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  • Today, we have something extra special for you guys, and you guys will be some of the

  • first people outside of our team and outside of Google to ever ride in it.

  • There it is! Oh wow! Isn't that cute?

  • Go ahead and buckle up. Ok Annie, here we go!

  • Alright let's go! There's no steering wheel in the way.

  • Chris Urmson: It was a big decision for us to

  • go and start building our purpose-built vehicles. And really they're prototype vehicles. They

  • were a chance for us to explore: what does it really mean to have a self-driving vehicle.

  • But in the small amount of time we've been working on it, we have functional prototypes

  • and that's exciting. Thida: Oh, it's really cool! It's like really kind of a space age

  • experience. Annie and Judy: Okay. Hurray! We're like queens. You sit, relax, you don't

  • need to do nothing. It knows when it needs to stop, it knows when it needs to go. It

  • actually rides better than my own car. Yes. It's true. Walt and Linda: What she really

  • liked was that it slowed down before it went around a curve. And then it accelerated in

  • the curve. She's always trying to get me to do it that way. That's the way I Iearned in

  • high school driver's ed. Janet and Ethan: So if I had a self-driving car, I can spend

  • more time hanging out with my kids, or helping them with their homework, even just tending

  • to them, finding out how their day was and not having to wait till you get home and have

  • dinner and all that so, it'll be good. Nick: The human feeling of it is very well-engineered

  • and it is very smooth. There is nothing that makes you feel the least bit threatened. It's

  • impressive! I'm totally in love with this whole concept. Steve: Our lives are made up of lots

  • and lots of little things, and a lot of those little things for most people have to do with

  • getting from place to place, in order to connect and do things, and be with people, go places

  • that they need to go and do things. And so there is a big part of my life that's missing,

  • and there is a big part of my life that a self-driving vehicle would bring back to me.

  • Chris: This is a first step for us, and it's really exciting to see the progress we've

  • made. The opportunity for people to just move around and not worry about it, it's going

  • to be incredibly empowering and incredibly powerful for people.

  • Steve: I love this!

Today, we have something extra special for you guys, and you guys will be some of the


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Google無人駕駛汽車上路囉! (A First Drive)

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