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  • The artist was inspired by the neoclassical movement.

  • No, she doesn't.

  • But wanted to reflect it with an abstract bent.

  • Okay, bye-bye.

  • And how much is it? $35,000.

  • Happy Holidays. Marilyn Dean Gallery. Hold, please.

  • Will you excuse me for a moment? Sure. Go ahead.

  • Christopher? Yes, sweetie.

  • Hi, honey. Hi.

  • Christmas was months ago. Don't remind me. I miss it so much.

  • Yeah, I know. But today is not a holiday.

  • I know for a fact that people like my spirit on the phone

  • and they dig the energy that I give them.

  • Okay. I'm just saying, I don't think Marilyn Dean will "dig" the energy.

  • Oh, no. She's the one that told me to be creative. So...

  • I know. It's just... Okay. What is the next holiday coming?

  • The Fourth of July, is that what's next?

  • Well, if you want to get technical, there's Memorial Day,

  • there's Flag Day.

  • Some people recognize Father's Day as a holiday. I don't.

  • I get it. I get it. Well, on those days you can say, "Happy Holidays.' '

  • Every other day, "Good morning, good afternoon,

  • "good evening, Marilyn Dean Gallery.' ' Okay?

  • Okay.

  • I'm so sorry about that. Oh, no.

  • So, now this is a new piece by Zakrzewska.

  • What do you think of this?

  • Can I be honest with you? Please.

  • Other than taking an art history class in college,

  • which I pretty much slept through, I don't have the first clue about art

  • or how to go about buying it. I mean, like that painting.

  • I mean, I don't see the point in buying something that I could have done myself.

  • Yeah. I completely agree with you.

  • You know, an art teacher of mine once said,

  • "Never buy a piece of art that you don't have to have.' '

  • You know, don't worry about who the artist is or how much it's worth.

  • I mean, you have to live with it every day. You have to walk by it every day.

  • You know, you have to really love it. You have to really appreciate it.

  • It's kind of like picking a mate.

The artist was inspired by the neoclassical movement.


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分手 (2/10) 電影剪輯 - 快樂假期 (2006) HD (The Break-Up (2/10) Movie CLIP - Happy Holidays (2006) HD)

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