IPA [dʌd] KK [dʌd]
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Your mortar barrage round on the intended target. That round will be a dud.

The meeting was a dud as far as new business was concerned.

He stepped on a dud mine.

In offices, the arguments for the token dud are even stronger.

Any buildup in bad loans and dud projects could weigh down growth and public finances.

博物管員 (The Two-Faced Calf, Part I)

博物管員 (The Two-Faced Calf, Part I) Image 16:15
  1. i don't know. - i don't think the ears got a hole. i think that was just a dud ear.

    我不知道。 - 我不認為耳朵有耳道。我想那只是個贅耳。
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  1. clothes
    whoa! check out the duds!
  2. a malfunctioning or failed idea, object or instance. a unfulfilled expectation.
    we went to the show...don't bother, it's a dud.
  3. 1. Not funny 2. Uncool; stupid
    Did you see that new Tom Cruise movie? Shit was a dud. He thought he was being funny, but his joke was a total dud.
  4. a guy/girl with no ability to get with a the opposite sex
    That guy has no pimp skill hes such a dud
  5. Casual clothes one could don whilst relaxing or attire that is comfy you could just throw on if you go out in a rush. Items of clothing someone could put on without a lot of effort.
    I cant wait to get home and get my duds on. You look nice in your duds, I like it when you dont make so much effort. Im having a duds day saturday.
  6. something that doesn't work. usually used for firecrackers and other explosives
    "man, that m-80 was a dud"
  7. The lowest point on the good, would, could, dud scale. A person that you could not screw even if you were sick enough to want to. They may be just too ugly or it could be physically impossible or a NVEP - No viable entry point.
    Craig - "This shag a fat bird contest wasn't fair, mine was a complete dud; I couldn't find a hole!" Steven - "You knew what you were getting into, now bend over"
  8. Someone lacking extreme coolness.
    Sarah: Hey do you know hannah vigs? Melissa: Unfortunatly i do, shes a total dud though.
  9. A North-East English phrase meaning "trousers (pants)".
    Pull your duds up man, your arse is showing.
  10. The definition of a bad joke. Telling a joke and failing to get any laughs warrants a dud. Created by Jon from Bloomfield Hills Andover High School. Noun form- a person or group of people that is associated with dud-culture. Verb form- the act of committing a bad joke Adjective form- Something that is not funny
    Sample dud: Person A: What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor? Kid: I don't know. What? Person A: "Where's my tractor?" Kid: DUDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Person A is now referred to as a dud until he or she redeems themselves with a good, hearty joke.