site.


  • Whether you explore her wine regions for a month, or just a day,

    無論您想花上一個月 或是一天探索波爾多酒區

  • once you have experienced the vineyards around Bordeaux,

    一旦您造訪過 此處的葡萄園

  • the city takes on an even richer glow.


  • There is a river in Southern France, which bends like the crescent of the moon,

    南法有一條河 如新月般蜿蜒

  • and on this bend is Bordeaux, whose colours, moods and flavours

    在這條河之上的波爾多 有豐富的色彩、情緒和風味

  • can take a hundred happy lifetimes to explore.


  • So don't wait until your next life, Bordeaux is ready to savour, today.

    別等下輩子了 今天就啟程,品味波爾多

There is a river in Southern France, which bends like the crescent of the moon.

南法有一條河 如新月般蜿蜒


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