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How do I get over someone I never even officially dated?
My god. That's me!
Lele Pons is typing
Hey guys, I'm Lele Pons. You guys submitted your dating questions and I'm here to answer them.
I am here to give you guys dating advice because I have been through so much.
I mean, I live in a telenovela. So I've been: the side chick, the one that has been cheated on, the one that cheats.
And I can tell you what I've learned through those relationships
So I think I know a little bit and I hope I can help.
What are your thoughts on long distance relationships that which started out that way from the very beginning?
Alright let me tell you something.
All my relationships have always been long distance relationships.
I haven't had a boyfriend in like the same city ever.
So which is true so long-distance relationships...
It's very hard.
I can't say that mine have been successful.
Try to see each other, try to talk to each other as much as possible
But if they end up bad it's not because you stopped loving the person
it's because of the distance and it's too hard so you start moving on.
When texting someone new, is it better to be nice and straight to the point or to be the Alpha?
Do not be the Alpha!
When you start texting someone new, be funny, be clever.
Don't be the Alpha, but be clever, be funny, be different. You know?
Make jokes with them but do not me straight to the point. Calm down.
If you want something serious, you should be smooth.
What is your ideal first date?
My ideal first date...
Well, definitely, my ideal first date is to do an adventure.
Like I wouldn't want my first date just to go on dinner.
I want to go like rock climbing.
Do something that they've never done before.
Scuba diving. You know like I want to plan my first date.
I don't like the guys planning my first date actually because I have so many ideas I want to do it.
But if a guy's trying to do it, he can be romantic.
You know what you know what, whatever he wants he can do.
But if I was doing a first date I will go and think outside the box.
My least favorite first date was like this guy was just like... he took me to eat.
Yes that was amazing, but then we just like drove around and we didn't know what to do.
Then that's it and then he took me home. What? Like... no.
Oh... I'm shy and lack confidence. How do I start a conversation with someone I match with?
I love you Trevor.
You know what? Sometimes girls like shy guys and guys that are not too cocky.
And for example I love that and I think you should be shy.
But the confidence, you know, you should believe in yourself and you should try it because what's the worst that can happen?
I mean I've got every single guy basically says no to me. So it's okay.
You're in my club.
When using dating apps, how many people should you be talking to at a time?
According to my calculations 3.
If one doesn't work you still have 2.
But if 2 don''t work you still have 1.
Sometimes one does... I don't know how to explain this
my teacher explained it better... what is that thing of 3?
You guys don't know the theory of 3? I don't know.
What is the first thing a woman notices on a date?
The first thing I notice is the screensaver.
The screensaver is so important. you have to see if his screen saver is with a girl...
with the mom, with his best friends...
It depends you know like sometimes his screensaver is him meaning he's kind of cocky.
So, I look at the screensaver of his phone.
What if I''m into the guy and not into the guy at the same time?
Get out!
Alright don't play games.
Because that never works out.
I find dating intimidating. Any cues for taking it smoothly?
I think getting to know the person first.
Not only dating like alone.
Going in groups of people
Doing like group dates first
And that's gonna make it more smoothly like if you need help your friend is right there to help you out.
And then you can go on individual dates
Oh, this one is interesting.
I texted a girl after hooking up but she didn't reply.
Should I text again?
I think you should text one more time.
If that person doesn't reply I think you shouldn't act desperate.
So you just let it go and wait for her to text you or not wait.
Because it wasn't meant to be.
What is the biggest red flag to run from when you start seeing someone new?
The way he treats his mom.
The way the person treats the parents is the way that he is eventually going to be treating you.
Or she's gonna be treating you.
So if you see that person is caring for the mom, and does a lot for the family. That means that he is great.
That means he is going to treat you like a princess.
But if you see that person has conflicts with the parents and likes to fight, then you should get ready for that.
Because that's most likely gonna happen in your relationship
What should include on my profile?
I think you should include hobbies that you have.
Pictures with your friends.
Whatever makes you feel comfortable.
How do you know if someone is interested in you after the first date?
Well if they text you after or they call you and keep wanting to hang out with you, that's how you'll know.
How do I open a conversation with someone that doesn't have a bio?
You can ask and say: why don't you have a bio?
vI'm titled as a best friend by a girl but I want to date her. What are your thoughts?
Tell her.
It might not go the way that you want it to, but tell her.
I've been there.
It's obvious you like her or he likes you.
It's just obvious you can't you can't hide your feelings that well.
So I think maybe that person knows you never, you never know.
How do I get over someone I never even officially dated.
My god... that's me.
There's just no way that I can tell you to get over someone, because that's up to you.
I've tried many things to get over someone.
For example going out with somebody else.
That's not the answer. You shouldn't do that.
I think just focusing on yourself.
Working really hard, and being with friends...
And actually having the courage and willingness not to answer the person that you like?
Is the way that you're going to eventually get over him.
I'm not going tell you that's gonna be in a week
but if you do that and you're willing to actually push yourself not to engage in whatever that other person is
doing and checking up on him or her
You're going to get over it in like two months
Next one is: what sweeps me off my feet?
Boys who sing me serenatas.
Boys who get mariachi bands and sing to me.
That has happened to me before where a guy gets a mariachi band and just sings me songs I don't know.
But it's so cute.
Thank you guys so much for writing into Tinder.
I hope that my answers helped you.
Or I gave you a good advice.
Even though it's hard, don't give up.
Put yourself out there and get on Tinder. And try to find the perfect relationship for you.
Good luck!


Lele Pons Answers 16 Dating Questions From Tinder Users

29 分類 收藏
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