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I bought Champagne from you last week
and i'm very disappointed
Oh yeah
What's the problem
Yeah well why
My Blackberry
Is not working Correctly
*Laughing* HAHA
What's the matter, it ran out of juice?
No no it's completely frozen in to ice
*The man hits the blackberry on the table* with anger
Oh yeah I can see that. I'll tell you what lets try it on orange
That's got a few black spots, you see
Ohh dear yeah
Sorry bout that
But there I am using my black berry working
Well there could be an application issue
Where do you store that blackberry
You could try using a mouse drag the blackberry to the trash
and after you done that you might launch the blackberry from the desktop
00:01:05,620 --> 00:01:08,260
Well I already tried that few times

I mean all it did was mess up windows
Well it might be worth to wait for couple of weeks they got the latest blackberry coming in then
00:01:16,060 --> 00:01:18,040
Could you give me a date?

Let me put that date in my diary
Anything else I can help you with?
Yes,yes I also got a problem to be honest. With my apple
Ohh dear oo dear that is an old apple isn't when'd you buy that
Last week
Last week?!
Oh we have two new apples since then
What's the problem with it?
00:01:47,860 --> 00:01:49,080
It wont fit

Oh yea
An how bigs your dongle
Well I dont know much about these things
but my wife seen a few dongles in her time
and she says a little bit on the smaller size
Oh friend there's not a lot I can do bout that
Tell you what? Let me try booting it
That is crashed
Anything else I can help you with?
Well funnily enough. Yes
My Grandson birthday soon
Now he already got an apple and a blackeberry
I mean have you got anything else that he might just like?
Oh we doing a special offer on these
I mean I can't make head or tail of them
but the kids seems to like them,eggs boxs


黑莓 (My Blackberry Is Not Working! - The One Ronnie, Preview - BBC One)

709 分類 收藏
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