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  • >> Tim:: So, in the bible the ideas of Heaven and Earth are ways of talking about God’s

  • space and our space.

  • >> Jon: So I understand our space really well. We live here. There are trees, rivers, mountains.

  • But my understanding of God’s space gets a little fuzzy.

  • >> Tim:: And what we do get in the bible are images, trying to help us grasp God’s space,

  • which is basically inconceivable to us.

  • >> Jon: So these are two very different types of spaces.

  • >> Tim: Yes, theyre different in their nature, but here’s what is really interesting.

  • It’s that in the Bible these are not always separate spaces.

  • So think of Heaven and Earth as different dimensions that can overlap in the same exact

  • space.

  • >> Jon: So we talk a lot about going to heaven after we die,

  • but this idea of Heaven and Earth overlapping, we don’t talk a lot about that.

  • >> Tim: Which is kinda crazy because the union of Heaven and Earth is what the story of the

  • Bible is all about, how they were once fully united, and then

  • driven apart, and about how God is bringing them back together again.

  • >> Jon: So let’s go back to the beginning. Where Heaven and Earth there completely overlapping?

  • >> Tim: Yeah, this is what the Bible’s description of the Garden of Eden is all about.

  • It’s a place where God and Humanity dwelt together perfectly, no separation, and humans

  • then partner with God in building a flourishing beautiful world and so on.

  • >> Jon: But as humans we wanted to do things a different way.

  • We wanted God out and we wanted to create a world apart from Him

  • >> Tim: Yeah so we have these two spaces now and the Bible actually uses lots of different

  • kinds of words and phrases to refer to these two spaces to make a clear distinction.

  • >> Jon: So youve said that these spaces can overlap though, so explain how that works.

  • >> Tim: This is where we have to start talking about temples, because in the biblical world

  • you experience God’s presence by going to a temple.

  • That’s where Heaven and Earth overlap.

  • >> Jon: Now there’s two types of temples described in the Bible. One is a tabernacle,

  • basically a tent that was built by Moses. And the other was this massive building made

  • by Solomon.

  • >> Tim: And these temples were decorated with fruit trees and flowers and images of angels

  • and all kinds of gold and jewels and so on. And these are designed to make you feel like

  • youre going back to the garden. And at the center of the temple was a place

  • called the holy of holies, which was like the hotspot of God’s presence.

  • >> Jon: Now we can go and be with God again.

  • >> Tim: But not so fast, because the temple also creates a problem.

  • So God’s space is full of His presence and goodness and justice and beauty,

  • but human’s space is full of sin and injustice and ugliness that results.

  • >> Jon: So how do these spaces overlap if theyre so different and theyre in conflict

  • with each other?

  • >> Tim: This was resolved through animal sacrifice.

  • >> Jon: Yeah that’s kinda weird. What do animal sacrifices have to do with this?

  • >> Tim: Yeah the idea is this: animal sacrifices, somehow they absorb the sin when the animal

  • dies in your place and it creates a clean space, so to speak, where you are now free

  • to enter into the temple and be in God’s presence.

  • >> Jon: Ok so if I’m an Israelite and I live in Jerusalem, I might be able to be in

  • God’s presence, but you said the story of the Bible is all of Heaven and Earth reuniting?

  • >> Tim: Right, so we have to keep going in the story where we come to Jesus in the New

  • Testament. And in the Gospel of John, we hear this claim that God became human in Jesus

  • and made his dwelling among us. The worddwellingis really curious. It literally means he set

  • up a tabernacle among us. So what John is claiming right here is that Jesus is a temple.

  • He is now the place where Heaven and Earth overlap.

  • >> Jon: What’s interesting about Jesus is that He isn’t staying this safe, clean space.

  • He’s running around hanging out with sinners. He’s healing people of their sicknesses,

  • and forgiving people of their sins.

  • >> Tim: He’s basically creating little pockets of Heaven where people can be in God’s presence,

  • but He’s doing it out there in the middle of the world of sin and death.

  • >> Jon: And He keeps telling everyone that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

  • >> Tim: And He even told his followers to pray regularly that God’s kingdom come and

  • His will be done here on Earth just as it is in Heaven.

  • >> Jon: But a lot of people are threatened by Jesus and they kill Him, which seems to

  • spoil this whole plan to reunite Heaven and Earth.

  • >> Tim: But, we have to go back to a scene earlier in Jesusstory where John the Baptist

  • saw Jesus and said, “Behold this is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the

  • world!”

  • >> Jon: So Jesus isn’t just talked about as being a temple, He’s also talked about

  • as being the temple sacrifice.

  • >> Tim: Yeah so the cross is now the place where Jesus absorbs sin to create a clean

  • space that is not limited like animal sacrifices. Jesussacrifice has the power to keep spreading

  • and spreading and reuniting more and more of Heaven and Earth.

  • >> Jon: This is all really great but it leaves one big question in my mind, which is what

  • happens when I die? Don’t I just fly over to God’s space and be with Jesus?

  • >> Tim: Yeah so a few times in the New Testament we learn that Christians will be with Jesus

  • in Heaven after they die,  but that is not the focus of the Bible’s story. The focus

  • is on how Heaven and Earth are being reunited through Jesus and will be completely brought

  • together one day when He returns. In the book of Revelation we get this beautiful image

  • of the garden of Eden, now in the form of a city, coming to end the age of sin and death

  • by redeeming all of human history in a renewed creation and God’s space and Human’s space

  • completely overlap once again.

>> Tim:: So, in the bible the ideas of Heaven and Earth are ways of talking about God’s


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