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This episode of "Life Noggin" is brought to you by AJ Plus.
Hi there, I'm Lago.
I might be an ageless animation, but you, on the other hand,
are getting older everyday. And with old age comes a lot of interesting changes.
It's Thursday, so that means we're answering one of your questions.
And this week, we're gonna find out why does hair turn gray with old age. Let's do this.
Let's figure out how hair gets its color in the first place. Hair, like the skin, gets
its color from a pigment called melanin.
Did you know that melanin formation happens before we were born?
Did you know that all hair is white before it grows?
Well, you do now. Dark pigments are called the eumelanin, and light pigments are called pheomelanin,
which blend together to create a broad spectrum of beautiful hair colors.
These pigments are composed of cells called melanocytes that are positioned on the
skin surface, which the hair follicles grow through.
Melanocytes inject melianin into cells that contain keratin, which the protein of hair is made up of.
There are many factors that can change the pigment of your hair, both internal and external,
things such as genetics, hormones, age, the climate that you live in, toxins
and even chemical exposure
can all affect hair pigmentation. I would check with your parents or grandparents
and find out when they went gray,
That's when you probably will too. As you grow older, your hair turns gray is the
result of fail management of melanin cells.
They may die or just function improperly. The less melanin you have the
grayer your hair becomes.
Each hair follicles grow separately and contains its own amount of melanin.
This is why certain hairs turn gray at different times. There's still no solid
proof as why this happens. More recent studies have shown that hair follicles
produce small amount of hydrogen peroxide,
which over time can lead to gradual loss of hair color. I personally would
take great care over a hairless blockhead any day.
Thank you so much for watching. As usual, I'll be answering a new question every Thursday.
So ask anything you wanna know in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.
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"Proof that the pudding is in the eating"
The meaning behind this expression is that to experience something to the
fullest you need to try it out yourself,
like pudding, try it, you'll like it. Unless you're allergic somehow.



為什麼頭髮會變灰?(Why Your Hair Will Turn Gray)

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