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  • did you miss that one oh no  no no where have you taken us  

    你有沒有想念那個人哦 不不不你把我們帶到哪

  • chris we're going to die tonight this is  a found footage horror film in the making

    里克里斯我們今晚就要死了這是 一部找到的恐怖電影

  • out here so much bad weekend


  • bloody connor dog voice actor  


  • oh what am i doing to myself two months ago it  was a time of celebration i'd visited all 47 of  

    哦我對自己做了什麼 兩個月前,這 是一個慶祝的時刻,我參觀了日本的所有 47 個

  • japan's prefectures and connor promised he'd take  me to the best hotel in all of shikoku and what  

    縣,康納承諾他會帶 我去四國最好的酒店,

  • did he do he took me to the worst hotel a room  filled with 28 kinds of mold a room that i'm still  

    他做了什麼,他帶我去了一個房間裡最差的酒店 有 28 種類型的房間,我仍然

  • recovering from with all the ptsd and so it's time  to return the favor to dear connor and take him  

    帶著所有的 ptsd 從中恢復過來,所以是時候回報親愛的康納了,並

  • to an abandoned hotel in the most bare infested  territory in all of north japan under the guise  

  • of going to a nice hot spring onsen and then  i'm gonna feed him to the bears gonna need  

    去一個不錯的溫泉,然後 我要把他餵給熊

  • a third hand witness though someone who  can prove that i didn't murder him myself

    需要第三手證人雖然有人 可以證明我沒有謀殺他

  • oh he'll do very nicely


  • well here we are guys yet another wacky weekend  with connor dog voice actor how you doing i'm  

    在這裡做得很好 我們還沒有 康納狗配音演員又是一個古怪的周末 ,你好嗎?

  • doing good chris how are you doing i'm very good  do you know what i'm good connor i'm not going  

    克里斯你好嗎 我很好 你知道我很好嗎康納

  • to a love hotel today for the first time ever on  wacky weekend there's not a single love hotel in  

    今天我第一次不去情趣 酒店 在古怪的周末 看不到一家情趣酒店

  • sight which way for my next record for godzilla  love hotels on a tiny island in japan today  

    我 今天在日本一個小島上的哥斯拉情趣酒店的下一個記錄

  • i've got a nice hot spring lined up one of the  best in north japan out here in the countryside  

    我有一個不錯的溫泉,它是 日本北部鄉村最好的溫泉之一,

  • your mum is going to love it missed it conor's  mom is a big fan of a broad i wouldn't say a big  

    你媽媽會喜歡它的,錯過了康納的 媽媽是個大人物 我不會說一個

  • big fan cola did a video with his mum and at  one point he's like oh mum what's your favorite  

    大粉絲可樂和他媽媽一起拍了一個視頻,有 一次他就像哦媽媽你最喜歡的

  • thing and she's like alright so we're in japan  so thank you carl what's your favorite thing  

    東西她一樣好所以我們在日本 所以謝謝卡爾你最喜歡的東西是什麼

  • she likes your videos chris chris you're going to  see this he's going to get such a big eager boost  

    她喜歡你的視頻克里斯克里斯你會 看到這個他會得到如此大的熱切提升

  • they love chris i can't believe it this ego is  inflating don't give me no room for me in the  

    他們愛克里斯我不敢相信這個自我 膨脹不要

  • car in 10 minutes your mom's going to love this  trip and uh especially going to love the first  

    在 10 分鐘內給我在車上的空間 你媽媽會喜歡這次 旅行,特別是會喜歡我們要去的第一個

  • place we're going today do you like theme parks  you'd be on roller coasters yeah just go to the  

    地方 今天你喜歡主題公園 嗎 你會坐過山車 是的

  • home towers all those in the uk love theme parks  love thrill rides i love scary places like that  

    就去英國的所有那些人都喜歡主題公園 喜歡刺激的遊樂設施 我喜歡那種可怕的地方

  • excellent well we're going to not just anything  park but an abandoned thing park today okay  

    今天被遺棄的東西公園 好吧

  • how abandoned like like like the lines are short  like it's it's it's not been open since 1987.

    多麼被遺棄 就像線路很短 好像它自 1987 年以來就沒有開放過。

  • i'm pretty sure my insurance  doesn't cover this chris  

    我很確定我的保險 不包括這個克里斯

  • what's your mom going to say why didn't  you get around a bad thing she'll quickly

    你媽媽會說 你為什麼不四處走走

  • in the 1970s and 80s against the  backdrop of japan's booming economy  

    在 1970 年代和 80 年代,在 日本經濟蓬勃發展的背景下,她很快就會成為一件壞事 全國

  • many new hotels and amusements were built  across the country to cater for the growing  

    各地建造了許多新的酒店和遊樂設施, 以迎合不斷壯大的

  • middle classes this amusement park built in 1979  once welcomed 200 000 people through its doors  

    中產階級 這個 1979 年建造的遊樂園 曾經接待過 20 萬人

  • every year then in the 1990s the good  times came to an end and like many  

    每年,然後在 1990 年代,好 時光都結束了,就像

  • rural businesses in the leisure industry this  place went bankrupt closing its doors in 2000

    休閒行業的許多農村企業一樣,這個 地方在 2000 年破產倒閉

  • 21 years of decay and a magnitudeearthquake later it's a miracle that  

    21 年的衰敗和 9 級地震之後

  • the rusted ferris wheel still stands at all  over the ghostly remains of the forgotten park

    當你告訴我我們要去主題公園時,生鏽的 摩天輪仍然矗立在被遺忘公園的

  • when you told me we were going to a theme park  chris this is not what i had in mind oh that  

    幽靈般的遺跡上,這是一個奇蹟 一塊木頭上的輪胎是什麼 它就像一個威爾士遊樂場

  • looks like a fun ride isn't it what's that tire on  a piece of wood is it it's like a welsh playground  

    這就是我的童年 那裡有 很多噪音 留意熊什麼

  • that's that's how my childhood was there's a lot  of noises what keep an eye out for bears what  

    我周圍有很多熊 認真的 真的哦 認真的 灌木叢中有什麼東西

  • there's a lot of bears around me serious genuinely  oh seriously something actually in the bushes  

    嗯,這是一個古怪的周末,嗯,我 現在要回到車上,因為我不想死

  • well it's been a good wacky weekend uh i'm gonna  go back to the car now because i don't want to die  

    在床上,這是什麼騎行,這 就像從繩子上盪下來然後死了,這是什麼

  • in a bed what is this ride what was this like  a swing off the rope and die what is this what  

    我知道 當我看到它時我知道它 很有趣,看起來很有趣哦哇哇哇,真的

  • i know i know fun when i see it and that  looks like fun oh whoa whoa that is really  

    很酷有一個非常小的摩天輪 但是非常生鏽但是哇看

  • cool there's a really small ferris wheel  but then very rusty but wow look at that  

    這個就像入口或其他東西 因為它全部鋪砌並且有一些輪胎

  • this one's been like the entrance or something  because it's all paved and there's some tyres  

    聽到很多噪音 雖然來自 蟲子,哦,天哪,它變得越來越

  • hearing a lot of noises though from  bugs and oh my god it's getting more  

    像看這一切,你把所有的 人行道都放在正確的地方,它變成了這樣,

  • like look at this all right you have all the  pavement there right and it cuts to just this

    我一直聽到東西在移動,這 很可怕,我知道我開玩笑說熊,但呃,

  • i keep hearing things moving as well it's  quite scary i know i joked about bears but uh  

    有兩倍 過去五年

  • there's been double the rates of bear  attacks over the last five years in this  

    在這個地區的熊襲擊率,因為人口正在 下降,熊變得更加大膽,是的

  • in this area uh because the population is going  down right the bears are getting a lot bolder yeah  

    ,他們喜歡威爾士人,他們喜歡味道 和氣味,至少我知道我可以跑得過

  • and they love welsh people they love the taste  and the scent at least i know i could outrun  

    你知道他們怎麼說你不需要 跑過熊 你應該跑過你的朋友

  • you you know what they say you don't need to  outrun the bear you should outrun your friend  

    我曾經 是我學校裡跑得最快的人 不要嘲笑我

  • i used to be the fastest runner  in my school don't laugh at me  

    我是 1996 年我學校裡跑得最快的人。 是的,所以你想要 要注意

  • i was the fastest runner in my school 1996.  yeah so you want to watch out for what school  

    你去了哪所學校,讓我們看看這太令人毛骨悚然 了,如果熊順便過來,

  • you went to let's check this out it's so creepy  what do we do if the bear comes by the way uh  

    我不知道哇,看看這 很酷,是的,我今天不想死,所以 我

  • i don't know wow look at that it's pretty  cool yeah i don't want to die today so i'm  

    不會靠近那個因為我只是 有 鰻魚,我可能

  • not going to go near that because i just have  a feeling that i might be the perfect way  

    是把整個事情放下的完美方式, 你覺得我感覺是什麼意思是什麼

  • to just bring the whole thing down how  do you think i feel yeah what do you mean  

    克里斯你狀態很好這有點像 切爾諾貝利普里皮亞特是的,這真的很奇怪ii

  • chris you're in great shape it's a bit like um  chernobyl pripyat yeah it's really strange i i  

    這是怎麼發生的 這是否就像 離開我的意思是那裡像揚聲器

  • how does this happen how does this just like get  left i mean with the there's like speakers over  

    一樣,它給人一種奇怪的 軍事風格的感覺,這是您的騎行

  • there as well it kind of gives this kind of weird  military-esque feeling is this your kind of ride  

    方式嗎?康納,這是我願意繼續做的事情, 您了解我和我 男孩們

  • connor this is something i would love to go on  you know me and me and the boys always go on the  

    總是在繞圈子的事情上進行適度 快速的騎行

  • thing that goes in a circle moderately  fast ride i don't know what you call this

    - 英畝公園最悲傷的地方之一

  • such a [ __ ] how else would you  describe it you just go in a circle

    是退化的旋轉木馬, 看到通常與

  • as we wander deeper into the sprawling  50-acre park one of the saddest sites  

    歡笑和幸福相關的東西現在被侵蝕和鏽蝕, 被遺忘的動物的憔悴表情

  • is the degraded merry-go-round seeing  something that's typically associated with  

    看起來既令人心酸又不可否認令人不寒而栗 把它用語言表達,但幸運的是,

  • laughter and happiness now eroded and rusted away  with the gaunt expression of the forgotten animals  

    為了幫助我們捕捉到 康納和他無與倫比的評論的氣氛,

  • seeming both poignant and undeniably chilling  it's hard to put it into words but fortunately  

    哦 [__ ] 蜻蜓擊中了我 [ __ ] 事情 真的很令人沮喪,是不是很傷心,

  • to help capture the atmosphere we've  got connor and his unmatched commentary  

    我是 讓我用谷歌 搜索一下悲傷的同義詞嘿谷歌悲傷的同義詞是

  • oh [ __ ] the dragonfly hit me the [ __ ] thing  it's really depressing isn't it is it sad i'm  

    什麼令人沮喪沉悶令人心碎的心趨向 憂鬱悲傷它非常悲傷你知道

  • i'm gonna let me google synonyms of sad for  a moment hey google what are synonyms of sad  

    看到這些馬我敢說這 很沉悶而且有點令人心碎那也是

  • it's dismal dreary heartbreaking heart trending  melancholic mournful it's very mournful you know  

    那裡的毒蜘蛛 綠色的有毒,是的,小心

  • seeing these these horses and i dare say it's  quite dreary and slightly heartbreaking that's  

    周圍的蜘蛛 好吧,我沒有告訴我這可能發生

  • poisonous spider there as well the green one  that's poisonous yeah be careful for spiders  


  • around here okay didn't tell me that could happen  i don't think my insurance covers poison a spider  

    ,那麼大,我不會靠近, 你可以去地圖上拍攝

  • out in an abandoned thing you never know your  luck but like yeah be careful they're pretty bad  


  • that's massive i'm not going near that you  can you can go and get the shot on the map

    你喜歡蜘蛛我不沒有人喜歡蜘蛛 我不喜歡 不是我不 我不是特別害怕他們,但是

  • oh [ __ ] did you miss that one there oh no no no

    當你告訴我他們可以殺死我時, 那是完全不同的真的 [__] 很痛

  • do you like spiders i don't nobody likes spiders  i don't i don't i'm not super scared of them but  

    ,如果你被騷擾,你可能不得不去醫院 哦,是的,因為這就是我想要

  • when you tell me they can kill me that's a whole  kill that's a whole different really [ __ ] hurts  

    的 度過我的星期三是的,當然,如果風 把一隻蜘蛛吹到我們身上,你太擔心了,

  • and you might have to go to hospital if you  get buggered oh yeah because that's how i want  

    我不認為我擔心我不認為我 穿得足夠抱歉,你把

  • to spend my wednesday yeah of course if the wind  blows one of the spiders on us you worry too much  

    喬伊和地球上的其他人都帶到了 可愛的地步 和牛 a5 餐廳和

  • i don't think i do i don't think i'm  wearing enough sorry that you take  

    溫泉很棒,雖然你後來確實答應過溫泉, 所以我最好做好我會補償

  • joey and everyone else apparently on earth to  lovely wagyu a5 restaurants and onsens that  

    你的,老實說它 現在已經連續兩次小便了,現在你已經帶我去了似乎是

  • are amazing although you did promise an onsen  later so i better be good i'll make it up to  


  • you honestly it's been taking the piss now twice  in a row now you've taken me to what seems to be  


  • the scariest and most dangerous places you  could find in your bed i'd almost think that  

    哦 [ __ ] 這是餐廳 哦,我的天哪

  • you'd probably filed a life insurance claim on  me like if sea dog va dies i inherit the empire  

    我們甚至進不去哦,也許我們必須 再次穿過那座危險的橋也許

  • i want i want the twitchwant the youtube i want it all  

    哦,天哪,我認為那是一條蛇,我們應該 隨身攜帶心率監測器哦,天哪,

  • oh [ __ ] this is the restaurant  oh my god look at that  

    因為我認為我們倆都是 今天一直處於心髒病發作的風口浪尖,

  • we can't even get in oh maybe we can we have to  cross quite the treacherous bridge again maybe

    康納認為這是一條蛇,讓我害怕 [__ ] 你覺得這個房間以前

  • oh my god i thought that was a snake we should  have brought heart rate monitors with us oh my god  

    是什麼樣的哦,它就像一個旅遊中心,我想 有很多像 當地的照片

  • because i think both of us are constantly on the  cusp of having a heart attack today connor thought  

    哦,是的,也許他真的像迴聲一樣令人毛骨悚然 我的意思是我除了我自己什麼都聽不到

  • this was a snake to be fair that scared the [ __  ] out of me what do you think this room was before  

    我不會很快和你一起唱卡拉 OK 哦,我的上帝,你會唱歌嗎?

  • like oh it was like a tourist center i think  there's lots of like photos of the local area  

    克里斯,我很好,是的,我稍後會 向你證明這一點哦,是的,抱歉,火山太多了,

  • oh yeah maybe he's really eerie like just the  echoes i mean i can't hear anything except myself

    出於某種原因,所有玻璃都被打碎了, 顯然有人已經這樣做了,

  • i'm not going to karaoke with you anytime soon  what oh my god can you sing you can sing about  

    這可能就像地震或 福島災區一樣

  • as good as chris well i'm good yeah i'll prove  it to you later oh yeah sorry too much volcano  

    禁區很多 dings 仍然被 地震本身摧毀,不僅被遺棄了

  • for some reason all the glass has been smashed  clearly someone's done that it could have been  

    八九十年而且地震所以如果 這座建築在這裡我想 10 到 15 年

  • like an earthquake or something maybe like in  the fukushima disaster zone the exclusion zone  

    我在網上閱讀然後你知道 如果它受到影響也就不足為奇了 真的很慚愧,

  • a lot of buildings are still destroyed from the  earthquake itself right not just being abandoned  

    因為它是一座非常漂亮的傳統 建築,而且她有點腐爛了

  • eight nine ten years but the earthquake so if  this building's been here i think 10 to 15 years  

    哦,這是高爾夫,你可以在這裡打一些高爾夫球 ,瘋狂高爾夫是什麼意思,我喜歡藝術品

  • i read online then um you know it's no surprise  if it uh it's been affected by the shame really  

    什麼是憤怒的休閒休閒哦 拉賈哦傳奇馬來西亞傳奇哦

  • because it's a really nice looking traditional  building and she's kind of rotting away  

    ,都登上了 搭上一架飛機 那是一架 飛機 看起來真的

  • oh it's golf you can do some golf here what  does it say crazy golf i love the artwork

    很酷 我想我很好 我想 我很好 是的 是的 是的 走吧 走吧

  • what's the rager leisure leisure oh  raja oh legend malaysia legend oh

    飛機 我們上飛機了 你滿意 嗎 康納 你想離開公園嗎 悲慘

  • it's all boarded up an airplane that's an  airplane it looks like that's really cool  

    悲慘 冷,呃,我帶你來到 日本北部的頂級主題公園,

  • a real airplane as well yeah it does what's  over here this is some horrifying graffiti

    你感到悲慘的頂級主題公園什麼[__] 主題公園是一個抑鬱症公園,為什麼我們

  • we heard a uh worrying rattling noises coming  from inside the building yeah no thank you i  

    不能去看看五星級酒店或酋長國的 頭等艙 下週我會和喬伊一起做這件事,

  • think i'm done i think i'm fine i think i'm  fine yeah yeah let's go let's go let's go  

    很好,我很高興能去,我真的 不想在這里呆超過我必須的時間,

  • plane did we get in the plane are you satisfied  connor do you want to get out the park miserable  

    這真的很酷,但也 有點令人不安,我真的不想

  • miserable cold and uh i brought you here to  the top theme park in all of north japan and  

    和蜘蛛待在一起太久 了 我已經有了一條蛇

  • you feel miserable top theme park what [ __ ]  theme park is a depression park why can't we  

    如果康納 在廢棄的主題公園裡感覺不舒服 不需要更多危險的動物出去野外

  • just go and review five star hotels or emirates  first class i'm doing that with joey next week

    等到他今晚體驗 不存在的酒店

  • all right well i'm glad to be going i don't really  want to spend any more time here than i have to  


  • it's really cool but it's also kind  of unnerving i i don't really want to  

    和倒塌的建築物,我們在主題公園度過 了一個下午,我們很難進入

  • be here with the spiders too much longer i've  already got one snake with me don't need more  

    其中的一半 在我們的溫泉附近 排序

  • dangerous animal get out wild if conor feels  uncomfortable in the abandoned theme park  

    我今晚要去,我們正在 等待偉大的 natsuki,他將在這裡成為傳奇人物

  • wait until he experiences tonight's hotel which  doesn't exist but having spent the afternoon in  

    10 到 15 分鐘,雖然這是 你第一次見到 natsuki,但你感覺如何,就像

  • the theme parks struggling to access almost  half of it due to the overgrown pathways  

    見到 pewdiepie 一樣,你知道他是呃 作為一個傳奇 youtube 行業的巨人 不,這很奇怪

  • and collapsed buildings we leave the park  behind to go in rendezvous with natsuki

    我的意思是我多年來基本上 通過你的頻道看到 netsky 嘗試

  • well guys we're just here outside of 7-eleven in  the middle of nowhere near our hot spring resort  

    用我糟糕的日語與他交流會很奇怪 好吧他現在是一個斬釘截鐵的 iTunes 說唱歌手 我當然

  • i'm going to go to tonight and we're waiting for  the great natsuki who will be here legend himself  

    希望他 有一些事情你打算如何 用日語介紹自己 讓我們做一個練習輪

  • 10 to 15 minutes how do you feel though this is  your first time to meet natsuki right it's like  

    做我要看看會發生什麼 用嚴肅的聲音做那個他會像哦,

  • meeting pewdiepie you know he's uh being a legend  the titan of the youtube industry no it's weird  


  • i mean i've seen netsky for years essentially  through your channel it's gonna be weird trying  

    這樣 是我的會議 你準備好了嗎我準備好了

  • to communicate with him in my terrible japanese  well he's a chopping itunes rapper now of course i  


  • hope he has something how are you gonna introduce  yourself with japanese let's do a practice round

    嘿很高興見到你很高興見到 你我也聽說了很多關於你的事

  • do that i'm going to see what happens do  that in a serious voice and he'll be like oh

    哦很高興見到你 natsuki 我 希望你過得

  • this is it he's got pocket talk sorry from the  

    很好,w 正如 你想告訴 nats

  • door this is a meeting of mine  are you ready i'm ready are you


  • my name is ready thank you for your time today


  • hey nice to meet you nice to meet  you too i've heard so much about you  

    這裡的食物你想當 晚餐吃然後我們會在酒店吃

  • oh it's lovely to meet you natsuki  i hope you uh have been well

    你想要的一切現在得到你想要的一切啤酒食品香煙 現在把東西放在購物車裡

  • what was that japanese phrase  you wanted to tell nats


  • man

    去吧,親愛的夏月可能 對 缺乏酒店晚餐計劃感到失望,所以等到他發現

  • i wish i wish i'm back he's back yay bad weekend  

    無論他最終去哪裡都沒有酒店時 ,他肯定不確定是否吃三明治,

  • bad weekend so much bad weekend sunday this is  wacky weekend lucky weekend weekend bad weekend  

    現在他要在他的 酒店房間裡做一個三明治,嗯,還有麵包和 火腿和

  • so much bad weekend

    黃油奶酪脂肪塗抹奶酪奶酪 片是的,一個雞蛋,哦,天哪

  • no food so we'll buy the food here you want to  eat for dinner and then we'll eat at the hotel  

  • get everything you want now beer food cigarettes  get that now top things down shopping cart  

    現在我們準備好去酒店了,好吧,伙計們, 我們有 7-11 點的食物,我們做了很多食物,

  • so get where you want get where you want go go go

    是的,他買了像 500 個三明治哦 ,野餐之夜 今晚我得到了 natsuki 廚師的很好的照顧,

  • oh dear natsuki might be disappointed by the lack  of a hotel dinner plan so wait till he finds out  

    我很期待這些 三明治,我的食物絕對是在

  • that there's no hotel either still wherever he  ends up he certainly won't be sure on sandwiches

    酒店裡做的,我們去酒店吧, natsuki 在車裡,我們開始了漫長的車

  • now he's gonna make a sandwich in his  hotel room with uh with bread and ham and  

    程 進入山區,當我們 很快深入荒野時,文明的缺失