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  • Across the city, within the aforementioned Bart's hospital,

  • there stood, within the morgue, a man looking over a black plastic bag.

  • The bag was the size of an average man,

  • therefore deduced to be a body bag.

  • The man quickly unzipped the bag and stared at its contents.

  • The observer in question was a thirty-something year old male with black-

  • curled hair.

  • He was wearing a large black overcoat and a dark blue scarf.

  • He sniffed the body within the bag.

  • "How fresh?"

  • he asked the woman helping him with his work.

  • "Just in," she replied. "67, natural causes. He used to work here.

  • I knew him, he was nice."

  • Just as she finished the man speedily zipped up the carrier

  • and turned to the female doctor.

  • "Fine," he said, slightly smirking.

  • "We'll start with the riding crop."

  • Molly Hooper laid the naked cadaver on the examination table while the

  • observer removed his coat and scarf.

  • From his belt he took a large riding crop and held it by his side.

  • "You might want to stand back,"

  • he advised Molly.

  • She followed his advice and took two large steps backwards.

  • Suddenly, the visitor began striking the corpse with the whip, lashing at him

  • again and again.

  • After fifteen seconds he finally stopped.

  • Any person would believe committing such an act was mad.

  • But Molly knew that the committer was not a normal person.

  • She knew Sherlock Holmes all too well.

  • "So,

  • bad day, was it?"

  • she joked as Sherlock got his breath back.

  • Sherlock, however, continued with his work.

  • He retrieved his BlackBerry from his pocket and began his search for information.

  • "I need to know what bruises form within the next twenty minutes. A man's alibi

  • depends on it. Text me."

  • "Listen, I was wondering,"

  • began Molly, trying to strike a conversation with the man as he jotted

  • in his notebook,

  • "maybe later,

  • when you're finished..."

  • "You're wearing lipstick."

  • Sherlock interrupted.

  • "You weren't wearing lipstick before."

  • "I, er..."

  • Molly stuttered.

  • "I refreshed it a bit!"

  • Satisfied with her explanation, he continued with the original topic of the conversation.

  • "Sorry, you were saying?"

  • "I was wondering if you'd like to have coffee."

  • Sherlock's reply was one which Molly was a bit annoyed by.

  • He didn't turn her down,

  • but he misunderstood her.

  • "Black, two sugars, please! I'll be upstairs."

  • And with that, he exited the morgue and made his way to the examination lab.

  • After he went, Molly could do nothing but weakly say,

  • "Ok."

Across the city, within the aforementioned Bart's hospital,


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