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These are some of the American troops who've been ordered to leave Syria
They're driving through the mostly Kurdish city of Qamishli and headed to Iraq
It's vegetables that are bouncing off the armor and sticking to the windows
The US troop pullout is controversial many in the Kurdish north feel betrayed
American soldiers were essentially protecting them from attacks by Turkish forces
But president Trump has long pushed for an American pullout
It's sand and it's death
Elsewhere in Syria. The withdrawal is less eventful
military convoys joined routine traffic on the highway
But it's not just the exit that draws attention
It's what the Americans leave behind
Like this outpost near the city of men bish filmed by a Russian journalist
Here's what it looked like when US troops were stationed in the area
Now they're gone and Russian media has arrived
Literally opening the gates
Russia is trying to fill the void left by the US and Syria
moving its forces into Kurdish areas to broaden influence across the country in
Social media posts Russian reporters make a special point to highlight the signs of a hasty American withdrawal
Discarded footballs and empty sleeping quarters
At another base it's a Harry Potter book and hand drawn signs supporting the troops
but at the Lafarge cement factory a former base the u.s. Disposes of what it left behind a
Defense official announces that American planes bombed US munitions stored there to prevent anyone else from using them
How quickly do Russian troops move in
Here our US and Russian troops at the same strategic location. Just two days apart
And it's not just Russians moving in alone. Syrian army soldier scales a hill that's close by and
Waves the flag of President Bashar al Assad's government which originally lost this territory to armed rebels seven years ago
small groups of American troops will remain elsewhere in Syria on different missions
But for now the u.s. Role in working with and defending kurds in the north has come to an abrupt end


U.S. Troops Are Leaving Syria, Here's What It Looks Like | NYT News

50 分類 收藏
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