• US /dʌd/
  • UK /dʌd/
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  • n. 沒用的東西;
  • adj. 沒用的,無價值的;
  • The motorboat was a dud so we decided to go to the lake next week
  • He stepped on a dud mine

博物管員 (The Two-Faced Calf, Part I)

博物管員 (The Two-Faced Calf, Part I) Image 16:15
  1. i don't know. - i don't think the ears got a hole. i think that was just a dud ear.

    我不知道。 - 我不認為耳朵有耳道。我想那只是個贅耳。
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老友记, 瑞秋 (Rachel Green, the Real Protagonist of Friends)

老友记, 瑞秋 (Rachel Green, the Real Protagonist of Friends) Image 14:45
  1. and we see her gradually climb, from her first dud of a job

    而我們看到她逐漸攀升,從她最初的。 窩囊廢
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The next pandemic could come from factory farms

The next pandemic could come from factory farms Image 09:16
  1. and that means sometimes the new virus is a dud.

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  1. clothes
    whoa! check out the duds!
  2. a malfunctioning or failed idea, object or instance. a unfulfilled expectation.
    we went to the show...don't bother, it's a dud.
  3. 1. Not funny 2. Uncool; stupid
    Did you see that new Tom Cruise movie? Shit was a dud. He thought he was being funny, but his joke was a total dud.
  4. a guy/girl with no ability to get with a the opposite sex
    That guy has no pimp skill hes such a dud
  5. Casual clothes one could don whilst relaxing or attire that is comfy you could just throw on if you go out in a rush. Items of clothing someone could put on without a lot of effort.
    I cant wait to get home and get my duds on. You look nice in your duds, I like it when you dont make so much effort. Im having a duds day saturday.
  6. something that doesn't work. usually used for firecrackers and other explosives
    "man, that m-80 was a dud"
  7. The lowest point on the good, would, could, dud scale. A person that you could not screw even if you were sick enough to want to. They may be just too ugly or it could be physically impossible or a NVEP - No viable entry point.
    Craig - "This shag a fat bird contest wasn't fair, mine was a complete dud; I couldn't find a hole!" Steven - "You knew what you were getting into, now bend over"
  8. Someone lacking extreme coolness.
    Sarah: Hey do you know hannah vigs? Melissa: Unfortunatly i do, shes a total dud though.
  9. A North-East English phrase meaning "trousers (pants)".
    Pull your duds up man, your arse is showing.
  10. The definition of a bad joke. Telling a joke and failing to get any laughs warrants a dud. Created by Jon from Bloomfield Hills Andover High School. Noun form- a person or group of people that is associated with dud-culture. Verb form- the act of committing a bad joke Adjective form- Something that is not funny
    Sample dud: Person A: What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? Kid: I don't know. What? Person A: "Where's my tractor?" Kid: DUDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Person A is now referred to as a dud until he or she redeems themselves with a good, hearty joke.