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  • "Friends" is a show with six main characters,

    "朋友 "是一個有六個主要人物的節目。

  • but if you had to pick one protagonist --

    但如果你必須選擇一個主角 --

  • the one who really takes the biggest journey over the ten seasons,

    一路貨真價實的人 在這十個賽季中。

  • you'd probably choose Rachel.


  • The series starts with Rachel Green making a choice that will define her entire life.

    該系列從瑞秋-格林開始 這個選擇將決定她的一生。

  • Welcome to the real world!


  • It sucks -- you're gonna love it.”


  • She runs away from the wealthy but passionless existence she could have had with her orthodontist

    她從有錢但沒有激情的人那裡跑了出來 她本可以和她的牙齒矯正師一起生活的

  • fiancé, Barry.


  • And she seeks out a life of uncertainty.


  • She embraces being a regular twenty-something.


  • "Oh, and wish me luck!"


  • "What for?"


  • “I'm gonna go get one of those job things.”


  • This down-on-your-luck, no-frills lifestyle is a given for the other friends,

    這種踏踏實實、不拘一格的生活方式。 是其他朋友的必然選擇。

  • and they're sometimes disenchanted with it.

    他們有時會不喜歡 它。

  • They're starting to feel that longing for marriage, children, having a bit more money

    他們開始感受到了那種渴望 結婚生子

  • and the end of this unpredictable stage.


  • Rachel certainly struggles with whether she could have made a mistake.

    瑞秋當然也在掙扎,她是否 可能犯了一個錯誤。

  • Everyone I know is either getting married or getting pregnant or getting promoted, and

    "我認識的每個人都在結婚 或懷孕或升職,以及

  • I'm getting coffee!


  • And it's not even for me.”


  • But she chooses this life because she doesn't want to live some numb, lukewarm life in the

    但她選擇了這種生活,因為她不... 想過一些麻木不仁的生活,溫吞的生活。

  • suburbs,


  • even if that means she has to brave a lot of new lows.

    即使這意味著她要冒著很大的風險。 的新低。

  • It's like there's rock bottom, 50 feet of crap, then me.”

    "這就像有巖底,50英尺。 的垃圾,那麼我。"

  • So more than any other character, Rachel embodies the value of experimenting, failing, and striving

    所以比起其他角色,瑞秋更多的體現了 實驗、失敗、努力的價值取向。

  • in your twenties.


  • Mom, I realize you and daddy were upset when I didn't marry Barry and get the big

    "媽媽,我知道你和爸爸很不高興 當我沒有和巴里結婚,沒有得到大的

  • house in the suburbs


  • with all the security and everything, but God, this is just so much better for me.”

    在所有的安全和一切,但 天啊,這對我來說實在是太好了。"

  • Slowly but surely, she finds her feet in her career,

    慢慢地,但肯定地,她發現她的腳在她的。 職業。

  • falls in and out of love -- mostly with Ross,

    陷入和退出的愛 - 主要是與羅斯。

  • and gains independence.


  • Rachel proves that the choices we make at this age can completely transform us.

    瑞秋證明了我們的選擇在 這個時代可以完全改變我們。

  • She changes from spoiled princess to savvy executive and put-together mom.

    她從被寵壞的公主變成了精明的人 執行力強,而且是個好媽媽。

  • The person she's become is thanks to the many missteps and lessons learned,

    她能成為這樣的人,要歸功於... ... 許多誤區和教訓。

  • and even more than that, thanks to the friends she found.

    更要感謝朋友們 她發現。

  • So we can say that Rachel is the true protagonist of Friends

    所以我們可以說,Rachel才是真正的主角 朋友們

  • because she most demonstrates the message of the show --

    因為她最能說明問題 節目的...

  • that we grow into our best selves by investing in our friends

    我們通過投資,成長為最好的自己。 在我們的朋友中

  • and accepting the messiness of our young adult lives.

    並接受我們年輕一代的凌亂 的生活。

  • Besides being the missing piece of the friend group at the beginning,

    除了作為朋友的缺失部分 組在開始。

  • Rachel is also our proxy -- we enter the world of the show through her.

    瑞秋也是我們的代理人--我們進入這個世界。 的節目,通過她。

  • The pilot is framed around her personal journey as she moves in with Monica,

    飛行員是圍繞著她的個人旅程而展開的 當她和莫妮卡同居時

  • finds a job at Central Perk, and cuts herself off from her family's financial support.

    在中央公園找到一份工作,並削減自己 斷了她家的經濟支持。

  • In fact the whole first season is focused more on Rachel than any other individual,

    其實整個第一季的重點是 瑞秋比其他任何一個人都重要。

  • as she adjusts to this new way of life.


  • "It was totally...not worth it.


  • Who's FICA?


  • Why is he getting all my money?"


  • So from the get-go, it is a story about Rachel finding herself and coming of age.

    所以從一開始,這是一個關於瑞秋的故事。 找到自己,並走向成熟。

  • "Gunther, I quit."


  • "Friends" can get criticized for offering a sugarcoated, lillywhite vision of twenty-something

    "朋友 "會被責備,因為提供 一個糖衣炮彈,百合花白的20多歲的願景。

  • life.


  • But Rachel does face a lot of classic universal problems, from financial strain --

    但瑞秋確實面臨著很多經典的普遍性 問題,來自財政緊張 -- --

  • "I will have the side salad."


  • "And what will that be on the side of?"


  • to dead-end jobs --

    淪為死路一條的工作 -- --

  • Bloomingdale's eliminated my department.”


  • to the trials of apartment hunting.


  • And we see how invested the other friends are in her progress.

    而我們看到其他朋友的投入 是在她的進步。

  • "Wow."


  • The reason they -- and we -- care so much is that everything feels like a bigfirst

    他們--我們--如此關心的原因。 是一切都像一個大 "第一次 "的感覺。

  • in Rachel's adult life.


  • Look!


  • I cleaned!


  • I did the windows, I did the floors, I even used all those attachments on the vacuum

    我做了窗戶,我做了地板,我甚至... 在真空上使用所有這些附件

  • except for that little round one with the bristles.”

    除了那個圓圓的小圓子 刷子。"

  • She seems to see everything with new eyes.


  • She's earnest and enthusiastic even as she experiences things like doing laundry for

    她是認真的,熱情的,即使她 經驗,如洗衣服為

  • the first time.


  • "If I can actually do my own laundry, there isn't anything I can't do."

    "如果我真的可以自己洗衣服,有 沒有什麼是我做不到的。"

  • Even as the show goes on and Rachel becomes less of an ingenue,

    即使隨著劇情的發展,瑞秋變得 少了一個獨創性。

  • she maintains this lovable, sometimes clueless streak.

    她保持著這種可愛的,有時是無知的 連勝。

  • So we can relate to her drive to try new things as well as her tendency to stumble.

    所以我們能體會到她嘗試新事物的動力 以及她那跌跌撞撞的傾向。

  • "I wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle!"


  • Rachel's oblivious parents and vain sisters represent what she could have become

    瑞秋的父母和虛榮的姐妹都忘了她 代表著她可能成為的樣子

  • if she'd stayed in her bubble of privilege and security.

    如果她還呆在她的特權圈子裡的話 和安全。

  • You didn't marry your Barry, honey, but I married mine.”

    "你沒有和你的巴里結婚,親愛的,但是... 我娶了我的。"

  • We also get the alternate reality where we see

    我們也得到了另一個現實,我們 看到

  • the bored, dissatisfied housewife version of Rachel who did marry Barry.

    悶騷型家庭主婦 嫁給巴里的瑞秋。

  • She's an altogether shallower and less interesting person.

    她是一個完全淺薄和不那麼有趣的人 的人。

  • Hi, I love you on that show.


  • I watch you every day.


  • I mean when you took out your own kidney to save your ex-wife even though she tried to

    我的意思是,當你拿出你自己的腎臟,以 挽救你的前妻,即使她試圖...

  • kill you…”


  • Sometimes we do see the aftereffects of Rachel's upbringing sometimes,

    有時我們確實看到了瑞秋的後遺症。 教養有時。

  • when she acts entitled or self-involved.


  • But ultimately she's rejected that life path.

    但最終她還是拒絕了這種生活 路徑。

  • And we recognize that it takes guts to let go of everything you know

    我們也認識到,這需要勇氣,讓 泯然眾人矣

  • and face the judgement of your peers.


  • While Rachel's new life delights us, it doesn't always look great to outsiders.

    雖然瑞秋的新生活讓我們高興,但它 在外人看來不一定是好事。

  • What that Rachel did to her life.


  • We ran into her parents at the club.


  • They were not playing very well.”


  • “I'm not going to tell you what they spent on that wedding.”

    "我不會告訴你他們花了多少錢 在那場婚禮上。"

  • Still, we see from her mother's envy that Rachel escaped a deeply unfulfilling life.

    不過,從她母親的羨慕中,我們還是看到了。 瑞秋逃過了一段極不充實的生活。

  • In the long run, she dodged a bullet.


  • You know, I never worked.


  • I went straight from my father's house to the sorority house to my husband's house.

    我從我父親家直接去了 聯誼會的房子到我丈夫的房子。

  • I am just so proud of you.”


  • So Rachel's plots are a stand-in for us and the trials we experience,

    所以瑞秋的劇情是我們的替身。 以及我們所經歷的考驗。

  • but Rachel the character, played by Jennifer Aniston, is also the most aspirational Friend.

    但瑞秋這個角色,由詹妮弗飾演。 安妮斯頓,也是最令人嚮往的朋友。

  • Her story is a classic upward arc: young woman comes to the big city, works hard, and makes

    她的故事是一個典型的上升弧線:年輕的女人。 來到大城市,勤奮工作,使

  • a name for herself.


  • And then there's her wonderfully '90s fashion andthe Rachelhaircut which

    還有她那美妙的90年代風格 潮流和 "瑞秋 "髮型

  • shaped a generation.


  • She's beautiful, sweet, and sometimes scatterbrained --

    她很漂亮,很可愛,有時還很散漫。 --

  • a lot like the heroine of a romantic comedy.


  • Her relationship with Ross is one of the most hyped TV pairings ever.

    她和羅斯的關係是最 催生的電視配對有史以來。

  • Ross and Rachel.


  • Rachel and Ross.


  • That's been one heck of a seesaw, hasn't it?”

    那是一個蹺蹺板,不是嗎? 它?"

  • What?”


  • "Friends" proved there's something satisfying about the pairing of the stylish girl next

    "朋友 "證明了有一些令人滿意的東西。 關於時尚女孩的搭配

  • door

  • with the good-hearted, nerdy guy.


  • The long buildup starts with Ross pining after Rachel,

    長時間的積累開始與羅斯的思念後, 瑞秋。

  • then her falling in love with him when he's seeing someone else.

    然後,她愛上了他,當他的 看到別人。

  • Rachel's discovering her new attraction to Ross shows how much she's matured.

    瑞秋發現了她的新吸引力 到羅斯顯示了她的成熟度。

  • In high school, she looked right through him.


  • So being able to see the value of Ross' love is a sign that she's become a deeper,

    所以能夠看到羅斯的價值。 愛是她變得更深的標誌。

  • more genuine human being.


  • But even after Ross finds out about her feelings, they don't get together

    但即使在羅斯發現她的感情後。 聚少離多

  • because Ross makes a list of her bad qualities to help him choose between her and Julie.

    因為羅斯列出了她的缺點 來幫助他在她和朱莉之間做出選擇。

  • Kind of ditzy?


  • Too into her looks?


  • spoiled --


  • "Now that's a little spoiled.


  • He was supposed to type 'little,' the idiot."


  • "Just a waitress?”


  • At first we -- and Ross -- think that this is just a fight that she'll get over.

    起初,我們和羅斯都認為,這 只是一場戰鬥,她會得到解決。

  • But Rachel is dead serious because her whole new life is about the conscious choice

    但瑞秋是認真的,因為她的整個 新生活是關於自覺選擇

  • not to be the spoiled, shallow rich girl others see her as.

    不做嬌生慣養的富家女 把她看成。

  • She refuses to be with someone who doesn't see her true potential.

    她拒絕和一個不喜歡她的人在一起。 看到她真正的潛力。

  • "How would you feel if the one person that you trusted the most in the world not only

    "如果一個人,你會怎麼想? 你在這個世界上最信任的人不僅

  • thinks them too,


  • but actually uses them as reasons not to be with you?"

    但實際上卻把它們作為不 和你在一起?"

  • It's only six episodes later -- which is long in "Friends" time -- that the prom video

    這只是六集後 - 這是 長在 "朋友 "時間 - 舞會視頻

  • gets Ross another chance


  • because it helps her realizes how true his love is.

    因為它幫助她認識到他的真實 愛是。

  • See?


  • He's her lobster.”


  • Briefly, in parts of Season 2 and 3 we actually get to see the couple happy together, which

    簡單來說,在第二季和第三季的部分內容中,我們其實是 看到這對夫妻幸福地在一起,這

  • is great for a bit.


  • "Do I look fat?


  • No."


  • But at this point Rachel still doesn't have the rest of her life together at all.

    但此時瑞秋仍然沒有... 她的後半生在一起根本。

  • "Ross, you have planned out the next 20 years of our lives, we've been dating for six weeks."

    "羅斯,你已經規劃好了未來20年的發展方向 我們的生活,我們已經約會了六個星期。"

  • They break up after the infamousWe Were on a Breakfiasco --

    他們在著名的 "我們曾是 "之後分手。 的慘敗 -- --

  • "I thought we were broken up!"


  • "We were on a break."


  • And we'll never all be able to agree on whether this counted as cheating or not, but

    而且我們永遠也無法達成一致的意見 不管這算不算作弊,但

  • Rachel can't forgive him.


  • You're a totally different person to me now.

    "你和我是完全不同的人 現在。

  • I used to think of you as somebody that would never, ever hurt me, ever.”

    我曾經認為你是一個人,會。 永遠,永遠不會傷害我,永遠。"

  • When you rewatch this season, though,


  • it's clear that this event is the symptom and not the real cause of their separation.

    很明顯,這件事是症狀。 而不是他們分離的真正原因。

  • Just before this, Rachel has finally started making a little progress in her fashion career,

    就在這之前,瑞秋終於開始 在她的時尚事業上取得了一點進展。

  • and Ross really isn't handling it well.


  • His misguided jealousy drives them apart,


  • and we wonder if his jealousy is less about Mark and more an immature reaction

    我們想知道,如果他的嫉妒是少了。 馬克,更多的是一種不成熟的反應

  • to the fact that she now has something substantive in her life besides him.

    她現在有了實質性的東西 在她的生活中,除了他之外。

  • As much as we'd like Ross and Rachel to be together,

    雖然我們很想讓羅斯和瑞秋... 一起。

  • at this moment they are not in the same place.


  • Their breakup is a defining moment for Rachel, because up to this point

    他們的分手是瑞秋的決定性時刻。 因為到目前為止

  • it seemed like she was on track to having it all.

    她似乎正走在生孩子的路上 這一切。

  • So this step backward is a reminder that her journey is more about learning to assert herself

    所以,這一步步的後退,是在提醒她的。 一路走來,更多的是學會堅持自己

  • rather than having her needs taken care of by someone else.

    而不是照顧她的需要 由別人。

  • "You looked fat in an X-ray."


  • Over the following 7 seasons, the show teases us with false starts and restarts

    在接下來的7季中,該劇預告了 我們的錯誤啟動和重新啟動

  • and the constant will-they-or-won't-they dynamic.

    和恆定的意願,否則,不,他們 動態的。

  • “I just don't see why those two can't work things out.”

    "我只是不明白為什麼這兩個人不能 解決事情。"

  • The timing is always off.


  • With us, it's never off the table.”


  • "I'm still in love with you."


  • They can't quit but they can't commit.


  • "He's going in."


  • “I don't know if anything is ever going to happen with us again ever.

    "我不知道是否有什麼事情會發生 再也不會發生在我們身上。

  • But I don't want to know that it never could.”


  • Ultimately it's no accident that they need all of this time apart.

    歸根結底,他們需要的不是意外 所有這些時間分開。

  • Their years as friends rather than lovers turn out to be crucial.

    他們是朋友而不是戀人的歲月 變得至關重要。

  • Rachel needs to build a truly independent identity and a great career.

    瑞秋需要建立一個真正獨立的 身份和偉大的事業。

  • And Ross needs to see Rachel in a more balanced way

    而羅斯需要看到瑞秋在一個更平衡的。 途徑

  • that's free from the obsessive, possessive feelings that were left over from his high

    擺脫了強迫症、佔有慾的束縛 遺留的感情,從他的高

  • school crush.


  • “I can't believe I'm in Rachel Green's room.”

    "我不敢相信我在瑞秋-格林的身上 房間。"

  • Both Ross and Rachel come into their own as individuals before they can make it work as

    羅斯和瑞秋都是作為 個人,然後才能使其作為

  • a couple.


  • Rachel's story is about doing the scary thing, and letting go of the safety net.

    瑞秋的故事是關於做可怕的。 事,並放開安全網。

  • "You need the fear!"


  • She strikes out on her own and pushes herself to take risks.

    她獨自出擊,推己及人。 承擔風險。

  • “I just don't want to be 30 and still work here.”

    "我只是不希望30歲了還 在這裡工作。"

  • Yeah, that'd be much worse than being 28 and still working here.”

    "是啊,那會比被? 28歲,還在這裡工作。"

  • When she realizes her job at the coffee house is going nowhere,

    當她意識到自己在咖啡館的工作時。 哪兒也去不了。

  • she decides to quit, even though she has no backup plan and no other real work experience.

    她決定退出,即使她沒有。 備份計劃,沒有其他實際工作經驗。

  • “I just don't care.


  • The is not what I want to do.


  • So I don't think I should do it anymore.”


  • She goes after her career in fashion even though it seems like a long shot.

    追求時尚事業的她甚至 雖然這似乎是一個很長的機會。

  • "Waitress at a coffee house and cheer squad co-captain only took up so much room."

    "咖啡館的女服務員和拉拉隊 副隊長只佔了這麼多地方。"

  • "You're funny Chandler!


  • You're a funny guy!"


  • And we see her gradually climb, from her first dud of a job

    而我們看到她逐漸攀升,從她最初的。 窩囊廢

  • "You got the job."


  • to a better position at Bloomingdale's and to major success at Ralph Lauren.

    到Bloomingdale's的一個更好的位置,並。 在Ralph Lauren取得重大成功。

  • She's gone from being lost and unsure to getting real joy out of her work.

    她從迷茫和不確定的狀態變成了 從她的工作中得到真正的快樂。

  • My work is for me, you know?


  • I'm out there on my own and I'm doing it.

    我一個人在外面,我在做什麼? 它。

  • And it's scary but I love it because it's mine.”

    這很可怕,但我喜歡它,因為它是。 我的。"

  • We wouldn't have guessed that the Rachel we knew in season one had the ambition and skill

    我們不會想到,我們的瑞秋。 在第一季中就知道他的野心和技巧。

  • to reach this level.


  • And that's what makes her achievement so fun to watch --

    這就是她的成就 有趣的看 -

  • she surpasses all our expectations.


  • Rachel passed that first test of moving to the city with no husband, no money and no

    瑞秋通過了搬家的第一個考驗 在城市裡,沒有丈夫,沒有錢,沒有。

  • job,


  • so after that nothing can really be too scary again.

    那以後就沒什麼可怕的了 再次。

  • And this doing what scares her is what leads her to a fulfilling life.

    而這種做讓她害怕的事情就是導致了 讓她過上充實的生活。

  • There's an important lesson for all of us --

    這對我們所有人來說都是一個重要的教訓。 --

  • that if we commit to what we want and decide that we're really more than others see in

    如果我們致力於我們想要的東西,並決定。 我們真的比別人看到的更多。

  • us,


  • in the end, we can get there.


  • Rachel pushes herself to do scary things in her personal life, too.

    瑞秋逼著自己做可怕的事情,在 她的個人生活,也。

  • You know what, I'm gonna do that.


  • I'm gonna call him up and I'm gonna ask him out.

    我要打電話給他,我要問... 他出來。

  • I can do that.”


  • When Monica and Chandler move in together,


  • She has to leave Monica's protective care and the only New York apartment she's ever

    她必須離開莫妮卡的保護 和她唯一的紐約公寓。

  • known --


  • but she thrives in her new roommate situations.


  • And when she gets pregnant with Ross' baby after a one-night stand,

    當她懷上了羅斯的孩子 一夜情之後。

  • she rises to the occasion as a mother, even though she thinks she can't do it.

    她作為一個母親,甚至是作為一個母親,奮起直追。 雖然她認為自己做不到。