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  • Hi, my name's and I'm giddy with salt Show.

  • I'm doing the head chief doing looking back.

  • My look.

  • I feel like very me Thought you look, but it's very me T shirt course that skirt and sneakers and I have pockets.

  • Love a pocket in like a falling out.

  • It's It's Johnny's birthday today, So I think it's just exciting that we can all be together and I'll be saving every time we have a show celebrating there.

  • My name is Edward Pro Mac.

  • I am part of the women's team.

  • I work with Donatella when we're actually sitting down with Donatella thinking about it was actually saying What is actually the first time ever show you?

  • So that kind of in it.

  • So it was a start inspiration into the idea of kind of like, you know, this metropolitan city is melting pot of cultures, colors, vibrance way really like idea of textures.

  • Again, it's kind of idea of mixing everything together, so you're going to see a lot of shiny fabrics, laminated fabrics.

  • We have the rock.

  • I think the idea of mixing that stars in with a rock that kind of not Thio states and then we got Jim Dime print as well, which again, there's always a little connection to everything.

  • So when Jenny Jones town house in New York City Hey, had these artworks budget, which were the hearts?

  • This dress is the same body as jungle dress I You're back in, I don't know, and J.

  • Lo made it extra famous when she wore it.

  • Thio, I think the MTV Music Awards, I think, the most beautiful looking collection.

  • But that's okay.

  • Don't tell anyone else any details that long sleep like on on their leg.

  • And it's basically like altogether, but it's like for such So wait, am I run out with it?

  • So the look is quite individual.

  • There is some formality, innit?

  • Side parting hair spring that prompted a little boys control goes away.

  • Little slide in there.

  • Very easy.

  • These girls let that natural texture of this good grades.

  • There's a couple of girls have big, not too big hair is soft, like our heritage park.

  • The idea, besides being very glamorous, Little top.

  • So be nice to have two girls.

  • A big to do that kind of hair is, uh, turn the harp hours ago, but I wanted girls look very eclectic.

  • Very individual, but very dis Archie, you know, and it's a modern facade way done.

  • Tons of missed our and turned, you know, a little bit of lip gloss, Really fresh skin.

  • So keeping the girls question mark, I said, if you see him go when you see the girls on the runway, you're gonna see that each girl has her personality, something we found really interesting.

  • We're doing, I think four exits on the runway where three girls come out together.

  • That kind of idea.

  • Donatello explained it really well the other day.

  • She like the idea of, like, solidarity on the runway as well.

  • He's kind of right, really strong greets of women connecting together and kind of like blasting down the runway.

Hi, my name's and I'm giddy with salt Show.


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